Cambium Secures $19M Series A Funding For Advancement Of Biomaterials


In an effort to drive innovation in the field of advanced materials development, Cambium, a startup founded in 2020, has successfully closed a $19 million Series A funding round. Led by 8VC and supported by investors such as Veteran Ventures, GSBackers, Marlinspike, MVP Ventures, and Gaingels, this funding will enable Cambium to further develop their breakthrough biomaterials for a wide range of applications, including defense, aerospace, automotive, and more.

Key Takeaway

Cambium, a startup specializing in biomaterials development, has closed a

9 million Series A funding round to support the advancement of their unique molecule-to-machine discovery platform. By leveraging the power of biological systems, Cambium aims to revolutionize advanced materials for applications in defense, aerospace, automotive, and more.

Unlocking the Potential of Biological Systems

Cambium’s mission is to harness the immense potential of biological systems to create advanced materials that surpass the limitations of traditional polymers. Unlike most polymers that rely on petrochemicals, Cambium’s approach involves mining the vast and complex world of biology for molecules that can be transformed into high-performance materials. Through a unique molecule-to-machine discovery platform, Cambium combines computational programs with traditional chemistry techniques, allowing them to redesign and manufacture molecules with specific applications in mind.

One of Cambium’s early collaborations was with the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, focused on developing bio-based, high-temperature composite materials for enhancing the fire resistance of aircraft, ships, submarines, and spacecraft. The effectiveness of these thermal protection systems was demonstrated in a live ignition test of a medium-sized UAV wing, where Cambium’s materials outperformed existing options.

Three Lines of Business

Cambium has since expanded into three main lines of business. The first focuses on high-temperature, lightweight polymers suitable for applications such as UAVs, eVTOLs, and battery casings. The second line of business involves developing materials with even higher temperature resistance, resembling ceramics, perfect for hypersonic applications where extreme temperatures are encountered. The third area of focus is emerging domains, including laser protection for satellites, eyes, and other applications.

A Promising Future and Expansion Plans

With the newly secured funding, Cambium plans to invest in facilities and conduct advanced materials demonstration trials. Their goal is to generate product revenues by 2025, while also exploring partnerships and collaborations with commercial companies, including defense tech startups. Recognizing the need for a shift in the industrial base, Cambium aims to forge new ways of thinking and promote a generational leap in materials technology.

As Cambium continues to grow, the company plans to expand its workforce, with a target of doubling its headcount by the end of next year. With a strong vision and solid financial backing, Cambium is poised to play a vital role in pushing the boundaries of material science and driving innovation forward in critical industries.

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