The Ultimate Crossout Guide: Tips, Tricks & Builds For Your Character

Crossout is an exciting free MMO Action game

Massively Multiplayer Online or MMO games are a very popular and resilient genre. Free MMORPGs are one of the most popular types of games even to this day. One of the most popular free online games of this generation transcended popular culture. With the popularity of MMORPGs and online games, it is no surprise that sub-genres are born. One of which is MMO action games such as Crossout. This sub-genre copies elements from other free MMOs or paid online games. Players will be in charge of their build, character or units, and progression. 

Most players of MMORPG games look for guides online to further plan out their character. Devout players that intend to play smart scour the internet to look for cheats, hacks, tips & tricks. It is no different for players of Crossout. These players will look for Crossout builds, Crossout guides and Crossout cheats. Any advantage that they can muster, they’ll do it to progress faster in the game. Well, if you’re looking to start playing Crossout, here is the Ultimate Crossout Guide.

Before we start, let’s discuss what is Crossout. Let’s also find out why it is one of the best free games available online.


What is Crossout?

Battle other cars in intense vehicular combat
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Crossout is an MMO action game that mixes concepts from previous offerings with a twist. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, your main goal is to build the ultimate vehicle in the wastelands. What separates this game from other free online games is that you focus on building a vehicle. Instead of character classes, players must use their creativity in creating their vehicles. 

Within the game, you’ll encounter different factions and clans. What separates Clans from Factions is that the former works as an alliance. While the latter has a separate purpose. In Crossout, players start as part of the Engineers factions. Once they reach level 10, the can now join three new factions. These factions are the Lunatics, Scavengers, and Nomads. Progress further with these factions, then you can join a more prestigious one. These include the Steppenwolfs, Firestarters and Dawn’s Children. These factions have different buffs and advantages that can help in your progression.

Your main goal in this game is to build the Ultimate vehicle to conquer the wastelands. Stop searching the internet for freemmorpg2019 or any other game, download Crossout now!

hat are you waiting for? Sign up now and create your free account today by clicking here!



Destroy the competition with your clan
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Like with most games, Crossout requires a few things. This free online game is available for consoles and computers. Signing up for consoles in easier as you need to download the game and register via your console account. You don’t have to think about the specs required to run the game. Wait for the game to finish downloading and installing and necessary patches.

But, for computer players, it can get a lot more complicated. First, you need to create a free account today by going to Crossout’s official website. It will then send a confirmation email that you have to verify. Then, you can now download the game on your computer. Once done, you can install Crossout play the game

But, you should also be aware of the minimum requirements needed. This is to ensure that the game will run on your computer. But, the official website also has a recommended set of hardware to make the game run as smooth as possible. This will allow you to enjoy the game with minimal hiccups. You don’t want to be late a battle due to a struggling video card, don’t you?



Fire weapons to destroy enemy vehicles
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Now that we’ve gone through what you’ll need to play Crossout, let’s talk about gameplay! Crossout is an MMO action game that combines vehicle combat with customization. To give you a better idea, remember those old racing games from your consoles? Yes, the ones that allowed you to customize every part. Now mix that with elements from Mad Max and vehicle combat games. The result will be this free online game that we are now talking about–Crossout. 

When playing the game the first thing you’ll see after loading is the main menu. Here you’ll see the different features and game modes. The first thing you’ll notice is the hub or garage. This is where you’ll be able to customize your vehicles and start game modes. The Factions tab is where you’ll see the different factions in-game. Market, allows you to go to the Marketplace to buy anything related to your vehicle. The Market allows people to transact with each other. Storage is where your acquired and unused parts go. Store is where you buy items with real-life money or credits. Exhibition allows you to showcase your creations to other players. While Challenges are self-explanatory as it is.

If you want a detailed description of the main menu here is a link to the main menu elements.



Simple yet great control scheme
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Controls for Crossout as you can imagine plays out like driving or vehicle combat game. You use the WASD buttons on your keyboard or left stick on consoles. You’ll also have access to weapons that you can control via the shoulder buttons. Weapons are also accessible via face buttons on your controllers. On the keyboard, the controls are easy and most of the buttons are near each other.

You can also control the camera especially if you don’t find the camera angle not favorable. 

There are also several controls available such as self-destruct and pressing your horn. There are also several inputs added for different game bots. One of these inputs allow you to add bots that you can use to practice your targeting.

Crossout has a very simple control scheme that is friendly to newcomers.


Building Vehicles

Build a fast or powerful vehicle depending on your preference
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After discussing gameplay elements, we will now talk about the two main features of the game. First is building your vehicle. Your vehicle will be the most important commodity on a personal level. You’ll be able to tinker your vehicles to your liking in Crossout. You won’t start with the meanest vehicle around. You will start with a basic vehicle that you can improve by winning battles. The further you progress in the game, the better parts will start to drop. 

As part of the starting Engineers faction, your cars will be more of a balanced vehicle. But, as you find the play style you’re comfortable with, you can join a new faction that fits your game. One faction is more favorable for faster machines and close combat. While another is more suited to long-range and armored play styles.

You can also visit the Marketplace to get parts from other players. Your Clan can also help you get better parts as you complete missions together.

