Veho Corporate Restructuring: 65 Jobs Cut Amidst Rapid Growth


Veho, a package delivery company, has confirmed the termination of approximately 65 jobs, which accounts for 19% of its employee headcount. This decision comes on the heels of a significant revenue surge of nearly 90% in 2023. The company stated that the layoffs were part of a reorganization of its corporate team aimed at enhancing efficiencies and expediting the path to profitability. This move is intended to enable increased investment in areas directly impacting client needs and overall growth.

Key Takeaway

Veho, a package delivery company, has undergone a corporate restructuring resulting in the termination of 65 jobs, representing 19% of its workforce. This move follows a period of rapid revenue growth and significant venture capital funding, signaling the company’s efforts to streamline operations and enhance profitability.

The Company’s Background

Founded in 2016 by Itamar Zur and Fred Cook, Veho specializes in the last-mile segment of delivery, focusing on the movement of packages from fulfillment centers to the customer’s doorstep. Despite its recent growth, the company encountered challenges, including staff layoffs and the relocation of certain roles overseas. The departure of key executives, such as Eric Swanson and Brian McDevitt, has also been noted.

Financial Backing and Expansion

Veho’s financial journey has been noteworthy, with substantial funding rounds propelling the company into unicorn territory. The company secured $170 million in Series B funding, led by Tiger Global Management, and earlier obtained $125 million in Series A funding, with General Catalyst at the helm. This influx of over $300 million in venture-backed funding has facilitated market expansion and the recruitment of top-level executives.

Industry Outlook

Despite the challenges posed by increased freight rates and industry consolidation, Veho remains optimistic, citing a robust capital position and a record peak season in 2023. The company’s resilience in the face of industry headwinds will be closely watched as it navigates the evolving logistics landscape.

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