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Are you starting to get bored of Valorant’s vanilla aesthetics and want something fresh? The game certainly is fun, but a change of visuals would make the game even more enjoyable. Thankfully, Riot Games has recently been releasing tons of new Valorant skins pretty frequently. If the current aesthetics have started to become boring, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the best Valorant skins you can choose from in 2021.


What Is Valorant?

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Despite only being released in 2020, Valorant has become an incredibly popular MOBA-based FPS on PC. It was made by Riot Games and takes elements from famous games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike.

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person multiplayer shooter that anyone with a PC can play for free. Its main game divides people into teams, each with one of two different objectives: attack or defend. The attacking team aims to plant a spike that will detonate and annihilate the other team. Conversely, the defending team needs to survive the round and meet its victory conditions. 

Each game consists of multiple time-limited rounds just like CS:GO’s Defuse mode. However, what’s different about Valorant is that, on top of providing various weapons, it employs Agents with varying abilities. These abilities can give an edge to each team, depending on what you choose. 

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12 Best Valorant Skins That Give You Aimbot

Here are the top 12 best Valorant skins that give you Aimbot in alphabetical order.


1. BlastX


If you’re longing for a burst of nostalgia, then BlastX is one of the best Valorant skins for you. That’s because these Valorant skins not only come with nostalgic animation and sound effects but also a killer 90s aesthetic. Specifically, the BlastX series takes you back to your childhood as it incorporates a 90s toy design. 

This bundle is available for Frenzy, Phantom, Odin, Spectre, and Melee. It’s a little pricey as it costs 8,700 Valorant Points (or $85) for the entire set. However, you can purchase them individually through the rotating shop. The Frenzy, Phantom, Odin, and Spectre BlastX Valorant skins cost 2,175 VP each. However, the Melee weapon alone will cost you 4,350 VP. On the other hand, the BlastX Spray will cost only 325 VP.



2. Elderflame


One of the most famous Valorant skins in the game is undoubtedly the Elderflame series. That’s understandable considering one look at these weapons automatically makes you feel intimidated. Moreover, the visual effects and dazzling animation are well-known for being some of the best in the game. That’s probably why many Valorant players consider these Valorant skins to be the best.

However, these beautiful Elderflame Valorant skins don’t come cheap. Riot Games has priced these Valorant skins at $100, making it the most expensive skin in the game. It’s available for Vandal, Operator, Judge, Frenzy, and Melee. The first four will cost you 2,475 VP individually. On the other hand, the Elderflame dagger costs much more and demands 4,950 VP from players. Buying the bundle will cost you roughly 9,900 VP and should include an additional buddy, spray, and card.

Moreover, if you ever get bored of the base Elderflame Valorant skins, you can always choose from different color options. However, these will cost Radiant Points so you should certainly weigh the pros and cons. 



3. Glitchpop 2.0


The original Glitchpop Vandal was arguably the best bundle of Valorant skins when it first came out. Its weapon skins not only had a great design but also beautiful variations for Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin, and Melee. However, the designs for Glitchpop were made for guns that weren’t as widely used.

Now, Riot Games has answered Glitchpop’s original fans by releasing version 2. The new theme, as the name implies, still sticks to the Glichpop Valorant skins’ glitchy digital aesthetic. However, its design adds a pop of uniqueness thanks to the incorporation of brilliant neon colors. Thus, the new set has a cyberpunk-like design that’s sure to catch the eye of everyone else. That’s especially true because this new design incorporates holograms, lights, and flashy ads. Moreover, it also adds brilliant visual effects and animations that make it all the more fun to use. Fighting in a team has never looked so stylish. 

The new Glitchpop version released in February 2021 is available for Phantom, Vandal, Classic, Operator, and Axe. Most of these cost 2,175 VP each. However, the Dagger and Axe versions of Glitchpop and Glitchpop 2.0 cost 4,350 VP each. On the other hand, you can also buy the whole bundle for 8,700 VP and have the full set.



