Nintendo Points: All You Need To Know (Latest Guide)

Nintendo Points: Ultimate Guide

In 2002, Nintendo launched a loyalty program that made their services enjoyable and rewarding to the players. They named this program “My Nintendo.” This rewarding program gives fun and excitement to players who play games and interact with Nintendo.

In line with this, the reward system works by allowing players to earn points from using software or purchasing games. They can then spend their earned points on rewards such as digital games or discounts. What gives more excitement is that anyone with a Nintendo Account can use My Nintendo for free!


My Nintendo: Getting Started

There are a few steps to follow in order to earn points in My Nintendo. These include:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Click Start. There are quick tutorials that will teach you about your mission, earning points, and redeeming rewards.
  3. After the quick tutorial, you are now ready to start. You have to check the missions for you to earn points.

How To Earn Nintendo Points?

Earning points is possible in different ways. Points can be earned by simply using the app on a smart device. Moreover, purchasing eligible games gives additional points. Also, the player must pay attention to clearing various “missions” for them to earn three different kinds of currency or points. The earned points can be used for redeeming rewards or making eligible purchases.

How To Earn Nintendo Points
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Types Of Nintendo Points

My Nintendo has three types of points. They are the Gold Points, Platinum Points, and App-centric Platinum Points.


Gold Points

A player can earn Gold Points by purchasing software digitally via the Nintendo eShop or Purchasing the Nintendo Switch software package will also give the player additional points. When purchasing a downloadable game, linking your Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account before purchasing will give you additional points.

It is important to note that the methods of acquiring points vary by country or region. There are countries/regions where a player won’t be able to earn gold points, redeemed them, or use them in purchases.


Platinum Points

A player can earn Platinum Points by performing actions such as linking with social media or signing into the Nintendo eShop or (formerly) Miiverse weekly. Additionally, a player can earn platinum points by completing missions listed in the My Nintendo home page once logged in.


App-centric Platinum Points

A player can earn App-centric Platinum Points by completing missions related to smartphone or tablet applications which include Pokémon Rumble Rush, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Super Mario Run.

Types Of My Nintendo Points
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Uses Of My Nintendo Points

Gold points can be used in purchasing a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, Nintendo switch titles in eShop. On the other hand, Platinum Points can be used to obtain download codes for digital titles, earn discounts on games, and unlock items in mobile games.

However, with a little legwork, a player can cash his Platinum and Gold Points in a way that he can use them for essential discounts on digital downloads. Sometimes, he’ll be able to find the right game at the right time associated with a lower price.


Redeeming Points And Expiration

It is important to bear in mind that Gold points can only be used in Gold rewards, and they are valid for 12 months after collecting it. Additionally, Platinum points are for Platinum rewards only, and they are valid for six months after collecting them. The points that are going to expire first will be automatically the first to be used in redemption.


Add Gold Points For Game Purchases On Nintendo Switch

Every digital game you purchase on the Switch, 3DS, or Wii U eShop rewards you with Gold Points that can be used for purchases in the Switch eShop.

Gold points from eShop games are super easy to redeem. It’s automatic. As soon as you buy a game, the points are added to your My Nintendo Account. Just make sure your Nintendo Network ID is linked to your Nintendo Account before you make any purchases, so all of your eShop game purchases from your various consoles will share the Gold Point rewards.

Physical game cards that you purchase for your Switch require a few additional steps to secure your Gold Points. These include the following:

1. Insert the game card into your Switch.

2. From the Home screen, select the game you want to redeem points for.

3. Select Options in the lower right corner of the Home screen.

4. Select My Nintendo Rewards Program.

5. Select Earn Points.

6. Select the profile for which you want to receive the points.

7. Select Earn Points.

8. Lastly, select OK.

You now have Gold Points in your My Nintendo loyalty program account.


Gold Points Redemption

If you already have all your eligible Gold Points to your Nintendo Account, you can redeem them in the eShop at any time. These are the steps:

1. From the Home screen, launch the Switch eShop.

2. Select the user profile where the Gold Points are.

3. Select the game you want to buy.

4. Select Proceed.

5. Select Redeem Points.

6. Enter the number of points you want to use. However, if you want to use them all, skip this step.

7. Select Next.

The Gold Points will be redeemed. However, you will see on the screen the remaining amount that needs to be paid. You can then continue with your purchase.

Gold Points Redemption
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Paying, Playing, And Gaining

My Nintendo gives a lot of enjoyable experience for the players. This is where purchasing can be an advantage to purchase other products. Moreover, this is an enjoyable habit. You pay for the games, you play them, and you gain points. This may cost you a lot, but the rewards, the experiences, and points, worth a lot. Though the methods in acquiring points vary by country or region, the rewarding experience is always the same.


There are many other types of virtual currencies besides Nintendo points. One of which is Facebook credits. Check out our comprehensive guide on Facebook credits.

Nintendo Points: All You Need To Know (Latest Guide)

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