Cowboy Launches On-Demand E-Bike Repairs And Tune-Ups For European Owners


Cowboy, the popular e-bike company, has introduced a new on-demand service program aimed at providing European e-bike riders with convenient and efficient maintenance and repair solutions. This new initiative is designed to offer riders more accessibility and flexibility in keeping their e-bikes in top condition.

Key Takeaway

Cowboy introduces on-demand e-bike repair and maintenance services, providing European riders with convenient solutions to keep their e-bikes in optimal condition.

New On-Demand Service Program

The on-demand service program includes a range of services such as basic maintenance, customization, and repairs, all of which can be conveniently availed at the rider’s home. These services, which encompass tire repairs, set-up, rear rack installs, and more, can now be booked through Cowboy’s existing app, with prices starting at €69/£69. The on-demand service option is available nationwide across several European countries, including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, as well as “capital regions” in France, the U.K., Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and Italy.

Expanded Assurance for Riders

This new service option serves as an additional reassurance for European Cowboy riders who are keen on ensuring the continuous functionality of their e-bikes. Electric bikes, unlike traditional ones, require specialized maintenance due to their intricate software and hardware components. Cowboy’s proactive approach in offering on-demand repair and maintenance services reflects its commitment to supporting its riders and addressing the unique needs of e-bike owners.

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