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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to watch Dallas Cowboys games! As one of the most storied franchises in the National Football League (NFL), the Dallas Cowboys have a massive fan base spread across the country. Whether you’re a die-hard Cowboys fan or just want to catch the excitement of a game, this article will provide you with all the information you need to watch the Cowboys in action.

The Dallas Cowboys regularly play their games on Sundays during the NFL season, and sometimes they have prime-time matchups on Monday or Thursday nights. With various streaming options and cable providers available, it has become easier than ever to tune in and cheer for your favorite team. Whether you prefer watching games from the comfort of your own home, streaming on the go, or even attending games in person, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through step by step on how to watch Dallas Cowboys games, from choosing a streaming service or cable provider to utilizing mobile apps and social media for live updates. We’ll also discuss the option of joining official fan clubs and subscribing to the NFL Game Pass for an enhanced viewing experience. Additionally, we’ll explore the exciting world of fantasy football leagues and how they can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your game day experience.

So, whether you’re a lifelong Cowboys fan or simply looking to jump on the bandwagon, get ready to dive into the world of Dallas Cowboys football. Let’s explore the various options available to ensure you never miss a moment of the action.


Step 1: Choose Streaming Service or Cable Provider

When it comes to watching Dallas Cowboys games, the first step is to choose a streaming service or cable provider that offers access to the games. Fortunately, there are several options available to cater to different preferences and budgets.

If you prefer the traditional route, subscribing to a cable provider that carries the NFL Network and local channels such as NBC, CBS, and FOX is a reliable option. This will give you access to most, if not all, Cowboys games throughout the season. Check with your local cable provider to see if they offer NFL packages or sports add-ons to ensure you don’t miss a single game.

For cord-cutters who prefer streaming services, there are multiple platforms that provide access to NFL games. Some popular options include DirecTV Stream (formerly known as AT&T TV), Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. These services offer live streaming of local broadcast channels and may also include access to the NFL Network and ESPN, where some Cowboys games are aired.

It’s important to research and compare the different packages and pricing options offered by these streaming services. Keep in mind that availability may vary depending on your location, so ensure that the service you choose covers your local channels. Additionally, check if the service includes cloud DVR capabilities so you can record and watch games at your convenience.

Another consideration is whether the streaming service or cable provider offers access to NFL RedZone, a channel that provides live coverage and highlights of all the touchdown plays from every Sunday game. This can be an exciting option for fans who want to stay up to date with all the action across the league.

Once you’ve selected your streaming service or cable provider, ensure that you have a stable internet connection or a reliable cable connection to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Cowboys games. Some services may also offer the option to stream games on multiple devices simultaneously, so you can share the excitement with friends and family.

In summary, choosing a streaming service or cable provider is the first step in your journey to watch Dallas Cowboys games. Whether you go with a cable subscription or opt for a streaming service, make sure to consider factors such as the availability of local channels, access to the NFL Network, and the inclusion of NFL RedZone. By selecting the right service, you’ll be all set to catch every thrilling moment of Cowboys football.


Step 2: Check Local TV Listings

Once you have chosen your streaming service or cable provider, it’s important to check local TV listings to determine the broadcast schedule of Dallas Cowboys games in your area. Local TV listings will provide you with the specific channels and time slots for each game, allowing you to plan your viewing accordingly.

Start by checking the listings of local broadcast channels such as NBC, CBS, and FOX. These channels often air Cowboys games, especially if the game is a nationally televised matchup or a home game. Sunday afternoon games, in particular, are usually broadcast on these local channels.

In addition to the major networks, check if your area has a regional sports network (RSN) that covers Cowboys games. RSNs like Fox Sports Southwest or NBC Sports Network have exclusive rights to broadcast certain games in specific regions. By tuning into these networks, you can enjoy in-depth pre-game shows, comprehensive analysis, and interviews with players and coaches.

