Codified Raises $4 Million Seed Round To Tackle Data Compliance Problem


As data continues to play a crucial role in enterprise software, the need for effective governance and compliance has become increasingly important. Codified, a startup nurtured within Madrona Ventures, has recently secured a $4 million seed round to address the challenges associated with data compliance.

Key Takeaway

Codified, backed by a $4 million seed round, is focused on revolutionizing data compliance by offering flexible policy implementation and customized data access rules, ultimately empowering companies to innovate while ensuring compliance.

Empowering Innovation through Data Compliance

Founder and CEO Yatharth Gupta emphasizes the significance of data in today’s technology landscape, highlighting the struggle that companies face in controlling access to their data. Codified aims to empower companies’ innovation by facilitating compliant access to data within their organizations.

Flexible Policy Implementation

Gupta recognizes the limitations of existing software in implementing data access policies, particularly in adapting to evolving use cases and changing regulations. Codified seeks to address this by translating policies into code that can be flexibly implemented across various applications, allowing for easy modifications as new user categories and customers emerge.

Customized Data Access Rules

One of the key features of Codified is its ability to enable customers to set customized conditions for data access, such as security training requirements and project involvement. This approach allows companies to establish specific data access rules based on individual employees, their associated projects, and the applications they utilize, rather than relying on static group-based policies.

Founder’s Vision and Background

Gupta’s extensive background in data, including his tenure at Microsoft and Singlestor, has provided him with valuable insights into the challenges that Codified aims to address. With the product still in development, Gupta is collaborating with design partners to refine the concept and plans to release a candidate later this year.

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