New CEO At Cruise As Co-founder Kyle Vogt Resigns


Cruise, the self-driving car company, is undergoing a significant leadership change as co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt has announced his resignation. Vogt’s departure comes amidst challenges faced by Cruise, including the recent suspension of permits to operate self-driving vehicles on public roads in California.

Key Takeaway

Cruise co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt has resigned, along with co-founder Dan Kan, creating a leadership vacuum at the self-driving car company. This followed the recent suspension of permits to operate in California due to an incident involving one of Cruise’s robotaxis. GM’s Mary Barra announced Mo Elshenawy as the new president and CTO for Cruise as part of an executive shake-up. The company is focused on rebuilding public trust and prioritizing safety.

Executive Shake-Up at Cruise

Vogt’s co-founder, Dan Kan, has also resigned, creating a significant leadership vacuum. In response to these resignations, General Motors (GM) Chair and CEO Mary Barra announced Mo Elshenawy, the executive vice president of engineering at Cruise, as the new president and CTO for the company. Craig Glidden, a Cruise board member and GM’s EVP of legal and policy, will continue as chief administrative officer at Cruise. Additionally, Jon McNeill, a member of GM’s board, and former COO of Lyft and president of Tesla, will join the Cruise board as vice chairman.

Impact of Recent Incidents

The executive shake-up comes not long after Cruise’s permits to operate self-driving vehicles were suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) due to a recent incident involving a pedestrian. The incident involved a Cruise robotaxi running over and dragging a pedestrian who had been initially hit by a human-driven car. The DMV’s investigation revealed that Cruise had withheld crucial video footage of the incident.

Vogt’s Farewell Message

In his farewell message to Cruise employees, Vogt expressed gratitude for the support and shared the achievements of the company, including over 250,000 driverless rides given in several cities. He mentioned his optimism for Cruise’s future and acknowledged the talented teams still at the company.

Board’s Response and Future Plans

Mary Barra, in her internal email to Cruise employees, thanked Vogt for his contributions and emphasized the board’s commitment to Cruise’s mission of making transportation safer, cleaner, and more accessible. Barra stressed the importance of rebuilding public trust and prioritizing safety, transparency, and accountability moving forward.

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