It’s also worth noting that the NFL has a primetime schedule of Monday Night Football on ESPN, Thursday Night Football on NFL Network, and occasional Saturday games toward the end of the season. These games might require additional subscriptions or may be included in your chosen streaming service or cable package.

Some streaming services and cable providers offer interactive program guides that make it easy to browse and find upcoming Cowboys games. These guides provide detailed information on the date, time, channel, and even highlight any special features or commentary available for each game.

If you prefer digital resources, websites and mobile apps dedicated to sports programming can also provide accurate and up-to-date information on local TV listings. These platforms allow you to search for Cowboys games specifically, ensuring you never miss a kick-off.

Checking local TV listings not only helps you plan your game day schedule but also gives you an opportunity to prepare for any potential conflicts. For example, if the Cowboys game overlaps with other commitments, you can set up a recording or activate the streaming service’s DVR feature to watch the game later.

In summary, checking local TV listings is an essential step to stay informed about the broadcast schedule of Dallas Cowboys games. Keep an eye on the major networks, regional sports networks, and primetime schedules to ensure you catch all the thrilling moments on game day. Whether it’s through interactive program guides, dedicated sports websites, or mobile apps, utilize these resources to stay up to date and never miss a minute of Cowboys action.


Step 3: Stream Games Online

If you prefer the convenience and flexibility of streaming, there are several options available to stream Dallas Cowboys games online. Streaming services and platforms have become increasingly popular, giving fans the ability to watch games on various devices and from anywhere with an internet connection.

One of the primary streaming platforms for NFL games is NFL Game Pass. With NFL Game Pass, you can stream live out-of-market games, including Dallas Cowboys games, as well as access on-demand replays and highlights. This service is perfect for fans who want to catch every moment of the Cowboys’ action and relive the excitement at their convenience.

Another option for streaming Cowboys games is through the streaming services we mentioned earlier, such as DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. These services offer live streaming of local broadcast channels, allowing you to watch Cowboys games in real-time. Some services may also offer cloud DVR features, giving you the option to record and watch games later.

It’s important to note that streaming services may have blackout restrictions for games that are being broadcast on local channels. To avoid these restrictions, you can utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to change your location and access games as if you were in a different area. However, be sure to check the terms and conditions of the streaming service, as some may have policies against using VPNs.

For fans who want a more immersive viewing experience, the Dallas Cowboys’ official website and mobile app provide live streaming options for selected games. These platforms often offer specialized content, behind-the-scenes access, and exclusive interviews, allowing you to stay connected to the team throughout the season.

Lastly, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube may provide live streaming options, especially for nationally televised games. Many networks and sports organizations use these platforms to engage with fans and provide free streaming of select games. Keep an eye on the official accounts of the NFL, Cowboys, and other related entities for announcements about live streaming opportunities.

In summary, streaming games online is a convenient and flexible way to watch Dallas Cowboys games. Whether through NFL Game Pass, streaming services, the Cowboys’ official platforms, or social media, there are plenty of options available to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action. Explore these streaming options and find the one that suits your preferences and aligns with your budget, so you can watch the Cowboys dominate the field from the comfort of your own home or on the go.


Step 4: Access Games through Mobile Apps

In today’s digital age, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. When it comes to watching Dallas Cowboys games, accessing games through mobile apps offers convenience and flexibility. These apps allow you to watch games on the go, providing you with the opportunity to never miss a single play.

The NFL has its official mobile app, simply called NFL, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app provides access to live game streaming, highlights, news updates, and in-depth analysis. With the NFL app, you can tune in to Cowboys games no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Additionally, some streaming services and cable providers have their own dedicated mobile apps. If you have subscribed to a streaming service like DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or Sling TV, make sure to download their respective apps. These apps will allow you to stream Dallas Cowboys games directly on your mobile device, ensuring you can catch all the action even when you’re away from home.

For an enhanced game day experience, the Dallas Cowboys also have their official mobile app. This app provides access to live game streams, real-time stats, player profiles, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes content. It’s a one-stop platform to stay connected with everything happening in the world of the Cowboys.

