Amazon Introduces New AI Tool To Enhance Advertisers’ Product Images


Amazon has launched an innovative generative AI image tool that allows advertisers to enhance their product images by generating custom backgrounds based on product descriptions and themes. The tool is currently in its beta testing phase with selected advertisers, but Amazon plans to expand its availability in the future.

Key Takeaway

Amazon’s new generative AI image tool empowers advertisers to enhance their product images by generating custom backgrounds based on product descriptions and themes. This innovative tool can significantly improve ad performance by creating more engaging and lifestyle-oriented visuals, potentially increasing click-through rates by 40%. Amazon’s commitment to leveraging generative AI showcases its dedication to providing advertisers with impactful tools while delivering a better advertising experience for customers.

How It Works

To use the tool, advertisers simply upload a photo and provide a textual image description of the desired background they want. They can further refine the image by selecting a theme and entering additional text prompts. Once the inputs are entered, the tool generates multiple versions of the image, helping advertisers optimize performance through testing.

For example, Amazon showcases the tool’s capabilities using an image of a toaster. Advertisers can generate a background depicting a kitchen table decorated for autumn, complete with fall leaves and a vibrant orange pumpkin. While the beta version of the tool may have minor imperfections, such as an out-of-place fork in the corner, the overall backdrop looks convincingly realistic.

The Benefits for Advertisers

The introduction of this generative AI tool comes as many brands are increasingly turning to AI to simplify the ad creation process, which can be both costly and time-consuming. Major companies like Nestle and Unilever have already embraced AI software, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, to assist in their creative endeavors.

By leveraging this new tool, advertisers can produce more engaging and differentiated creatives, thereby enhancing their ads’ performance. Instead of relying on standard product images with plain white backgrounds, advertisers can now place their products in lifestyle contexts that tell captivating stories. According to Amazon, this approach could potentially increase click-through rates by 40%, resulting in more effective advertising campaigns.

“Producing engaging and differentiated creatives can increase cost and often requires introducing additional expertise into the advertising process,” commented Colleen Aubrey, senior vice president of Amazon Ads products and technology. “At Amazon Ads, we are always thinking about ways we can reduce friction for our advertisers, provide them with tools that deliver more impact while minimizing effort, and ultimately, deliver a better advertising experience for our customers.”

Amazon’s Expanding Generative AI Efforts

The launch of this AI image generation tool is a continuation of Amazon’s efforts to leverage the power of generative AI. The company recently introduced a tool to help sellers write compelling product descriptions and utilizes the technology to summarize customer reviews as well.

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