Cruise Suspends Driverless Operations In Multiple Markets


Cruise’s Driverless Operations Halted

Cruise, the self-driving car subsidiary of GM, faced a setback this week as its driverless and deployment permits were suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Public Utilities Commission. As a result, Cruise had to halt its robotaxi operations in San Francisco and pause driverless operations in other markets including Austin, Houston, and Phoenix. The decision to halt operations came as a surprise to many, as initially, there were no indications that Cruise was planning to do so. However, the company stated that it needed to re-evaluate its processes, systems, and tools to regain public trust.

Key Takeaway

Cruise’s decision to suspend driverless operations and the growing opposition against robotaxi services in California highlight the challenges faced by autonomous vehicle companies. Meanwhile, Gogoro’s battery swapping technology presents a potential opportunity for the company to expand its revenue streams. Lastly, Flexport’s possible acquisition of Convoy’s technology raises questions about its financial strategy and future plans.

Growing Opposition Against Robotaxis in California

As the drama around Cruise unfolded, opposition against the expansion of robotaxis grew in cities like Los Angeles. In fact, two major groups opposing robotaxi operations in California have now formed a formal partnership. This development further complicates the future prospects of autonomous rideshare services in the state.

Gogoro Demonstrates Battery Swapping Technology

Taiwanese battery swapping company Gogoro showcased its technology at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. Gogoro demonstrated how its scooter batteries can be used to power a small car called Project X, developed by the Foxconn-led Mobility in Harmony Consortium. The concept vehicle, which supports autonomous driving levels 2 to 4, is aimed at the Indian, Thai, and Japanese markets. While it is uncertain whether Gogoro’s batteries will be used in the production version of Project X, it presents a potential new revenue stream for the company.

Flexport in Talks to Acquire Convoy’s Technology

Freight logistics company Flexport is reportedly in talks to acquire the technology of Convoy, a digital freight startup that recently shut down after failing to find a buyer. The potential deal raises questions about Flexport’s strategy, especially considering its recent cost-cutting measures, including employee layoffs. If the acquisition goes through, Flexport plans to restore Convoy’s trucking services for its customers and partners, which could potentially incur additional costs.

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