Top MOBA Games To Play For A Fabulous Gaming Experience

Mock-up of Fantasy RPG MOBA Video Game Gameplay

MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games – as evident from the name, these games are known for their extreme coordination requirement and strategic gameplay. We have some of the best tiers in the domain that are played on international levels.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, we recommend you to stick with the article as we’re listing some of the best MOBA games that you can play today. And when it comes to gaming, it’s imperative to have a good gaming setup as well as speedy, lag-free internet. For the latter, we recommend checking out plans from Xfinity since it’s known for its outclass internet speed and reliable connectivity. You can simply contact Xfinity customer service and get a quote or a plan right away.

With this, let’s begin our list now:

1. Dota2

One of the oldest MOBA games that has grown exponentially over the past decade is Dota. Currently known as Dota2, it’s one of the most popular games played internationally, known for its immensely competitive tournaments and the highest prize pool.

The best part about it is that it’s available free on Steam that you can download and play right away. Moreover, Valve, the primary developer of the game, launches new updates that make the game even more exciting.

Numerous teams and players have proven their worth, competing in The International Dota2 championships. If you’re into MOBA games that require a good deal of attention to mechanics, strategy and team play, then Dota2 is where you begin.

2. League of Legends (LOL)

Another version of Dota2 is League of Legends or famously known as LOL. The game became an online sensation for its amazing gameplay and interface inspired by the existing Dota2. However, developed by Riot, it has shared the crown in the genre and even has a dedicated Netflix series to it.

Although Dota2 has it too, still, LOL has been quite popular in the gaming community and has had an immense following in the past years. If you’re looking for similar mechanics like Dota2 but with a new perspective, then LOL is your pick.

3. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Similar to the original game, the Wild Rift is the mobile version, which after so many years, has finally been released. Although it lacks the complete features of the original game such as a shorter roster, shorter matches, etc. it still packs the entertainment punch you’d want from any game.

Moreover, it has its own gaming features including tweaked elements that would suit mobile gaming. Similar to the mobile version of COD, the Wild Rift is an amazing addition to the series and offers amazing gameplay worth the download.

4. Pokémon Unite

At some point, we have all been hooked on the famous Pokémon Go. The world experienced AR in gaming for the first time and it was dope. Well, we’re glad to tell you that you can even play a battle arena mode with Pokémons in Pokémon Unite.

From fighting wild Pokémons to gaining more XP to fighting opponents, you can work out the mechanics and manage how to level up. In addition, you have to fight in teams so you’ll need to choose the right Pokémons for the purpose so that you level up their best abilities.

It’s a super addictive game and why not? We have our favorite Pokémons battling just like in the show.

5. Heroes of the Storm

Well, teamwork is something that’s quite important in MOBA games, and Heroes of the Storm is one game that requires extreme teamwork. It came into the market in 2015 and is one of the best in the domain that you can definitely play

The iconic characters with stunning gameplay, cool graphics, and dynamic matchmaking make it quite an amazing pick in the tier. Not only this, but you also have several activities including collecting coins, depositing them for increasing firepower, and more.

6. Smite

Launched in 2014, Smite became quite a sensation in the domain capturing a good amount of players and audiences. The catchy element was commanding not just ordinary heroes but Gods, including Zeus, Ra, Ganesha, and many more.

You get an extensive list of abilities at your disposal, which makes the battles quite interesting. Moreover, it has also added Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is a wow element for the game. In any case, the game truly showcased a lot of amazing features and is certainly a great pick if you’re looking for some options.

Closing Thoughts

Well, these are enough for now! Since MOBA games aren’t campaign centric, you can spend hours playing these and never get bored. So, download them right away and get your gaming stations going!

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