Social media platforms also offer mobile apps that can enhance your game day experience. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are great platforms to follow the official accounts of the NFL, Cowboys, and other related entities. These accounts often provide real-time updates, highlights, and sometimes even live streaming options for selected games. By downloading the corresponding mobile apps, you can have all the game-related content right at your fingertips.

It’s important to remember that streaming live games through mobile apps requires a stable internet connection. Ensure that you have a reliable data plan or a secure Wi-Fi connection to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. If you’re using a streaming service’s mobile app, it’s worth checking if they offer offline viewing or the option to download games for later offline viewing. This way, you can save games to watch at your convenience, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

In summary, accessing games through mobile apps offers a convenient way to watch Dallas Cowboys games on the go. Whether through official NFL apps, streaming service apps, the Cowboys’ official app, or social media platforms, these apps provide live streaming, highlights, and exclusive content to keep you connected to the action. Download the necessary apps, ensure a stable internet connection, and get ready to cheer on the Cowboys wherever you may be.


Step 5: Watch Games in Person

If you’re looking for the ultimate game day experience, watching Dallas Cowboys games in person is an unparalleled way to immerse yourself in the excitement and atmosphere. Attending games at the stadium allows you to be a part of the action, feel the energy of the crowd, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Dallas Cowboys play their home games at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and impressive capacity. To secure tickets for Cowboys games, you can visit the official website of the Dallas Cowboys or reputable ticketing platforms to purchase them directly.

It’s important to plan ahead and check the schedule for home games to ensure you don’t miss out. Cowboys games can be in high demand, so securing your tickets in advance is recommended. Consider factors such as weather conditions, travel arrangements, and your availability when selecting the games you would like to attend.

Attending games in person offers a unique sense of camaraderie among fans. Engaging with fellow Cowboys supporters, participating in team chants, and witnessing the game unfold in real time all contribute to the electrifying experience. Don your Cowboys gear, bring your game-day spirit, and get ready to join thousands of fans in cheering on America’s Team.

While at the stadium, take advantage of the various amenities and activities available. AT&T Stadium offers a multitude of dining options, including local favorites and stadium classics. You can also explore the team’s official merchandise store to pick up Cowboys gear and memorabilia to commemorate your visit.

If you’re unable to secure tickets for a game, consider alternative options to watch games near the stadium. Local sports bars and restaurants often host viewing parties for Cowboys games, allowing fans to come together and enjoy the game in a lively atmosphere. These venues may also offer food and drink specials, creating a vibrant game day experience.

Finally, if you’re a dedicated Cowboys fan, you may want to consider becoming a season ticket holder. This allows you to have guaranteed access to all home games and often provides additional benefits such as exclusive events, discounts, and priority access to playoff tickets. Check the official Dallas Cowboys website for information on season ticket packages and availability.

In summary, watching Dallas Cowboys games in person provides an unforgettable game day experience. Secure your tickets in advance, plan your trip to AT&T Stadium, and fully immerse yourself in the excitement of America’s Team. Alternatively, join local viewing parties or explore becoming a season ticket holder for even more exclusive benefits. Get ready to cheer on the Cowboys alongside thousands of passionate fans and create lifelong memories.


Step 6: Join Official Fan Clubs

If you’re a dedicated Dallas Cowboys fan, joining official fan clubs is a fantastic way to connect with fellow enthusiasts, receive exclusive benefits, and show your unwavering support for America’s Team.

The Dallas Cowboys offer their official fan club, known as the Dallas Cowboys United. By joining this fan club, you gain access to a range of perks and experiences. Membership benefits may include priority access to tickets, discounts on team merchandise, opportunities to meet players and coaches, exclusive content, and invitations to special events. Additionally, fan club members often receive newsletters and updates that provide insights and behind-the-scenes information about the Cowboys.

