Bird Buddy Launches Bird Buddy Explore, Allowing Users To Birdwatch Anywhere


Bird Buddy, the AI-powered startup known for its smart bird feeders, is expanding its offerings with a new digital product called Bird Buddy Explore. This new feature allows users to browse feeds from Bird Buddy cameras all over the world, providing an opportunity to birdwatch in locations beyond their own backyards. With the inclusion of educational information about each bird species encountered, Bird Buddy is taking the birdwatching experience to another level.

Key Takeaway

Bird Buddy has launched the Bird Buddy Explore feature, which enables users to browse feeds from bird feeders around the world, expanding birdwatching opportunities beyond their own backyards. The feature also includes educational information about each bird species encountered.

Discovering the World of Birds

With Bird Buddy’s new Explore feature, bird enthusiasts can now enjoy birdwatching in various locations, including Hawaii, Kenya, Chile, and Bhutan. This feature comes as a welcome addition for those who have not purchased Bird Buddy’s smart bird feeders, as it allows them to connect with nature and experience birdwatching firsthand.

Content Richness and User Experience

Bird Buddy has an abundance of content to curate for its Explore feature, as its smart bird feeders record over 1 million bird detections globally every day. Users can access the feature through the Bird Buddy app for iOS or Android, where they will find a dedicated Explore section denoted by a “globe” icon. By swiping through remote bird feeders worldwide, users can select the feeder they wish to watch and enjoy snapshots and videos of the birds that visit.

Additionally, Bird Buddy’s Explore feature goes beyond providing birdwatching feeds. It also offers educational information about each bird species encountered. This enriching experience combines both entertainment and learning, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diverse avian species that inhabit our planet.

Enhancing the Bird Feeding Experience

Bird Buddy has also introduced two new accessories alongside the launch of Bird Buddy Explore. The Bird Buddy Perch Extender attracts larger birds with its larger standing area, while the Bird Buddy 3-in-1 Nutrition Set includes a water fountain, jelly tray, and fruit spike to entice birds like orioles and finches.

Bird Buddy’s co-founder and CEO, Franci Zidar, expressed the company’s mission to create daily connections with nature for as many people as possible. With the expansion of the Bird Buddy app and the introduction of Bird Buddy Explore, the company is working towards unlocking the wonders of the bird world and emphasizing their critical role in our ecosystems. Bird Buddy aims to bring joy and appreciation for nature to users 24/7.

Future Plans and Achievements

In addition to the new digital product, Bird Buddy has launched Bird Buddy Pro, a subscription service that offers enhanced features such as muting or ignoring specific bird species and maximizing bird detections through a frenzy mode. Furthermore, Bird Buddy plans to introduce its own seed subscription service later this fall, providing customers with easy access to the right food for their feeders.

Since its inception, Bird Buddy has seen a global installation of 150,000 smart bird feeders, capable of recognizing over 1,000 species of birds. With its innovative technology and commitment to connecting people with nature, Bird Buddy continues to enrich the bird feeding and birdwatching experience for enthusiasts around the world.

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