Instagram Testing New Feature To Share Feed Posts With ‘Close Friends’


Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to share their feed posts exclusively with their ‘Close Friends’ group, aiming to create a more personal and intimate experience on the platform. This feature addresses the long-standing issue of the impersonal nature of the social network, which is largely attributed to its algorithmic feed.

Key Takeaway

Instagram is testing a new feature that lets users share feed posts exclusively with their ‘Close Friends’. This aims to address the impersonal nature of the platform by providing a more intimate sharing experience. If rolled out globally, it could eliminate the need for users to maintain separate alternative accounts for close friends.

Testing in Select Countries

The testing phase of this feature has been spotted by several users, including Lia Haberman from the ICYMI newsletter. Although Instagram has confirmed the testing, it did not disclose the specific countries involved. The company stated that they are continuously exploring new ways for the community to express themselves and connect on the platform.

If this feature becomes widely available, it could potentially reduce the need for users to maintain a separate “finsta” account, which is often created for sharing content exclusively with friends.

Previous Attempts at Personalized Sharing

In 2018, Instagram launched the option to share Stories with a private list of ‘Close Friends’, allowing users to share more personal moments with a select group. The following year, the company introduced an app called Threads, which aimed to facilitate group chatting within the ‘Close Friends’ circle. However, Threads was discontinued in 2021 in order to focus on enhancing the direct message experience on Instagram.

Additionally, Instagram introduced “Notes” in December, a feature enabling users to share text updates with their friends. In recent months, the platform has been rolling out various features, including music sharing, translation, and location sharing for Notes.

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