Beyond the official fan club, many local fan clubs and fan communities exist worldwide. These clubs bring together Cowboys fans in various regions, allowing enthusiasts to share their passion for the team, organize watch parties, and participate in charitable initiatives. Joining a local fan club provides a sense of community and camaraderie, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and make lasting friendships.

When seeking local fan clubs, utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Search for groups and pages dedicated to Dallas Cowboys fans in your area or region. These groups often organize watch parties, tailgates, and other events centered around Cowboys games. Engaging with these fan clubs online allows you to stay connected with the fan base, discuss game-day strategies, share your excitement, and even potentially score tickets or giveaways.

Moreover, participating in online forums, discussion boards, and social media groups that focus on Dallas Cowboys fandom can provide a platform for lively debates, the sharing of news and rumors, and engagement with other passionate fans. These platforms enable you to immerse yourself in a virtual community of Cowboys supporters, regardless of your geographical location.

Lastly, consider joining official Cowboys fan forums or subscribing to team newsletters. The team’s official website is a valuable resource for connecting with fellow fans, engaging in discussions, and staying updated on the latest Cowboys news and events.

In summary, joining official fan clubs, whether it’s the Dallas Cowboys United or local fan clubs, is an excellent way to connect with fellow fans, receive exclusive benefits, and demonstrate your unwavering support for the team. Explore the official Dallas Cowboys fan clubs, search for local fan communities, engage with online forums and social media groups, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Cowboys fandom. By joining fan clubs, you’ll be part of a passionate community that shares your enthusiasm for the Dallas Cowboys.


Step 7: Follow Social Media Updates

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for staying connected with your favorite sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys. By following social media updates, you can receive real-time news, game highlights, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive updates about the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys, as well as individual players, coaches, and official team accounts, have a strong presence on various social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the popular platforms where the team and its representatives share content with fans.

By following official Dallas Cowboys social media accounts, you gain access to breaking news, game updates, injury reports, and quotes from players and coaches. Social media platforms often provide live tweeting or live streaming of press conferences, giving you direct access to the team’s interactions with the media. This allows you to stay informed about the latest team developments and follow the storylines throughout the season.

In addition to official team accounts, following players’ personal social media accounts can offer unique insights into their lives on and off the field. Many players frequently share behind-the-scenes moments, training routines, and their thoughts on various topics. This gives you a more personal connection with your favorite players and a deeper appreciation for their dedication to the game.

Engagement is a key aspect of social media, and the Dallas Cowboys often run contests, giveaways, and interactive campaigns that allow fans to participate and win exclusive merchandise or experiences. By following the team’s social media updates, you can stay tuned to these opportunities and potentially engage with the team in exciting ways.

It’s not just about the official team accounts, though. Numerous fan-run accounts and Cowboys-centric pages exist on social media platforms. These pages share news, opinions, and unique fan perspectives on games, trades, and other team-related topics. Following these accounts can provide a community-driven experience, allowing you to engage with fellow Cowboys fans, share your thoughts, and participate in conversations about the team you love.

Besides posts and tweets, social media platforms often feature live video streaming options. The Dallas Cowboys occasionally broadcast behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and other exclusive content through their social media accounts. This grants you access to parts of the team’s operations that are not typically visible on television broadcasts, adding another layer of engagement and excitement.

In summary, following social media updates is a crucial step to stay connected and informed about all things related to the Dallas Cowboys. By following official team accounts, players’ accounts, and fan-run pages, you gain access to real-time news, highlights, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive opportunities. Social media allows you to engage with the team and fellow fans, creating a vibrant community and enhancing your overall Cowboys fan experience.


Step 8: Subscribe to NFL Game Pass

If you’re a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan looking for a comprehensive way to watch games and immerse yourself in NFL content, subscribing to NFL Game Pass is a fantastic option. NFL Game Pass offers a wide range of features that allow you to catch all the action of the Dallas Cowboys and the entire NFL.

