AgZen’s RealCoverage Revolutionizes Pesticide Use In Agriculture


A recent study has revealed that the use of pesticides in agriculture is crucial for maintaining high levels of fruit, vegetable, and cereal production. However, the current method of pesticide application often leads to excessive use, resulting in negative impacts on both the environment and farmers’ finances.

Key Takeaway

AgZen’s RealCoverage utilizes AI to optimize pesticide use, potentially reducing chemical usage by up to 50% while maintaining crop health and yield.

AgZen’s Innovative Solution

AgZen, a company rooted in over a decade of MIT engineering research, has introduced a groundbreaking solution to this dilemma. RealCoverage, powered by AI technology, ensures that plants receive the precise amount of pesticide required through real-time adjustments. According to Vishnu Jayaprakash, the CEO of AgZen, RealCoverage can detect minuscule droplets as small as 150 microns and make instantaneous adjustments to spray parameters such as pressure, rate, boom height, and speed, achieving maximum application efficiency at speeds of up to 12 mph.

Implications and Benefits

The implications of AgZen’s technology are far-reaching. The company asserts that its algorithms and optimizations have the potential to cut chemical usage by half, leading to significant cost reductions for farmers without compromising crop health and yield. After conducting successful pilots and trials across the U.S. and Europe, AgZen is confident in the positive impact RealCoverage can have on agriculture.

Besides the economic benefits, the environmental and public health advantages are noteworthy. With concerns about pesticide runoff contaminating agricultural water sources and soil, AgZen’s technology could help mitigate these issues by reducing foliar pesticide usage. This aligns with the urgent need for improved spray efficiency as highlighted in recent reports.

Regulatory and Commercial Outlook

RealCoverage also holds promise as a tool for farmers navigating regulatory challenges. By providing real-time data on pesticide volume reaching the target, it can enhance pesticide tracking, minimize environmental impact, and offer insights for optimizing farm operations globally. Additionally, with the EPA’s focus on pesticide runoff, AgZen’s technology could aid farmers in complying with regulations.

AgZen is gearing up to launch RealCoverage commercially later this year through a lease-to-own program, making the system financially accessible to farmers. The company asserts that by reducing chemical usage, the system can pay for itself within a single season, further incentivizing its adoption.

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