MovieBox Pro: How to Install It on Your Phone

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Looking for an alternative to subscription-based streaming services? You might want to look into MovieBox Pro, a video streaming app that can save your from boredom by providing you with free content right on your phone. Read on to find out what this app is and how you can set it up to watch TV shows and movies on the fly.

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MovieBox Pro: Overview

MovieBox Pro main interface screenshot, moviebox pro movies
Screenshot from MovieBox Pro.

MovieBox Pro is a streaming platform that is especially popular with smartphone users. It’s one of the most underrated streaming platforms out there; even though there are plenty of shows on it, it doesn’t enjoy the same viewership as its bigger counterparts do. Think of the app as a combo of all the streaming services: you can find practically any show you want to watch on this platform.

This streaming platform is like an all-in-one service. There is something for everybody, from American TV shows and movies to cartoons, K-dramas, and anime?

If you don’t have access to premium streaming websites, MovieBox Pro is a great alternative to get the best video streaming possible. It’s a convenient and easy way to enjoy all of your favorite movies and shows in one place. You don’t need a premium subscription to enjoy watching shows on the app either. All you need is the app and you’re ready to sit back and relax with your favorite shows.  


MovieBox Pro: Features 

The service boasts features that even the best streaming sites don’t offer. In this section, we highlight all of the features that make the app so great and why you should use it.


What Can MovieBox Pro Do?

moviebox pro latest shows in january 2021, moviebox pro regular updates
Screenshot from MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro allows you to watch all the latest TV shows and movies that you’re following. It has over 15,000 titles in its library for you to choose from, so you can rest assured you’re never going to run out of content. It even updates all of its shows daily so you’ll be able to keep up to date on all the shows you’re currently following.

That’s not all, though. The app also allows you to download movies and shows and it doesn’t limit your download speed as other services do. You also don’t have to wait for your downloads to begin, as once you decide to download a show, you’ll be able to download it immediately. What’s more, your streams and downloads will always be streamed in HD.

The app also has support for multiple languages in its subtitles and user interface. You can change the speed of your shows, so if you want to slow down or speed up, you’re free to do so. 

The most basic subscription for the app is free of charge. While you’ll have access to free movies, shows, and downloads, these are only available at standard or lower definition. In order to enjoy your shows in HD, you’ll need to upgrade to the VIP version, which is available at pretty affordable rates that start from just $3.99 per month.


Which Devices Does It Support?

moviebox pro device overview, download moviebox pro
Screenshot from MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro used to only be available on smartphones. But since then, it’s branched out to other devices, such as smart TVs and computers. Now, it supports different operating systems and software.

On computers, the app is available for download on Windows and Mac. For mobile, it’s available on Android and has recently branched out to iOS devices. It is also available for use on Apple TV, as well as most smart TVs. If you have an older TV set, you’ll need to hook it up to a computer with an HDMI cable.


How to Download MovieBox Pro on Android

moviebox pro android interface
Image from MovieBox Pro

Downloading MovieBox Pro on Android is quite simple. You start by installing the APK file, but before you can install it, there’re a couple of steps you need to take first.

Your Android phone is quite sensitive to downloads from sources that it doesn’t trust, including the MovieBox Pro website. You’ll need to fix your security settings so that it doesn’t block the download and installation. Doing this is quite simple and differs depending on which version of Android you’re using.


For Android 7 and Below

  1. From your home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Tap Lock Screen and Security. Some devices label this as just Security.
  3. Navigate to where it says “Unknown sources”.
  4. Tick Unknown Sources on.
  5. Go to the website and download the APK. After that, install the APK.
  6. Done! Have fun with your movies and shows!


For Android 8 and Above

  1. From your home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Apps.
  3. Tap on the Menu icon (three dots) located on the upper right side of your screen. 
  4. Click on Special Access.
  5. Scroll down and tap on Install unknown apps.
  6. Choose which app you’re going to install MovieBox Pro with. This is usually Google Chrome or another web browser.
  7. Tick Allow from this source on.
  8. Go to the website and download and install the APK.


How to Download MovieBox Pro on iOS

moviebox pro ios interface
Image from MovieBox Pro

Some iOS devices might not support MovieBox Pro. This is due to the fact that the app only supports devices that are running iOS 10+. So if you’re running a version of iOS below that, then you might want to consider using a computer to install the app instead.

Downloading the app on iOS is a lot more complicated compared to Android and PC. This is because you might need a few third-party apps just to install the app. But before that, you need to open Safari and go to the app’s website. Once you’re on the website, scroll down to the download button for iOS devices. The process after downloading is where things get tricky.


Direct Installation 

After finishing the download from the website, the first method you can try out is to directly download MovieBox Pro. Here, you won’t need any third-party apps, but you do need to fix a lot of your phone’s settings.

You can install the app manually after having it downloaded by your Safari browser. However, you’ll need to have the app’s safety verified by your phone. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Open up your iPhone’s Settings. Tap on General.
  2. Go to Profile & Device Management. Here you will see the MovieBox Pro app.
  3. Tap on MovieBox Pro, and it will lead you to another page.
  4. Tap on Trust and then Verify it.


Download and Install Using Attractive Places

attractive places app interface
Image from Attractive Places

If the direct installation isn’t working for you, then you’ll have to use a third-party app. One app you can download is Attractive Places. This is an app you can use to add interesting places onto your device so you can go visit them any time you want. But in this case, we’ll be using the app to install MovieBox Pro.

After downloading Attractive Places, simply open the app. Once opened, you’ll need to upload MovieBox Pro onto Attractive Places. This can be done using Google Drive. To use Google Drive to upload it, tap on the big + sign on the top right of the screen. Then, log in to your Google account and select MovieBox Pro. 

Attractive Places will install the app for you. You’ll still need an invitation code for the app, which you can get by asking for support from the developers.


Download and Install Using SReader

sreader ios interface
Image from SReader

Installing MovieBox Pro using SReader is quite similar to installing it using Attractive Places. First, you need to install SReader from the App Store and then open it. From there, you just need to upload the app on Google Drive.

The only real difference between using SReader and Attractive Places is their user interface. Running MovieBox Pro on either of these apps requires you to have them on all the time.


How to Use MovieBox Pro

moviebox pro tv shows at a glance
Screenshot from MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro is relatively simple to use. Its installation is a lot more of a hassle than using the app itself. After installing the app on your device, it will ask you to login using your Google account the first time you open it. 

The interface of MovieBox Pro itself is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. On its home page, it will show you all the shows that have been trending over the past week. It also recommends shows based on previous ones that you’ve watched. It will show you different categories ranging from TV shows to anime series that you can navigate at your discretion.


Is MovieBox Pro Legal?

MovieBox Pro is technically not legal. It does not have official licensing deals to stream the movies and shows on the site and app. There are also concerns about security and privacy when using the app and the credibility of the developer itself. That is why if you really should use MovieBox Pro, exercise caution and make sure you equip yourself with enough protection such as installing the latest and best antivirus software and malware removal tools.

We highly recommend looking into legitimate streaming sites. We have a comprehensive comparative guide on today’s top streaming services Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Plus to help you make the choice.

MovieBox Pro: How to Install It on Your Phone

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