Butternut Box Secures $354 Million In Funding For Subscription Canine Cuisine


Butternut Box, the U.K.-based startup known for its healthy dog food and supplements, has secured a whopping £280 million ($354 million) in funding from General Atlantic and L Catterton. This significant investment marks a notable departure from the trend of smaller venture capital investments in the pet industry.

Catering to Canine Cuisine

Since its establishment in London in 2016, Butternut Box has gained popularity among dog owners in various European markets. The company prides itself on crafting delicious and nutritious meals for dogs using high-quality ingredients that are tested and approved by real people. Their commitment to providing “human-quality” dog food sets them apart from competitors.

A Thriving Market

With pet food sales reaching new heights, the broader pet food market is estimated to be worth $100 billion by 2022. Canine food alone constitutes a significant portion of this market, accounting for over 40% of total sales. However, the growing concern over pet obesity, with approximately 65% of dogs in the U.K. being overweight, highlights the need for healthier options.

Curbing Canine Obesity

To address the issue of pet obesity, Butternut Box offers a range of dog-friendly meals, as well as health-focused snacks and supplements. The company’s unique approach allows dog owners to customize their orders and receive regular deliveries through a subscription service. By providing balanced and portion-controlled meals, Butternut Box aims to help dogs maintain a healthy weight and overall well-being.

Expanding into New Territories

Initially catering to customers in the U.K., Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, and Belgium, Butternut Box now plans to use the newly acquired funds to expand further across Europe. With the additional £280 million, the company aims to reach more dog owners who prioritize their pets’ nutrition and seek convenient and reliable options for their furry companions.

Key Takeaway

Butternut Box, a U.K. startup specializing in healthy dog food, has secured £280 million ($354 million) in funding. The investment reflects the growing demand for pet products and the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, customizable meals for dogs. With plans for expansion across Europe, Butternut Box aims to tackle the issue of pet obesity and offer convenient solutions for dog owners.

While the funding is still subject to regulatory conditions, Butternut Box anticipates finalizing the transaction later this quarter. The influx of funds will undoubtedly accelerate the company’s mission to revolutionize the pet food industry, ultimately benefiting the overall well-being of beloved canine companions.

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