Bumble To Revamp BFF Product Amid Dating App Downturn


Dating app company Bumble is making strategic changes to its BFF product following a decline in its dating app business. The company recently announced a significant workforce reduction, with plans to cut around 350 jobs, as it rethinks its future direction. The new CEO, Lidiane Jones, is looking to revitalize the Bumble BFF friend-finding service and shift its focus to cater to the needs of its users, particularly in the Gen Z demographic.

Key Takeaway

Bumble is reimagining its BFF product to prioritize community building and equitable friendships, aligning with the evolving needs of its user base.

Bumble’s Vision Under New Leadership

Under the leadership of Lidiane Jones, who previously served as CEO of Slack, Bumble is realigning its resources to adapt to the evolving market demands. The company aims to transform its BFF product into a more inclusive and community-driven platform, moving away from the traditional one-to-one matching approach used in dating apps.

Reimagining Bumble BFF

The current BFF product, which mirrors the swipe-to-like mechanism of the dating feature, will undergo a significant overhaul to better facilitate connections and foster communities. This shift is in response to customer feedback, indicating a growing need for genuine and safe friendships beyond the confines of a typical dating app experience.

Investing in Innovation

Bumble plans to leverage AI technology in its dating segment, similar to its competitor Match, while also focusing on innovating the friend-finding category with BFF. The company is committed to accelerating its investment in creating a more engaging and community-oriented platform for users seeking platonic connections.

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