4. Magepunk


FPS games don’t always look this flashy and aesthetically pleasing — that’s why Valorant stands out among its competitors. Even the Valorant new skins released just this 2021 deliver the same level of quality. We’re talking about the Magepunk series of Valorant skins.

This time, the new Magepunk series takes inspiration from the sci-fi fantasy genre, incorporating steampunk aesthetics. However, instead of using electricity like most steampunk-inspired weapons, Magepunk uses magic as an energy source. It’s one of the perfect Valorant skins for showing off and standing out in a crowd while still meaning business. 

These Valorant skins fall under the premium skin line and will cost 1,775 VP per skin. This includes Bucky, Ghost, Marshal, and Spectre. However, a melee purchase will cost you 3,500 VP and the whole bundle will net you 7,100 VP. Other items within this series include the Magepunk Card, Spray, and Buddy. 



5. Oni


Have you ever wanted to be an ancient samurai wielding a gun? Well, look no further than the Oni set of Valorant skins. These skins take inspiration from none other than ancient Japanese samurai. Moreover, these are evolving skins and are available for the Guardian, Bucky, Phantom, and Knife. 

Unfortunately, this set of Valorant skins doesn’t include special sound effects. Nonetheless, they’re the best choice if you want to live out your dream of becoming a Japanese soldier or samurai. Purchasing the Phantom skin alone will cost you 1,775 VP. However, you can get these Valorant skins at a discount by buying the bundle for 5,324 VP. Moreover, the bundle includes other freebies like buddies, cards, and sprays. 



6. Origin


The beauty of purchasing Valorant skins is the fact that you can customize your aesthetic regardless of the surrounding world. Sure, it’s set in the near future. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play pretend and make yourself feel like an alien with their Origin skins.

That’s right, the Origin set of Valorant skins have an alien-based theme — and it’s evident from the leaked designs. Moreover, the final kill effect these new skins use aligns with its theme. Upon your final kill, you’ll summon a strange ring that abducts the enemy player — exactly like aliens! On the other hand, these Valorant skins also come in red and gold variants after purchasing them for Radiant Points. 

The Origin set of Valorant skins are available for Bucky, Frenzy, Vandal, Operator, and Melee. If you’re curious about the melee weapon, it seems to be a mix of brass knuckles and a karambit. Purchasing each gun skin will cost you 1,775 VP. On the other hand, purchasing the knife alone will cost 3,550 VP. However, you can also get the bundle (along with traditional freebies) for 7,100 VP.



7. Prime


The community loves the Prime series of Valorant skins — and for good reason. That’s because it was one of the first skins ever so it holds a special place in the community. However, it does look a little outdated compared to all the others already on this list, especially the newer ones. 

Nonetheless, the Prime series of Valorant skins are still dearly beloved. They feature a simple, colorful design with smooth and clean animations and visual effects. Moreover, the howling wolf finisher is always entertaining to watch and feels pretty timeless. The Prime series of Valorant skins are available for Spectre, Classic, Guardian, Vandal, and Axe. Each of these costs 1,775 VP individually.

On the other hand, if you want something more modern, the Prime series also received an update this 2021. This time, the Prime 2.0 Valorant skins are available for Frenzy, Phantom, Odin, Bucky, and Karambit (Melee). Like the original, each of these costs 1,775 VP except for the Karambit which costs 3,550 VP. However, you can also purchase the bundle for 7,100 VP and get a player card, spray, and two buddies.



8. Reaver


The Reaver Valorant skin was one of the most popular among players ever since the closed beta version. Beta testers provided tons of feedback about it to Riot Games when they first experimented with it. As a result, the Reaver series took a back seat and was shelved for a while.

Thankfully, Riot Games released these beautiful skins later on in November 2020 with several improvements. Now, they’re undoubtedly one of the coolest Valorant skins you can get. One look and you’ll instantly feel a darker and moodier vibe that’s indicative of its capabilities. 

