Cruise’s Apology And Key Highlights From The LA Auto Show


The 2023 LA Auto Show took place this week, and although it may not have been as grand as previous years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there were still some significant announcements and showcases that caught the attention of car enthusiasts and industry experts alike. One of the biggest surprises came from Amazon, as it revealed its plans to start selling cars online, beginning with Hyundai vehicles. However, the event also featured other noteworthy unveilings, including the debut of the Lucid Gravity SUV and an interesting roundup of the latest technology, electric vehicles, and other exciting offerings within the automotive industry.

Key Takeaway

The LA Auto Show showcased both expected and unexpected highlights, with Amazon’s entry into the car sales market being a major surprise. The show’s emphasis on electric vehicles, advanced technologies, and autonomous driving further demonstrates the industry’s ongoing shift towards sustainability and innovation. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these developments shape the future of transportation.

Amazon Enters the Car Sales Market

While the LA Auto Show is traditionally known for showcasing new vehicle models, Amazon’s announcement stole the spotlight. The e-commerce giant declared its entry into the car sales market, a move that could potentially disrupt the traditional dealership model. As a starting point, Amazon will partner with Hyundai to sell cars online, offering consumers a more convenient and streamlined purchasing experience. This strategic move by Amazon indicates its ambition to capture a share of the lucrative automotive market and transform the way people buy cars.

The Lucid Gravity SUV Debut

Another highlight of the LA Auto Show was the introduction of the Lucid Gravity SUV. Lucid, a renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, unveiled its latest offering, which features sleek design, advanced technology, and impressive performance. The Gravity SUV aims to compete with established players in the EV market, offering consumers an alternative to traditional gas-powered SUVs. With its luxurious interior and long-range capabilities, the Lucid Gravity SUV represents the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality electric vehicles that combine sustainability and luxury.

A Roundup of Exciting Tech and EVs

Aside from the major announcements, the LA Auto Show also featured a diverse range of technology, electric vehicles, and other exciting developments within the automotive industry. From innovative battery-swapping e-bikes to EV infrastructure startups raising funds for expansion, it is evident that the industry is experiencing a significant push towards sustainability and electrification. Moreover, the show highlighted the growing interest in autonomous vehicles, with Texas emerging as a potential hotbed for AV development and GM making significant changes to its troubled AV subsidiary, Cruise. These developments offer a glimpse into the future of transportation and the ongoing advancements shaping the industry.

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