Anduril Acquires Blue Force Technologies, Expanding Its Autonomous System Capabilities


Venture-backed defense leader Anduril Industries has made a significant move in the aviation industry, acquiring Blue Force Technologies, the advanced design and engineering firm responsible for developing the “Fury” unmanned fighter jet. With this acquisition, Anduril aims to bolster its suite of autonomous systems for national security customers, particularly focusing on the rapidly evolving world of autonomous aircraft.

Key Takeaway

Anduril’s acquisition of Blue Force Technologies allows the company to capitalize on the demand for lower-cost, high-volume, unmanned systems that possess the capabilities of traditional fighter jets. This move aligns with the company’s strategy to develop technologically advanced solutions to meet national security needs.

A Promising Opportunity in Autonomous Fighter Jets

Anduril’s Chief Strategy Officer, Christian Brose, emphasizes the importance of autonomous fighter jets in the current geopolitical landscape, particularly in countering the rising threat posed by China and competition in the Indo-Pacific region. These regions require capabilities such as long-range, speed, and increased payload capacity – attributes typically associated with manned fighter jets like Lockheed Martin’s F-35.

Compared to traditional fighter jets, which are expensive and highly sophisticated systems, Anduril envisions a different approach for Fury and its unmanned systems. These systems will be cost-effective, manufactured at scale, and will not require a human operator on board. According to Brose, Fury comes at a fraction of the cost of an F-35.

Fury will be powered by Anduril’s Lattice AI software, the company’s overarching orchestrator for unmanned system operations. Lattice for Mission Autonomy, the platform powered by AI, enables a single human operator to coordinate multiple autonomous assets simultaneously, improving operational efficiency.

Moreover, this acquisition allows Anduril to expand into North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, where Blue Force is headquartered. It also grants access to Blue Force’s talented team of around 90 professionals, who possess expertise in composite manufacturing, tooling, and production capabilities. By infusing significant capital and investment, Anduril aims to leverage these capabilities to achieve further growth and contribute to the nation’s security.

While the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, this acquisition is another important milestone for Anduril. It follows their recent purchase of solid rocket motor company Adranos, which underscores the company’s commitment to strategic acquisitions as a key element of its growth strategy. Previous acquisitions include Dive Technologies, Copious Imaging, and Area-I, all of which align with Anduril’s mission to advance autonomous systems across various domains.

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