With NFL Game Pass, you can stream both live and on-demand full game broadcasts for every NFL team, including the Dallas Cowboys. This means you can watch Cowboys games at your convenience, whether you missed the live broadcast or want to relive the excitement again.

In addition to live streaming, NFL Game Pass gives you access to condensed game replays that cut out commercial breaks and halftime, allowing you to watch games in less time without missing any of the key moments. This feature is ideal for fans who want to catch up on multiple games in a short amount of time.

One of the most valuable aspects of NFL Game Pass is the extensive archive of past Dallas Cowboys games and NFL seasons. You can access classic games, iconic performances, and unforgettable moments in Cowboys history. This allows you to relive the glory days of the team and appreciate the rich legacy of the franchise.

Furthermore, NFL Game Pass provides access to a variety of additional content, including exclusive NFL Films documentaries, original shows, and in-depth analysis programs. These features go beyond just watching games and give you a deeper understanding of the sport, the teams, and the players.

Another benefit of NFL Game Pass is the ability to watch games on multiple devices. The service is available on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, allowing you to watch the Cowboys wherever and whenever you prefer. This flexibility ensures that you never miss a moment of the action, whether you’re at home, on the go, or even traveling.

It’s worth noting that NFL Game Pass offers both domestic and international subscriptions, so fans from all around the world can enjoy the service. Subscription plans vary, and you can choose between different options based on your preferences, including seasonal or annual passes.

In summary, subscribing to NFL Game Pass is an excellent way for Dallas Cowboys fans to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of NFL football. With access to live and on-demand streaming, condensed game replays, an extensive game archive, and additional content, NFL Game Pass provides a comprehensive viewing experience that goes beyond just watching live games. Get ready to cheer on the Cowboys and explore the rich history of the NFL with NFL Game Pass.


Step 9: Participate in Fantasy Football Leagues

For Dallas Cowboys fans who want to deepen their engagement with the game and add an extra layer of excitement to each matchup, participating in fantasy football leagues is a must. Fantasy football allows you to create your own team, draft players from around the league, and compete against other enthusiasts to see who can assemble the best roster and make the right decisions throughout the season.

There are numerous fantasy football platforms available, such as Yahoo Fantasy Football, ESPN Fantasy Football, and CBS Sports Fantasy Football. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to draft, manage, and track your fantasy team’s performance.

Participating in a fantasy league can enhance your football knowledge as you research players, analyze matchups, and make decisions based on performance statistics. It adds a layer of strategy and competitiveness to your enjoyment of Cowboys games, as you’ll be invested in the performances of individual players who are part of your fantasy roster.

When participating in a fantasy league, you can join a public league with strangers, create a private league with friends and family, or even join a Cowboys-specific league where all participants are fans of America’s Team. The camaraderie and friendly competition with fellow Cowboys fans can enhance your overall fan experience and give you additional opportunities to connect and engage with like-minded individuals.

Throughout the NFL season, fantasy football leagues provide weekly matchups where you compete against other fantasy team owners. Following Cowboys games becomes even more thrilling as each touchdown, yard gained, or scoring drive can impact both the fantasy and real-life outcomes.

In addition to the regular season matchups, fantasy football leagues often have playoff rounds where the top-performing teams from the regular season compete for the championship. It adds an extra level of intensity and excitement as you aim to claim the top spot in your league and earn bragging rights as the best fantasy owner among your peers.

Participating in fantasy football also opens opportunities to join online communities, engage in discussions, and share insights with fellow fantasy owners. These communities provide a platform for discussing player strategies, analyzing matchups, and seeking advice, making the fantasy football experience even more interactive and enjoyable.

In summary, participating in fantasy football leagues is a fun and engaging way for Dallas Cowboys fans to deepen their involvement in the game and enhance their enjoyment of each matchup. By researching players, making roster decisions, and competing against other fantasy owners, you’ll add excitement to Cowboys games while expanding your football knowledge. Join a fantasy football league, connect with other Cowboys fans, and experience the thrill of managing your own team alongside America’s Team.


