NieR Replicant: What To Expect From NieR:Automata’s Prequel

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If you’ve ever played NieR:Automata before, you’d undoubtedly acknowledge it as one of the most intriguing video games ever developed. Despite its popularity, you might have missed its 2010 prequel NieR. And now with how well NieR:Automata performed, Square Enix has given NieR a much-needed facelift, giving rise to NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139. 

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about NieR Replicant and what to expect when you dive into this prequel.


What is NieR Replicant?

NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139, or NieR Replicant for short, is a complete overhaul of the original NieR video game that was released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2010. The original game received a lukewarm response: while it told a grim, moving story set in a dystopian world, its gameplay fell flat. Unintuitive controls were a major issue, as was the absence of substantial level and weapon progression.

NieR Replicant seeks to rectify the original game’s gameplay issues, and thus Toylogic, the game developer responsible for NieR:Automata’s combat, was hired to design its combat system. In addition to a revamped combat system, NieR Replicant will also feature a major graphical upgrade, a complete remaster of the original soundtrack, and a re-recording of all dialogues. On this note, Laura Bailey—the voice behind our beloved foul-mouthed hussy Kainé—is set to deliver sharper and more vulgar wit in this remaster.

This game also features a more fantastical setting compared to NieR:Automata. However, they can still use a diverse range of weapons to strike down their enemies. Weiss, the floating book buddy, also offers access to several bonus skills and magic. In some cases, NieR Replicant modifies perspective to portray a 2D shooting experience.


What’s the Significance Behind NieR Replicant’s Versions Number?

NieR Replicant
© Photo from Steam

The number 1.22474487139 that appears in the game’s full name may as intriguing to you as it is for us. While there is no official confirmation of what it refers to, several interesting threads on Reddit have surfaced attempting to crack this puzzle. By far, the most plausible explanation is that 1.22474487139 is the square root of 1.5, indicating it’s not the full remake of NieR:Automata.


NieR Replicant FAQs

Is NieR Replicant a remaster?

Is NieR Replicant a sequel?

Is NieR Replicant a prequel?


Are There Multiple Endings for NieR Replicant?

Multiple Endings For NieR Replicant
© Photo by Square Enix

Similar to NieR:Automata, NieR Replicant has multiple endings. You will have to complete three playthroughs to reveal them all.


Is it Good to Play NieR Replicant Before NieR: Automata?

Although it’s almost impossible to explain the relation of the NieR Replicant and NieR:Automata without spoilers, there are some recurring nods and game characters to NieR Replicant in Automata. There’s no need to play one game to enjoy the other game. However, if you require a suggestion in terms of sequence, it’s recommended to play NieR Replicant first before NieR: Automata since the former will provide you with important aspects of NieR:Automata’s impact within the storyline.

It’s also important to highlight that Replicant has a fundamental connection to Drakengard. NieR Replicant is the continuation of one of Drakengard 3’s endings, and having an understanding of the game’s events will help you better appreciate this remaster.


Difference Between NieR and NieR Replicant

Difference Between NieR and NieR Replicant
© Photo by Arche Pleinair YT Channel

NieR was originally released as a console-exclusive for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This game was split into two different versions: Gestalt and Replicant. While Gestalt featured a father figure as its protagonist, Replicant featured a brother figure. Gestalt’s father figure was the only one that was released in the West.

The NieR remaster will reinstate the brother figure as its protagonist. The father figure is still playable, albeit only in new DLC content that will accompany the game.


Crossover Between NieR Replicant and NieR:Automata: What To Expect

Remastered Replicant

Remastered Replicant
© Screenshot from Square Enix

There is more to NieR Replicant than just the gameplay and graphical upgrade. Since it is influenced by the massive success of NieR:Automata, there are definitely a lot of exciting surprises in store for the sequel’s fans as well. One of the most anticipated features is a new ending that connects NieR Replicant and NieR:Automata.

You will also have the option to unlock a feature that lets you change the background music to the NieR:Automata soundtrack after finishing the game once. You will also have the opportunity to download the 4 YoRHa costume pack for free. With the 4 YoRHa costume pack, you can modify your character’s weapons and costumes to fan-favorite creations from NieR:Automata such as the A2, 2B, and 9S.


Become Gods

Become Gods
© Photo by Square Enix

Although NieR Replicant starts as a modern post-apocalyptic version of Earth, the game will eventually switch to a fantasy setting once the main adventure starts. This is different NieR:Automata, which features a post-apocalyptic world with the protagonists being androids instead of humans.

When it comes to gameplay sequences, you don’t need to play either NieR game to enjoy the other as we’ve mentioned. Each NieR game is self-contained despite a few cameo appearances and a number of callbacks here and there. The story in both games is greatly influenced by well-known philosophical ideologies from icons like Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Although both NieR games exist in the same world, they are set more than an era apart. With the all-new upgrade, both will definitely have more aspects in common in terms of combat strategies and mechanics.


Drakengard Series

Drakengard Series
© Photo by Square Enix

The whole NieR series is rooted in one of the finales of the first Drakengard game. Many NieR:Automata fans are probably aware of the series creator Yoko Taro’s love for multiple conclusions in his projects.

Drakengard 3 is an RPG-based fantasy action video game, with gameplay similar to a typical Koei hack-and-slash game. It features a 3D shooting game with a series of opponents to destroy. The storyline is all about the warrior Caim who made an agreement with Angelus the dragon to destroy the evil empire.

In Drakengard 3’s Ending E, Angelus and Caim eventually find themselves in a parallel/alternate universe, specifically in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. The ultimate final battle in Tokyo’s skies led to the apocalyptic setting for the first NieR game. This, in turn, sets the stage for the whole NieR series.


NieR Replicant Recommendations for Your Ultimate Gaming Experience

If you’re planning to give NieR Replicant a try, here are some helpful recommendations to get you started:

NieR Replicant gameplay
© Photo by Square Enix
  • There is no need to accomplish every storyline to witness all endings. However, don’t skip the stories that reward specific weapons.
  • Halfway through the game, you will encounter a point of no return. As a strategy, make sure you have already completed everything you want to achieve before heading into the manor. If you want to unlock 100% of the game, you should complete all side stories before progress into the next one.
  • No need to converse with everyone you encounter just to witness everything. To save time, talk to characters with side stories. Other aspects will have a speech bubble above their heads.
  • Complete side stories as much as you can. They’re well-written stories that help you progress along with the world. After completing them, you can receive great prizes, such as new weapons.
  • Start collecting numerous weapons whenever you can. To access the final set of endings, you will need access to all weapons.
  • In every game world, make sure you save often at mailboxes. It doesn’t provide you with the automatic saving feature.
  • If you’re playing in full-screen mode, you may encounter intermittent glitches on graphics. To remediate, activate borderless window mode for a similar experience without the glitches.



We hope everyone gets the chance to play and enjoy the all-new NieR Replicant, especially if you didn’t have the opportunity to play the original on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For newcomers, expect the weirdness of the game that’s become expected from Yoko Taro. For NieR fans since time immemorial, be sure you complete the game a minimum of five times like NieR:Automata.

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