As part of its animation, these Valorant skins will instantly send your enemies to the underworld. Using its finisher is equally terrifying (yet beautiful) to witness as several hands drag your enemy down to hell. 

The Reaver series is available for the Guardian, Sheriff, Vandal, Operator, and Melee. Individual guns will cost players 1,775 VP while the Melee version will cost 3,550 VP. On the other hand, players can purchase the bundle for 7,100 VP that includes a card, spray, and buddy.



9. Ruination


If you’re familiar with Riot’s other games, then you’ll probably know what The Sentinels of Light event is. This League of Legends-based event has been permeating all of Riot’s games — including Valorant. How? Through the wonderfully crafted Ruination set of Valorant skins. 

One look at these Valorant skins and anyone can guess they took hundreds of hours to make. They truly glow, with a black and luminescent green aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads. If you want this series of Valorant skins, they’re available for Melee, Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom. 

Each gun skin will cost 2,175 VP while the melee variant will cost a whopping 4,350 VP. If you want a discounted price, you can purchase the bundle for 8,700 VP. Like other bundles, buying Ruination as a set will get you a free gun buddy, spray, and player card. 



10. Sentinels of Light


Apart from the Ruination skins, League of Legends also graces Valorant with its presence through the Sentinels of Light series. What’s so special about the Sentinels of Light Valorant skins? Well, it’s a great cross-over theme for League of Legends fans who also play Valorant. Moreover, it’s the complete opposite of the Ruination set. If you want to play on the side of light, the Sentinels set should be your go-to Valorant skins. 

The Sentinels of Light Valorant skins are available for Operator, Ares, Vandal, Sheriff, and Melee. Like the Ruination Valorant skins, these cost a lot. The bundle is, of course, cheaper overall, costing you 8,700 VP for the set. Moreover, this will include a standard gun buddy and player card. However, you can also buy the individual gun skins for 2,175 VP each. On the other hand, it will cost you 4,350 VP just for the melee.



11. Singularity


The Valorant Singularity skins are some of the best in the game — and it’s easy to see why. Its futuristic geometric aesthetic with purple crystal accents look stunning, regardless of who wears it. These Valorant skins are certainly one of the best if you want a cross between sci-fi and mystery. 

Unfortunately, you won’t get any custom sound effects from these Valorant skins. However, they do offset that downside with amazing animation and a top-notch finisher. In fact, some might even argue that these animations are what truly give the Singularity series its crown.

If you want to purchase the Singularity Valorant skins, they’re available for Ares, Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Melee. Each gun will cost you 2,175 VP while the Melee bumps up the price to 4,350 VP. On the other hand, you can also pick up the bundle for 8,700 VP. Like other bundles, this will also give you a free card, spray, and gun buddy. 



12. Valorant Go!


It’s tough to stand out in a crowd when there’s so much going on, especially in a multiplayer game. However, with skins like Valorant Go!, you won’t even have that problem to agonize over. That’s because these Lunar New Year-inspired Valorant skins are some of the most beautiful and colorful in the game. They bring an anime-like aesthetic to your players and gives them a colorful weapon to match. 

These Valorant skins are available in several variations including Sage Ghost, Killjoy Spectre, Cypher Guardian, Reyna Phantom, and Jett Knife. If you’re purchasing the bundle, then you’ll also get unique player cards, sprays, and chibi gun buddies.

However, these won’t be easy to get a hold of as the bundle costs 8,700 VP. On the other hand, you can also purchase the guns individually for 1,775 VP each. Unfortunately, the Melee version is more expensive, coming in at 3,550 VP. 


5 Best Valorant Battle Pass Skins to Look Out For

Valorant Skins Battle Pass
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Unfortunately, you can’t simply cough up the cash to buy all the Valorant skins available in the game. That’s because some of these Valorant skins are exclusively earned instead of bought. Which ones are worth the grind and effort? Here are our top five Valorant skins you can earn through the battle pass (in alphabetical order).


