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Is FunBrain The Perfect Mix of Fun and Learning? (A Review)

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Parents today are constantly on the lookout for tools to help their children learn and improve their thinking skills. However, due to their hectic schedules, it is often impossible for them to fully focus on their kids’ education, even if they are at home due to the pandemic. Add on the fact that children spend most of their time online watching videos or playing games, and it becomes a difficult challenge for parents to find a balance between education and fun for their kids.

Enter FunBrain, a platform that promises to educate kids in a fun, interactive way. Read on to learn about its features and the various forms of interactive media they have in their library.


What is FunBrain?

Screenshot from FunBrain


FunBrain is an educational website that offers a wide range of free, fun, vibrant, and unique educational games for kids from kindergarten to Grade 8. The interactive games, worksheets, videos, and stories that the website offers provides kids with ample stimulation that aids them in their learning. FunBrain also provides parents and educators with tools that can help them engage children better for their education.

The games that FunBrain offers are helpful for the kids to gain and develop skills in math, reading, literacy, problem-solving, arts, history, and geography. Parents and teachers can rest assured that these games operate in an environment that is both safe and productive. The website is also designed to make it easier for them to find and recommend games based on their kids’ grade levels and subjects that require improvement.

Aside from educational learning games, FunBrain also has a library of online books, comics, and videos for children to browse at their leisure.

If you’re looking for other options, check out our list of the best learning websites for children.


What Does FunBrain Offer?

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Here is a quick list of the games, books, comics, and videos FunBrain offers for kids to acquire knowledge and skills:


  • Math Games – Mummy Hunt, Measure It, and Tic Tac Toe Squares
  • Word Games – Rooting Out Words, What’s the Word, and Word Derby
  • Matching Games – Guess the Color, Double Fun Match, and Brain Break
  • Puzzles – Prairie Puzzle, Rockin’ Rabbit, and Word Turtle
  • Just for Fun Games – Mighty guy 3, Penguin Drop, and Swing Fling



  • Diary of A Wimpy Kid
  • Skullduggery Island Book
  • The Cat that Broke the Internet’s Back
  • Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of Room



  • Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done



  • How to Unmake a Bully
  • Charlie is the Karate Kid
  • Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir


FunBrain: Grade Levels And Games for Each Subject

Grade Levels
Screenshot from FunBrain



  • Word – A-Mazing Words, Cloud Maze, and Letter Splash
  • Number – Dart Deduction, Bubble Up, and Jungle Maze
  • Puzzle – Balance Me, Sunken Treasure, and Trading spaces
  • Matching – Shape Shack, Flashy Cards, and Deep Letter Dive


Grade 1

  • Games – Balloon Blow-Up, Beach Ball Balance, and Heat Wave
  • Math – Rock the Boat, Cake Monster, and Measure It
  • Reading – Gonk Wrecks Everything, Judy Moody was In the Mood, and
    Stink and the World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers
  • Videos – Om Nom Stories, The Next Star, and Kidz Bop
  • FunBrain: Games, Books, and Videos


Kinder to Grade 1

  • Games – Cut It, Rock the Boat
  • Books – Daisy NuzzleHead Paints Everything, Wilma Wigsticker’s High-Dive Diving Day, Captain Buckleswash And The Pirate Villain


Kinder to Grade 3

  • Games – Shape Invasion, Measure It
  • Books – Owl & the PussyCat, Fowl Play


Kinder to Grade 5

  • Games – Math Baseball
  • Videos – Kidz Bop, Highlights animated Storybooks


Grade 1 to Grade 3

  • Games – Grammar Bees


Grade 1 to Grade 8

  • Games – Math Racing
  • Books – Stink and the World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers, Judy Moody Gets Famous!, Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
  • Videos- Secret Ingredient Slime, The Digits, How to Unmake a Bully


Grade 2 to Grade 5

  • Games – Math Basketball, Ball Hogs 2, Grammar Gorillas
  • Books – Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of the Missing Goop, Soccer School Season 1: Where Soccer Explains (Rules) the World, Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of Room 11


Grade 3 to Grade 4

  • Games – Math Soccer, Inkster, Math Mountain


Grade 3 to Grade 5

  • Books- Harry Moon: Wand Paper Scissors, Honey Moon: Dog Daze, Little Red Riding Hood


Grade 3 to Grade 7

  • Books – Tom Gates: Everything’s Amazing (Sort Of), The Sisters Club, Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done
  • Videos – Young Justice


Grade 4 to Grade 6

  • Games – What’s the Point?
  • Books – Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic, Skullduggery Island Book


Grade 4 to Grade 8

  • Games – The Plural Games, Paint by Idioms, Spellaroo, Order Around Me


Grade 5 to Grade 7

  • Games – Word Turtle
  • Books – Poptropica: Lunar Colony


Grade 1 to Grade 6

  • Videos – I See Shapes, Geometrics from the 3rd Dimension, Break it Down


Grade 2 to Grade 8

  • Videos – The Clocktopus, Comparing Discounts, The Rule of Nines


Grade 5 to Grade 8

  • Games – The Periodic Table
  • Books – Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Cat that Broke the Internet’s Back, Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York


All Grades

  • Games – Tic Tac Toe Squares, Papa Cloudy
  • Videos – Highlight Kids, Teen Titans Go!


