How to Refund Valorant Skins (A Guide)

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Valorant skins look really, really good and very stylish. However, they’re not for everyone, and some skins can get exorbitantly expensive. Thus, it’s nice of Riot to give players the option to go for a refund. Today we’ll talk about how to refund Valorant skins, what things Riot allows players to refund, and what you need to become refund eligible. Let’s begin.

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How to Refund Valorant Skins

Valorant skins cost a lot. And by a lot, we mean you can pay almost 100 USD just for 1 skin. The Battle Pass isn’t cheap either, but 10 USD is just a drop in the bucket compared to single skins and some bundles. For those that accidentally bought a Wasteland Vandal and want to return it to the shadow realm, here’s what you need to do:


For Individual Skins

  1. Ensure that you haven’t equipped or used the skin you wish to refund.
  2. Ensure that 14 days haven’t passed since you bought the skin.
  3. Open your Web Browser and go to the Riot Games Support Website.
  4. Go to the Website’s Valorant Section.
  5. Go to the Purchase History Tab. If Steps 1 to 3 are followed, you should see your skin there with the ‘Refund’ icon.
  6. Select the ‘Refund’ icon.
  7. If successful, the Valorant client shall open, and your skin shall be refunded.


For Bundles

Unfortunately for those that bought bundles, Valorant doesn’t allow players to refund them. Ever. If a player buys a bundle and doesn’t want anything to do with them, then you’re going to be having a bad time. We’ll talk more about this on the list of things that cannot be refunded in Valorant. For now, though, let’s talk about what a player needs to do to get a refund.


What Do You Need to Get a Refund?

Refunding Valorant skins have several requirements to be done. Here’s the list:

  1. If the weapon skin is unused: If you haven’t used the Valorant skin you don’t want to hold onto anymore, then you’re good to go. Do note that this means you haven’t done these 3 things: Equip the skin, use said skin in a Valorant game, use said skin in a custom game, or upgrade the skin. You can’t even use the skin in practice mode, which is kind of a weird thing to add.
  2. If it’s on the list of refundable content: Valorant is pretty strict on its refund policy. Players can only refund 2 things: individual weapon skins and Valorant Points. That’s it. This is a bit limiting, as a lot of things in the Valorant store are bundled. As per usual, careful usage of money and your Valorant Points is the way to go.
  3. If you only have the skin for 14 days maximum: Valorant has a strict 14-day policy when it comes to refunds. In addition to making sure that the skin is unused, you must ensure that you only have the skin for less than 14 days. If it’s eligible on the first and second requirements, but you try to refund it after 14 days have passed, you can’t do the refund. It’s a bit of an annoying requirement, but there’s no getting around this.


What Can’t Be Refunded?

Right, now that we know the nitty gritty of Valorant’s refund policy, we need to talk about the things Riot won’t refund:


Used/Upgraded Weapon skins

If you used a skin or upgraded it with points you wouldn’t be able to refund the weapon skin.


Used In-Game Content

Used in-game content is a pretty broad term that includes the above-used weapon skins/upgraded skins. However, this also includes things like Player Cards and Gun Buddies. As we said, it’s a bit on the harsh side of things, but since that’s their refund policy, we have to play ball.


Character Contract Levels

You can’t refund character contract levels. This is a bit of an ouch for players that accidentally bought the wrong character that they want to play. For example, you recruited Viper, but you don’t want to use her because she’s too slow. You want to try to get a refund, but alas, you can’t. This is because Riot doesn’t allow for agent refunds.


Weapon Skin Bundles

As already stated, weapon skin bundles cannot be refunded in Valorant. The refund policy Riot Games has for the game doesn’t include weapon skin bundles in the refund policy, sadly enough.


Weapon Skin Levels

If you have levels in a particular weapon skin, that makes that weapon skin ‘used’. Ergo, you cannot refund the weapon skin or the levels.


Premium Battle Passes/Levels and Radianite Points

You pretty much have the same situation with Premium Battle Passes, their levels, and Radianite Points. No refunds on those things as per Valorant’s Refund Policy.


Final Word

Now you know how to refund Valorant skins. It’s a pretty easy thing to do. But the fact that you’re limited in what you can refund is a bit of a letdown. Still, it’s better to have the option than to not have any option at all.

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