Agility Robotics To Build Over 10,000 Humanoid Robots Per Year


Agility Robotics, a leading robotics company, has announced its plans to open a state-of-the-art robot factory in Salem, Oregon. The factory, named RoboFab, will have the capacity to build over 10,000 humanoid robots per year. This milestone marks a significant moment in the history of robotics, as it will enable the mass production of commercial humanoid robots.

Key Takeaway

Agility Robotics is set to open RoboFab, a new robot factory in Salem, Oregon, capable of mass producing over 10,000 humanoid robots per year. The opening of the factory signifies a significant milestone in the history of robotics, as it marks the beginning of mass production of commercial humanoid robots. Digit, the advanced bipedal robot designed by Agility Robotics, aims to revolutionize the workforce by addressing labor shortages, reducing injuries, and increasing productivity. The factory’s completion is highly anticipated, showcasing the potential of humanoid robots in various industries.

Revolutionizing the Workforce

The development of these humanoid robots, known as Digit, aims to address some of the most pressing challenges faced by today’s workforce, such as injuries, burnout, high turnover, and labor shortages. By automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks, Digit will enhance the productivity and efficiency of various industries. Moreover, it will provide a solution to unfillable labor gaps, allowing humans to focus on more complex and cognitive tasks.

Agility Robotics’ co-founder and CEO, Damion Shelton, emphasizes the vision behind Digit’s creation, stating, “We built Digit to solve difficult problems in today’s workforce and enable humans to be more human. The opening of our factory signifies a crucial step towards realizing this vision, as we can now mass produce our technology and make a real, widespread impact on society.”

The Future of Robotics Starts in Salem

With initial construction commencing last year, the 70,000-square-foot robot factory in Salem, Oregon, is nearing completion and is scheduled to open its doors later this year. The facility will serve as a hub for advanced robotics manufacturing, showcasing the potential of humanoid robots. Agility Robotics has released a video showcasing the factory and demonstrating Digit’s impressive capabilities.

Introducing Digit: A Revolutionary Humanoid Robot

Digit, designed by Agility Robotics, is an advanced bipedal robot that possesses remarkable technological advancements, including a lifelike face. The robot combines sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge hardware to perform a range of tasks in various industries, particularly in warehouses where automation is key. Interestingly, Digit will contribute to its own production process, a novel approach that mirrors the opposite of cannibalism.

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