FunBrain Features and How to Use Them


Screenshot from FunBrain


FunBrain offers different games and activities for kids that focus on developing reading and math skills. To access these games, click the Games option at the upper-right portion of the screen. You will then see the icon for featured games and games for different grade levels. Browse their library of games and select the one you want your child to play. If you want to change the subject, select another game belonging to the corresponding category.

The grade levels of the games are clearly displayed on their thumbnail previews, making it easy for you to select games that are appropriate for your child’s education. To start a game, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail and you’ll be shown the instructions. From here, select the Play Now button to begin the game.


Reading Materials

Screenshot from FunBrain


FunBrain also has digital books for its users. To access these books, click the Reading option on the upper right corner of the screen. You will then be shown thumbnail previews of the featured books for different grade levels.

As before, the grade levels of the books are clearly displayed on their thumbnail previews. To read a book, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail to pull up its story description and information. From here, select the right arrow to open the book and begin reading.



Screenshot from FunBrain


FunBrain also has several short videos that educate users on a variety of subjects. To access these videos, click on the “Videos” button on the upper right corner of the screen and you’ll be shown their thumbnail previews.

Similar to the previous two sections, each video’s grade level is displayed on their thumbnail previews. Simply click on the thumbnails of the video you want to watch to pull it up.

You can choose the “Picture-in-Picture” option if you want to watch the video in a smaller window. With this option, you can drag the video anywhere on the screen.



Screenshot from FunBrain


The Playground is where a huge array of games, readings, and videos is concentrated. Most of the games and readings in this section are designed for preschoolers, with a special focus on hand-eye coordination and eye sharpness. The games here also teach important concepts like spelling and counting.


Math Zone

Math Zone
Screenshot from FunBrain


The Math Zone is, like its name suggests, where math-related games are located. With different games designed for learners of different grade levels, this zone is perfect for helping kids build their foundation in math and gain an edge over their peers in school.


Web Books and Comics

This section makes FunBrain more appealing to tweens. Found in the Video and Readings sections, a variety of popular stories are available for children to watch and read.


Benefits of FunBrain

Kids have easy access to online spaces today, but their parents are not always sure about their online activities. In more severe cases, kids can become addicted to their phones and/or computers and fail to pay attention to their lessons in school.

FunBrain provides an environment that lets kids learn interactively. Letting your kids visit FunBrain will open a new door of fun and learning for them. Not only will the website help your kids on their assignments, but it will also enhance their preexisting skills.

From simple counting to solving problems and logical analyses, the games and activities offered by FunBrain are great for training your kids’ brains. You can also expect your kids to emerge with improved concentration, problem-solving skills, along with pattern and spatial recognition. FunBrain also encourages independent learning, which is ideal for the present COVID-19 situation that makes it difficult for physical lessons to be conducted in school..


FunBrain vs Other Learning Sites

BrainPOP Math


BrainPOP Math is a subscription-based educational site that features animated content geared towards kids in fourth grade and up. It offers a variety of math topics that are relevant to your kids’ school syllabi. These topics encompass Algebra, Data Analysis, Geometry and Measurement, Numbers and Operations, Probability, and Ration, Proportion, and Percentages. Apart from math, BrainPOP also offers topics in other fields like Science, Social Studies, Arts and Music, English, Health, and Engineering and Technology. Life-related topics are also offered for kids to learn soft skills that further enhances their learning.


Cool Math Games

While math is in its name, Cool Math Games feature games in a variety of subjects, such as Math, Reading, Spelling, Geography, and Science. It offers a wide range of explanation cards that are useful in introducing different topics. Moreover, aside from the games, you will be able to find ideas on how to improve your math skills in a way that you will have so much fun.

The games that Cool Math Games offers could be useful if you want to learn strategies and train your brain. The site is an ideal place for middle and high school students to practice different math concepts.


PBS Kids Games


PBS Kids Games offers a wide range of free learning games for kids. It encourages learning about different school subjects while providing a safe and friendly playing environment for kids. With this app, your kids will enjoy playing Science, Math, Reading, and more games. Aside from that learning with their favorite PBS Kids characters, they can get to improve their imagination and develop their social and emotional aspects. They can also access the games offline. With that, they can get to enjoy their favorite educational games anytime, anywhere.



This platform is a great learning website for kids from Kinder to Grade 5. It offers a wide range of educational games which are leveled into different age groups and subject matters. With that, students with advanced knowledge can opt to choose harder levels. Also, it is an ideal place to practice a skill and to find the right fit for what you have to learn.


Learn and Have Fun with FunBrain

A lot of kids find it boring to study. Sometimes, they can’t help but look for something fun rather than study. This is the reason why they spend most of their time playing rather than study. Moreover, most kids nowadays are looking for somebody to guide them while studying. And since most parents are too busy with their jobs, they can’t pay attention to their kids. FunBrain gives an enjoyable way for kids to learn. As it accompanies learning and fun, it gives reason for kids to learn. Also, while the kids are enjoying playing, reading, and watching, they won’t even realize that their skills are starting to improve.

In addition to this, FunBrain makes the internet a better place for kids to stay. Aside from that, the kids will not only learn every subject, they will also be able to be more confident and independent. As they continue focusing on the games and whatever FunBrain offers, they will never know that they are alone doing every activity.

Is FunBrain The Perfect Mix of Fun and Learning? (A Review)

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