Step 10: Enjoy Game Day Experience

The final step in your journey to watch Dallas Cowboys games is to fully immerse yourself in the game day experience. Game day is about more than just watching the game – it’s about creating memories, embracing the atmosphere, and enjoying every aspect of being a part of the Cowboys fandom.

One of the key elements of the game day experience is tailgating. Before the game, fans gather in the parking lot, setting up grills, playing music, and enjoying food and drinks with fellow Cowboys supporters. Tailgating allows you to connect with other fans, share stories, and build camaraderie before heading into the stadium.

Furthermore, wearing Cowboys apparel and showing your team colors is an essential part of the game day experience. Deck yourself out in the iconic silver and blue, representing your dedication and support for America’s Team. Whether it’s a jersey, hat, or face paint, embracing the team’s colors creates a sense of solidarity among fans.

Inside the stadium, be sure to fully engage with the game. Cheer on the team, participate in chants and cheers, and immerse yourself in the excitement of the crowd. The energy and enthusiasm you bring to the stadium contribute to the electrifying atmosphere and can uplift the team’s performance.

In addition to cheering, take in the sights and sounds of the stadium. AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, is renowned for its impressive architecture, massive video screens, and state-of-the-art facilities. Embrace the grandeur of the stadium and appreciate the unique aspects that make it a memorable venue for Cowboys games.

Throughout the game, embrace the rituals and traditions that are part of being a Cowboys fan. From the iconic “Star” logo to the “Cowboys Nation” chant, these traditions unite fans from across the globe and make attending a game feel like being part of a larger family. Participate in these traditions and feel the sense of belonging among Cowboys Nation.

Lastly, after the game, reflect on the experience and savor the memories created. Whether it’s a thrilling victory or a hard-fought battle, the game day experience is about making connections, celebrating the team, and building lifelong memories. Cherish the moments and the bonds formed with fellow fans as you eagerly await the next game.

In summary, embracing the game day experience is the final step in your journey to watch Dallas Cowboys games. From tailgating to wearing team apparel, cheering at the stadium to participating in traditions, it’s about fully immersing yourself in the excitement and camaraderie of being a Cowboys fan. Embrace the atmosphere, savor the memories, and cherish the connections made on game days as you continue to support and cheer for America’s Team.



Congratulations! You have now completed the ultimate guide on how to watch Dallas Cowboys games. Throughout the steps outlined in this guide, you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the various options available to ensure you never miss a minute of the action.

From choosing a streaming service or cable provider to checking local TV listings, streaming games online to accessing them through mobile apps, watching games in person to joining official fan clubs, and following social media updates to subscribing to NFL Game Pass – you have learned the ins and outs of watching the Dallas Cowboys in the most convenient and enjoyable ways possible.

Additionally, you have discovered the excitement of participating in fantasy football leagues and embracing the game day experience, from tailgating to wearing Cowboys colors and joining in on fan traditions.

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, your journey doesn’t end here. By implementing the steps outlined in this guide, you now have the tools and knowledge to fully engage with the team and connect with fellow fans in a meaningful way.

Remember to adapt these steps to your own preferences and budget, as the landscape of media consumption continues to evolve. Stay updated with the latest developments in technology, streaming services, and social media platforms to ensure you remain at the forefront of the game.

All that’s left now is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrills and triumphs of America’s Team. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or in the stadium, your dedication and passion for the Dallas Cowboys will undoubtedly make every game day a memorable experience.

So, gear up, get ready, and join the millions of Cowboys fans in cheering on the team as they continue to strive for greatness. Embrace the excitement, connect with fellow fans, and share in the joy and camaraderie of being part of Cowboys Nation.

Thank you for taking this journey with us, and we wish you endless enjoyment as you watch and support the Dallas Cowboys!

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