New Luxury Wireless Earbuds: Devialet Gemini II


Devialet, the renowned audio engineering and luxury brand, has once again pushed the boundaries of wireless earbuds with its latest release, the Gemini II. Priced at $449 (€399, £349), these earbuds offer a truly extravagant experience for music enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway


The Devialet Gemini II redefines luxury in the realm of wireless earbuds, offering a combination of exceptional sound quality and exquisite design.

A New Era of Luxury Earbuds

Devialet’s Gemini II sets itself apart from the competition by combining cutting-edge technology with a sleek and sophisticated design. The pill-shaped earbuds, reminiscent of Devialet’s iconic Phantom speakers, feature an unobtrusive D logo and an elegant metallic plate. With color options of black, white, or gold, Devialet caters to a range of styles and preferences.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Devialet’s Gemini II stands out for its extraordinary sound quality. Equipped with 10mm drivers featuring titanium coating, these earbuds deliver rich, detailed, and articulate audio. They excel in handling complex and layered tracks, effortlessly blending deep bass lines, high-pitched sounds, and captivating vocals. The Gemini II’s ability to produce deep bass, typically associated with larger audio devices, is truly impressive.

Comfort and Functionality

In addition to exceptional sound, the Gemini II provides a comfortable listening experience. The earbuds come with four swappable silicone ear tip sizes, ensuring a secure fit. Weighing only 6g each, these lightweight earbuds remain firmly in place, catering to various ear shapes and sizes.

The carrying case, resembling a compact pebble, features a magnetic lid and a metallic-coated central plate. With up to 22 hours of battery life, including 5 hours of autonomy in the earbuds themselves, the Gemini II ensures uninterrupted usage throughout the day. Charging can be done via a USB-C cable or a Qi wireless charging pad.

Advanced Features

Devialet has incorporated advanced features, such as multipoint support, into the Gemini II. With Bluetooth 5.2, users can connect their earbuds to multiple devices simultaneously, allowing seamless switching between, for example, a smartphone and a laptop.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is another noteworthy feature of the Gemini II. While it effectively blocks out background noise during commutes or daily activities, it may not match the performance of dedicated ANC headphones in a busy office environment. The earbuds also offer a transparency mode, which allows users to hear their surroundings without removing the earbuds.

A Fashionable Accessory

Devialet understands the desire for not only exceptional audio quality but also stylish accessories. The Gemini II’s elegant design, along with its black, white, or gold color options, makes it a fashionable accessory that complements any outfit.

While the $449 price tag may seem extravagant, the Devialet Gemini II offers an unrivaled combination of style and sound that makes it a solid investment for audiophiles and fashion-conscious individuals alike.

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