Building your vehicles also involves placing weapons. Like parts, these will result in your vehicles be more favorable to a certain playstyle. Faster weapons are for more close-range combat playstyles. While slower weapons tend to favor long-range playstyles. If you want the best of both worlds, you can make your vehicles more well-rounded.

Your imagination will dictate how your vehicle will look like. Add parts from specific factions and you’re on your way to building your dream vehicle.


Crossout Combat

Battle with friends in Crossout
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Combat in Crossout is fun and will remind you of previous vehicle combat titles. The main difference is that in Crossout, you can damage a specific part. Then, this part will affect your opponents’ vehicles. This is way different compared to previous vehicle combat games. Weapon placement when building is important when you build your machine. That is why you want a reliable weapon next to your cockpit. Since the cockpit will be the last part that goes away before defeat.

You’ll have to use your weapons as efficiently as possible. This is very important when facing players of a higher skill level. 

Combat will also vary on the game mode that you are playing. Crossout’s battles will feel very different as there are modes for PvP and PvE. We’ll be discussing game modes next and distinguish PvE and PvP modes.


Game Modes

Here are the game modes in Crossout
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There are 6 game modes in Crossout that players can enjoy. Some of these will be a face-off against other players. While some are in line with your standard PvE mechanics. This will need you to polish your skills but also build the best machine for your playstyle.

Here are the 6 game modes that you can enjoy in Crossout:

PvE Modes

  • Adventure – Acts as the game’s campaign mode. You can accept main and side quests with up to 3 more players.
  • Raid – This pits you and your teammates against computer-controlled Raiders. If successful, you will receive rewards to help you progress in the game.


PvP Modes

  • Missions – The main game mode of Crossout which pits 2 teams against each other. Both teams can have at most 8 players. These two teams will split into 2 matches with different objectives.
  • Brawls – Involves objectives that differ from other game modes.
  • Battle Royal – This game mode plays out like its name. All out free-for-all combat and only ends when one vehicle standing. 
  • Clan Battles – This mode is only accessible if you’re already part of a Clan. Here you’ll face off against other clans for superiority.


All these game modes have something for every player. Try PvE modes if you’re friends are not online. Then, once you are complete hop-on to the PvP modes for more fun.


Gameplay Tips

Build your own unique vehicle in this game
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After discussing the basics, we will now embark on a few tips to help new players. These tips will help newcomers to maximize their results.

First, Explore different game modes as much as possible when you’re eligible. Sticking to a certain game mode might not be the most efficient in the long run. Sure, sticking to Adventure mode is fun but most of the end game builds need drops from other modes. Maximize the results from a certain game mode but mix-up the variety.

Then, join a Clan as you’re eligible to maximize your experience. When you join a clan, it is ok to work with beginners like you. Make sure you take part in all clan activities as you will need it in different modes. Especially during the Clan Wars, you will need to take part in your clan. Better success with your Clan will mean better rewards. Once you’ve met enough people and become better, you can then join another Clan. But, if you have friends who want to go with you, better make a clan with your friends.

Next, try to be respectful of the whole community. Showing respect to people is not only ethical but it can build connections. We know trash talking is not avoidable but rather keep it in during matches.

Maximize your results and carefully manage your progression when playing the game. Stick to something that suits you but do not be too afraid to try new things.


Combat Tips

Destroy the competition with your preferred vehicle
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Pick a combat play style that suits your preference and mechanical ability. If you prefer to battle up close and cause mayhem, equip weapons that are faster and do well up close. But, if you want a more measured approach, you can also try putting armor and focus on long-range fighting. Sure, you’re more of a hittable target but your armor and precision make up for it. 

When building your vehicle, your style must match your capabilities. I’m not talking about weapon load-outs and armor, sure they help but not that. Let’s talk about your vehicle’s speed and weight as these factors affect your combat prowess. If you prefer to fight up close, you need to have better maneuverability and speed. You don’t want to feel too loose or sluggish. It also goes both ways as you don’t want to turtle up with less reinforcement. Sure, you can be a glass cannon but cannot sustain damage.

But, if you want the best of both worlds, you can elect to build a more balanced vehicle. Good at everything but does not specialize at one thing. Joining the correct Faction can also help you nab gear for your desired build.

If you’re looking for Crossout build guides, there are videos available on Youtube. These videos will have builds for every kind of player.


Earning More Currency

Crossout is an exciting free MMO Action game
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You’re struggling to save up money for a part you like. You may even want to stock up on Money for future releases or need. Here are some tips on how you can save up more money in Crossout.

You can sell the crates you’ve received as a reward. If you’re confident that you don’t need anything from those crates, go ahead and sell them. Another way of earning more money is by selling parts that you don’t need. If you have parts that are a downgrade from what you have, then you can sell them for a profit.

You can also buy parts from the Market but don’t buy them at full price. Look for the best deal possible to save up currency.

If you want to grind more money, you can take part in Brawl events which will allow you to get more money and parts. Feel free to sell the rewards you get if possible. Instead of hoarding them, you might want to make them profitable.

Continue the grind every day and you’ll earn a huge amount of money in no time.

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