Sony’s Playstation 5 Gets Holiday 2020 Release

Sony’s Playstation 5 will feature new controllers

After years of speculation, Sony has now revealed via its official blog that the next generation of gaming is coming–soon. As announced in the blog, Sony’s Playstation 5 is coming to stores faster than we expected. This announcement is from the President and CEO of SIE, Jim Ryan. Sony’s Playstation 5 release will get a Holiday 2020 window.

This is exciting news for gamers worldwide who were expecting an announcement regarding the console. The release will follow Sony’s recent track record of releasing consoles after 6-years after the last one.

Sony’s current console, the Playstation 4 was released back in Holiday 2013. While the Playstation 3 had a November 2006 release. With the Playstation 5 release date confirmed for next year, people are now excited to read about its features.

Of course, you can expect a lot of new features and innovations, especially from a next-gen console. With Sony dominating the current generation of consoles, fans want to know if the Play station 5 can up the ante.

Let us now take a look at what we know so far about the Playstation 5’s features and other speculations.



Playstation 5 Features


Sony’s Playstation 5 is set to come out next year
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First and foremost, let us start with the Playstation 5’s controller. Iconic for its button inputs, the newest controller will be very different in comparison to its older brother. According to Ryan, the Playstation 5 controllers will move away from the rumble technology. That technology has been present ever since the 5th generation of gaming consoles. Sony will adopt haptic technology for their joysticks. This will allow players to experience more sensations for every different impact.

Second, the new controllers will also feature “adaptive triggers” as Jim Ryan described them. This feature will be primarily in the shoulder buttons (L2 and R2). This will allow players to better feel actions done in-game.

Third, according to, Playstation 5 will feature SSD storage technology. This feature will allow players to install the game how they want to. Last April, Sony compared its new SSD storage capabilities to that of the already powerful PS4 Pro.

Fourth, as expected the PS5 will feature better graphics compared to its predecessor. This will include better textures and lighting effects for a more vibrant display. According to the same article, AMD is working on giving the Playstation 5 more power.

Fifth, according to, backward compatibility for PS4 will be available for the Playstation 5. These include digital as well as physical copies of Playstation 4 games.

Lastly, the Playstation 5 will be “greener” in comparison to previous consoles. As reported by an article from last month, both Sony and Microsoft are focusing on “greener” consoles. Playstation 5’s rest mode will be an improvement and features more energy-saving capabilities.



Final Thoughts


With more than a year to go before the Playstation 5’s launch, there are more things we don’t know. For example, there are still no games yet for the Playstation 5. Triple-A titles such as The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding are all going to get PS4 releases.

According to Peter Rubin of Wired, the Playstation 5 there are already some demos for the Playstation 5. These games were handled by the same team that handled a previous PS VR game.

With still a long way to go and we should expect more features in future announcements.

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