Lizcore’s Innovative Sport Tracking System For Indoor Climbers


Lizcore, a Barcelona-based sport tracking startup, has introduced a revolutionary system aimed at enhancing the indoor climbing experience. The company’s innovative approach has successfully digitized and upgraded the indoor climbing experience, offering a seamless and engaging solution for bouldering enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway

Lizcore’s innovative sport tracking system offers a minimalist and user-friendly solution for indoor climbers, revolutionizing the way climbing activities are monitored and enhancing the overall experience for enthusiasts and gym operators alike.

Minimalist Hardware and Software Integration

Lizcore’s system combines proprietary hardware and software, providing bouldering gyms with a low-friction method to track and log indoor climbing performance. The system allows climbers to record various metrics, including on-sights, red points, and speed of problem-solving, while incorporating social gamification elements for a more interactive experience.

Effortless Tracking with NFC Wearables

One of the key highlights of Lizcore’s system is its minimalist approach, eliminating the need for climbers to carry bulky devices or wearables. The lightweight NFC wearable, known as the Lizy bracelet, serves as the sole hardware required to pair with the startup’s app, offering a hassle-free tracking solution for climbers.

Seamless Integration for Gyms

Lizcore’s system requires gyms to install smart base units and top-out holds for each boulder problem, providing a comprehensive tracking solution for indoor climbing activities. The system not only benefits climbers but also offers valuable data insights for gyms, enabling them to optimize climbing areas, track user activity, and even run competitions.

Potential Applications and Future Expansion

Beyond activity tracking, Lizcore’s NFC system has the potential to be utilized for various gym-related functions, including ticketing, access control, and even payment support. The company is also exploring opportunities to collaborate with climbing competition organizations and is working on developing safety technology for climbing gyms.

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