2025 Ram Ramcharger: A Game-Changing Battery Electric Truck


Ram, the Stellantis brand, has unveiled the highly anticipated 2025 Ram Ramcharger, challenging the traditional notions of a plug-in hybrid or a gas-powered vehicle. This battery electric truck aims to redefine the market with its innovative design and exceptional performance.

Key Takeaway

The 2025 Ram Ramcharger is an innovative battery electric truck that offers outstanding performance, flexibility, and range. With its hybrid powertrain and advanced features, it marks a significant step forward in the electrification of the truck industry. Ram’s commitment to a smooth transition to electric vehicles is evident in the Ramcharger’s design, capabilities, and infrastructure support.

The Powertrain: Blending Efficiency and Power

The 2025 Ram Ramcharger boasts a 92 kilowatt-hour battery pack that offers an impressive range of 145 miles. However, what sets it apart is its incorporation of a 3.6-liter V6 engine paired with a 130 kilowatt generator. This combination provides the Ramcharger with a targeted range of 690 miles, a feat that showcases its superior capability.

With a zero to 60 miles per hour time of 4.4 seconds, a remarkable 663 horsepower, and more than 615-pound feet of torque, the Ramcharger sets new standards for performance in the electric truck segment. Additionally, its towing capacity of 14,000 pounds and maximum payload capacity of 2,625 pounds cater to the needs of truck enthusiasts.

Charging and Versatility

The Ramcharger offers customers the flexibility to plug in and charge the battery. A 400-volt DC fast charger can add up to 50 miles of all-electric range in just 10 minutes. Furthermore, the truck features bi-directional charging capabilities, enabling users to charge other electric vehicles or power external devices, such as homes, campsites, or tools. With an onboard power panel in the truck bed providing up to 7.2 kW of power, the Ramcharger ensures convenience and adaptability in various scenarios.

The Future of Electric Trucks

Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis views the Ramcharger as a game changer in the electric truck market. It aligns with Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 plan, which aims for 100% of sales in Europe and 50% of sales in the U.S. to be battery electric vehicles by the end of the decade. By introducing the Ramcharger, Ram is paving the way for a future of electrification.

How the Ramcharger Works: A Series Hybrid

The Ramcharger distinguishes itself as a series hybrid, unlike parallel hybrids such as the Toyota Prius. The V6 engine of the Ramcharger generates mechanical power, which is then converted into electrical power by the on-board 130 kW generator. This electrical power can either charge the battery or be utilized by the electric drive modules (EDMs) located on the front and rear axles. The EDMs incorporate the motor, gearbox, inverter, and all-wheel drive capability, ensuring a seamless electric driving experience.

A Solution to Range Anxiety

With its bridge technology approach, the Ramcharger addresses concerns around range anxiety. Ram confidently assures customers that the Ramcharger offers the performance of a traditional battery electric truck without the drawbacks. The truck’s impressive range, rapid charging capabilities, and comprehensive infrastructure support nullify any range-related worries. Ramcharger is a testament to Ram’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring a smooth transition to pure electric vehicles.

Premium Design and Features

Aside from its groundbreaking technology, the Ramcharger maintains all the premium features and design elements expected from a modern-day Ram truck. It sports a 14.5-inch touchscreen, a 10.25-inch screen for passengers, a digital rearview mirror, and a Klipsch audio system. The truck will be available in various trims, including the ultra-premium Tungsten trim, which exudes opulence through platinum patina metal accents, heated and ventilated leather seats, and a massage function.

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