1. Infinity

Battle passes come with some pretty great rewards, and yes, they include exclusive Valorant skins. The Infinity series is, by far, one of the best on the roster. It features a unique texture with a green, military-like aesthetic accented with orange components. 

There are five non-upgradeable skins in the series including Classic, Spectre, Bulldog, Guardian, and Phantom. However, these Valorant skins have, unfortunately, expired and are unavailable at the time of writing. Nonetheless, be sure to watch out for them in the next battle pass.



Another one of the best Battle Pass Valorant skins on our list is none other than the KTAC collection. This one features a slightly different aesthetic, coming in mostly black with purple accents all around. If you happen to get your hands on them, you can also get an accompanying gun buddy. They’re available for Sheriff, Vandal, Operator, Bulldog, and Blade (Melee).


3. Lightwave

One of the more colorful Valorant skins around undoubtedly comes from the Lightwave skin set. The base variant of these skins comes in green, with gradient blue-purple-pink and yellow accents. However, these Valorant skins also come in multiple color variations including blue, red, and gray. 

They’re certainly some of the best skins in the game if you want to make yourself stand out. These Lightwave skins come for Phantom, Sheriff, Odin, Frenzy, and Bucky. They were available in the battle pass Formaction: Act 3 which cost 1,000 VP. 


4. Prism III

Another one of the best Valorant skins on our roster is the Prism III collection from Formation: Act 2. They may not look like the flashiest skins in the game that stand out from the crowd. However, they do make players look classy without being too over-the-top. Moreover, they also come in variations including orange, green, blue, and bubblegum. These Valorant skins come for Judge, Odin, Axe, and Classic. 


5. Songsteel

Being unique doesn’t always mean standing out through outlandish colors and unconventional shapes. The Songsteel collection is proof of that, featuring a red and grey, steel-and-wood finish. They lend more to a classic, elegant look that you don’t usually see in other Valorant skins. The Songsteel series are available for Classic, Guardian, Marshal, and Melee. They’re unlockable through the Formaction: Act 3 battle pass.


How to Buy Valorant Skins

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If you’re new to Valorant, then you might not know how to get these coveted Valorant skins yet. Well, fret no more because you’re exactly where you need to be. Here are ways you can get Valorant skins.


Valorant Points

The main way players purchase Valorant skins is through the in-game premium currency called Valorant Points (VP). Using VP can get you most of the in-game skins that aren’t exclusive to Battle Passes.


Agent Contracts

If you’re not the type to spend real-world money on skins, there is a viable way to earn them. That is through the in-game Agent contracts. Completing these will usually let you unlock Agents. However, when you get to tier 10 in Chapter 2, you can also get various weapon skins.

Unfortunately, this one is going to be a huge grind for most people. In fact, some players even consider the XP requirement for Tier 10 nearly impossible to achieve. Moreover, there’s no way to buy your way through to Chapter 2’s Tier 10. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best ways if you want to get free skins.


Battle Pass

On the other hand, Valorant also provides Battle Passes wherein you can earn free skins. There are free tracks and premium tracks for these, so you don’t have to worry about the money. However, you’ll have to work a lot to get through the tiers and win your favorite skins. Unfortunately, you’re likely to win only some rewards, and not all of them, if you don’t spend real-world cash.


Radianite Points

Upgrading is also possible for upgradeable Valorant skins — but for that, you’ll need Radianite Points (RP). These points are another in-game currency that you can usually get by finishing battle pass tiers and contracts. However, you can also purchase RP by using VP.


Suit Up With the Newest Valorant Skins


Valorant skins are some of the best ways to add more life to each game. After all, games like these can feel repetitive, especially when you’re looking at the same thing all the time. However, skins can be difficult to obtain if you’re not willing to shell out the cash. Nonetheless, there are free ways to get them if you’re willing to work hard for them.

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