Arc Introduces Shareable Spaces, Folders, And Split Views For Non-Arc Users


Arc, the alternative web browser that has been gaining traction among power users looking for an alternative to Chrome, is expanding its reach by allowing non-Arc users to test its features. In a recent update, Arc has introduced three new “shareable” features: Spaces, Folders, and Split Views. These features enable users to share their customized browsing experiences with others, regardless of whether they use Arc or not.

Key Takeaway

Arc, the innovative web browser, is expanding its user base by allowing non-Arc users to experience its features through the introduction of shareable Spaces, Folders, and Split Views. These features enable users to organize their online life, simplify link organization, and multitask effectively. Sharing Spaces, Folders, and Split Views via unique URLs makes it easy for non-Arc users to explore Arc’s capabilities.

Sharing Spaces: Organizing Your Online Life

Spaces are separate areas within Arc that allow users to organize their browsing experience based on their personal or professional interests. Users can create Spaces dedicated to specific hobbies, research projects, or any other topic of their choice. With the new sharing feature, users can now invite friends to view their Spaces by simply hovering over the Space’s title and clicking on the “Share” button. Friends can access the shared Space using a unique URL that begins with, opening the collection of links directly in their preferred browser.

Sharing Folders: Simplifying Link Organization

Arc’s Folders provide a simplified way for users to keep related tabs together. Users can create folders for various purposes, such as organizing links for a project, saving articles for later reading, or creating a recipe collection. Similar to Spaces, folders can now be shared with others using a unique URL that begins with

Split Views: Multitasking Made Easy

Arc’s Split View feature allows users to view up to four tabs simultaneously in one window, perfect for multitasking. Whether referencing project files while composing an email or simply wanting to have work items paired with a fun distraction, Split View offers a convenient way to manage multiple tabs. Users can also share Split Views with others using a unique URL that begins with

Founded by former Facebook employees Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal, Arc has gained attention from web power users seeking a browser with advanced features. While Arc offers a redesigned browser experience and a bevy of keyboard shortcuts, its unique interface and functionality can pose a learning curve for newcomers. The addition of shareable features aims to provide a glimpse into Arc’s capabilities without requiring a full-time commitment to the browser.

Arc’s latest update also includes AI-powered features, leveraging OpenAI and Anthropic models to keep pace with rivals like Google and Microsoft. The browser is now available for download to everyone, opening up new possibilities for users looking for a fresh browsing experience.

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