Devialet Launches New Generation Gemini II Wireless Earbuds


Paris-based acoustic engineering company, Devialet, has unveiled its latest offering in the audio space with the launch of the Gemini II, a pair of high-end wireless earbuds. Building upon the success of their first model released three years ago, Devialet aims to position itself as a premium alternative in the market.

Key Takeaway

Devialet has launched the Gemini II, its latest high-end wireless earbuds, targeting the premium market segment. With a smaller and more comfortable design, enhanced noise cancellation, and customizable features, the Gemini II sets itself apart from competitors. The product’s competitive price range makes it an attractive choice for audio enthusiasts seeking a luxurious listening experience.

Smaller Design with Improved Fit

One notable change in the Gemini II is the reduction in size, with the earbuds now 22% smaller compared to its predecessor. The company has also worked to create a universal shape that fits comfortably in all ears. Weighing only 6 grams per earbud, the Gemini II remains secure and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for long-term wear.

A More Compact and Stylish Case

The previous bulky case has been replaced with a more compact design that resembles the standard battery case found in popular wireless earbud models. With a metallic coating for the central plate on the case body, it exudes sophistication. The case offers up to 22 hours of battery life, with the earbuds themselves providing 5 hours of autonomy. It also supports wireless charging and features a USB-C port.

Enhanced Noise Cancellation and Connectivity

Devialet has invested heavily in active noise cancellation technology. The Gemini II offers adaptive noise cancellation, adjusting in real time based on factors such as ear shape and seal for optimal audio experience. Detection algorithms have been developed to minimize wind interference, even in transparency mode. Connectivity-wise, Bluetooth 5.2 allows simultaneous pairing with two devices, bolstered by aptX and AAC support.

Customizable Settings and High Price Point

Finetuning audio settings is easy with Devialet’s dedicated Gemini app, providing a six-band equalizer and customizable capacitive touch panels on the earbuds. With a price tag of $450 (€399, £399), the Gemini II targets the high-end market, positioning itself as a more accessible alternative to luxury brands like Louis Vuitton’s earbuds, which retail at €1,450. The Gemini II is available in black and white colors, with a special Opéra de Paris edition featuring gold plating and branding for $650 (€599, £599).

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