Anduril Reveals Roadrunner: A Fighter Jet Weapon That Lands Like A Falcon 9


Defense tech startup Anduril has introduced a groundbreaking product called Roadrunner, aimed at countering the increasing threat of low-cost, high-powered aerial attacks. This modular, twin-jet powered air vehicle is capable of autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and has been designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. Anduril has also developed a variant called Roadrunner-Munition (Roadrunner-M), which is equipped with a warhead and can defensively destroy airborne threats.

Key Takeaway

Anduril’s Roadrunner is a game-changer in the field of national defense. Its recoverability and reusability offer operators unprecedented flexibility and cost-effectiveness in countering low-cost aerial threats.

Roadrunner: Combining Versatility and Innovation

One of the key features that sets Roadrunner apart is its ability to autonomously track and intercept targets. In situations where interception is unnecessary, the vehicle can navigate back to base for refueling and reuse. According to Chris Brose, Anduril’s chief strategy officer, Roadrunner can essentially be described as a fighter jet weapon that has the landing capabilities of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

The development of Roadrunner was prompted by the emergence of fast-moving, autonomous aerial weapons that can be mass-produced at a minimal cost. Unlike existing solutions and traditional missile systems, Roadrunner-M is also designed for reusability.

Advancements and Benefits

Anduril claims that Roadrunner offers several significant improvements compared to legacy systems. These include faster launch and take-off times, a three-fold increase in warhead payload capacity, a ten-fold increase in effective range, and enhanced maneuverability under intense G-forces. Like other systems in Anduril’s portfolio, Roadrunner-M can be controlled using Lattice, the company’s AI-powered command and control software, or seamlessly integrated into existing architectures.

Additionally, Roadrunner provides operators with a major advantage. It can launch promptly, capture images of potential threats, and receive real-time signals to determine whether or not engagement is necessary. The reusability and recoverability of the product eliminate concerns over the loss of expensive assets.

A Collaborative Endeavor with the U.S. Government

Anduril has closely collaborated with an undisclosed U.S. government partner throughout the two-year development process of Roadrunner. According to Brose, the company aims to challenge the perception of national defense as rigid, slow, and uninspiring. Anduril seeks to inject excitement and innovation back into the field, with Roadrunner serving as a tangible embodiment of this vision.

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