How to Cancel Funimation Subscription (Easy Guide)

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Whether it’s subscription fatigue or running out of things to watch, many people opt to cancel their Funimation subscription. However, while the sign-up process is fairly straightforward, cancellation isn’t always as easy. Fortunately, learning how to cancel Funimation subscription services isn’t too hard. You only need to do a little digging to find the right button.


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription

Interested in learning how to cancel Funimation subscription services? Here’s how across different platforms.


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription On Computer

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Learning how to cancel Funimation subscription services on PC is, by far, the easiest method. After all, you only need to enter your Funimation login information on the website to begin. The method is also the same if you’re learning how to cancel a Funimation subscription on Mac:

  • Open the Funimation website
  • Press your user profile on the top-right edge
  • Choose “My Account”
  • Navigate to the “Subscriptions” tab
  • Expand the summary
  • Press “Cancel” next to the Active status
  • Hit the red “Cancel Subscription” button to confirm


Remember that while canceling Funimation on a browser is easy, it’s not always possible. That’s because if you signed up for it through an app, you’ll have to cancel your account the same way. Hence, the option to cancel your subscription will not be accessible on a computer.


How To Cancel A Funimation Subscription On iPhone

If you signed up using the Funimation app, canceling your account on a browser won’t work. In this scenario, you’ll need to learn how to cancel the Funimation subscription on the app itself. Here’s how through your iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Press your Apple ID
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Hit “Subscriptions”
  • Go to the “Active” section and choose the Funimation app
  • Select “Cancel Subscription”


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription On Android

Learning how to cancel a Funimation subscription on a phone is easy if you’re using Android. It’s less complicated than iOS since it only requires the app itself. You don’t need to navigate to the Settings app separately:

  • Open the Funimation app
  • Sign in with your account
  • Press the hamburger icon
  • Select “Settings”
  • Choose “Your Plan” to open the Google Play Subscriptions section
  • Pick “Funimation”
  • Tap “Cancel Subscription”
  • Enter your reason for cancellation and confirm the action


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription On PS4

Perhaps you subscribed to Funimation for the first time through PlayStation’s extended trial promo. In this case, you might think that learning how to cancel the Funimation subscription’s free trial requires the PlayStation.

However, despite what you might expect, Funimation doesn’t require you to cancel your subscription from the console directly. That’s because it allows you to cancel your subscription freely through a browser.

As a result, the steps will be the same as the ones we discussed on the PC version. Simply head to the website and navigate to “My Account.” Then Go to the “Subscriptions” tab and expand the summary. Afterward, click the “Cancel” link and press the red “Cancel Subscription” button to finalize the cancellation.


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription On Xbox One

You can also learn how to cancel my Funimation subscription on an Xbox console. Funimation usually only requires this if you’ve signed up using your Microsoft Wallet on the Xbox One:

  • Go to the Microsoft services page
  • Log in with your account details
  • Navigate to “Services & subscriptions”
  • Select “Manage” beside Funimation
  • Press “Confirm Cancellation”


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription On Apple TV

Funimation is available across many different platforms, including the Apple TV. As such, you can also quickly cancel your account through this device if it’s more convenient. However, you must use the app to begin:

  • Open the Settings app on the main menu
  • Press “Accounts” and select “Manage Subscriptions”
  • Input your Apple ID password and proceed
  • Look for the Funimation app
  • Select “Turn off automatic renewal”
  • Confirm your action


Afterward, your subscription will no longer renew after the billing cycle. This will be effective even on other devices as long as you use the same account.


How To Cancel Funimation Subscription On Amazon In-App Purchase

Amazon offers a Funimation subscription through an in-app purchase. If you bought this in-app purchase, then you must cancel your streaming subscription through the Amazon website:

  • Open Amazon’s website for app store subscriptions
  • Sign in using your Amazon credentials
  • Press “Subscriptions”
  • Look for the Funimation service
  • Hit “Actions” beside the renewal date
  • Select “Turn off auto-renewal”
  • Click “Confirm” to finish the cancellation


Afterward, you can no longer access the benefits of a premium account. This will be effective regardless of the platform you normally use to stream Funimation.


When You Should Cancel Your Funimation Subscription

Learning how to cancel a Funimation subscription is fairly simple. However, what’s arguably the more difficult part is knowing the right timing. Should I cancel my Funimation membership? Moreover, can I cancel my Funimation account now?

Firstly, we’d say now is as good a time as any to cancel your Funimation account. After all, Sony already acquired Crunchyroll and has plans to merge both platforms’ content ever since. Moreover, instead of favoring Funimation, it seems that Sony will be prioritizing Crunchyroll in the merger.

We can see this in action based on recent events concerning the two services. Crunchyroll, which has previously specialized in subbed anime, has been slowly introducing dubbed versions — Funimation’s main niche. Likewise, Funimation has added more subbed anime as well.

However, Funimation will likely end soon. It’s plain to see, given that Crunchyroll possesses most of Funimation’s library. As a result, we recommend canceling your Funimation account now and migrating over to Crunchyroll instead.

You won’t lose much unless your favorite anime is a Funimation exclusive. In such a case, you can’t cancel your Funimation subscription until the anime finishes.

Apart from these considerations, we recommend canceling your subscription before the end of your billing cycle. This way, you won’t need to pay for an extra month.


What Happens When You Cancel Your Funimation Account

When you cancel your Funimation subscription, you will no longer be able to access the perks of your account. You will still be able to watch ad-free shows and movies until the end of your current billing cycle. However, when the billing cycle ends, all of the platform’s content will include ads.

In addition, canceling your subscription will mean your account can no longer stream shows on more than one platform simultaneously. You also cannot watch content offline, gain access to sales, or get free shipping on shop purchases.

Moreover, you lose access to members-only offers and events. If you were a Premium Plus Ultra member, you also will not get your anniversary gift. However, the plus side to all of this is you will no longer pay a yearly or monthly subscription.


Why You Should Cancel Your Funimation Account

Apart from the merger, is there any other reason why you might want to cancel your Funimation account? After all, the streaming service is still live and hasn’t gone under just yet. Isn’t it better to wait until the service halts completely before you move on to another one?

Firstly, remember that while we recommend canceling your account sooner rather than later, it’s not required. You can remain with Funimation if you truly enjoy its services and a handful of its exclusive titles. It’s certainly tempting to do so if you’re already used to the website’s UI and services.

However, apart from the merger, many reasons can justify cancellation. That’s because Funimation isn’t exactly the best anime streaming service out there.

For one, it mostly streams popular titles instead of niche ones. While this may be enough for many people, you’re certainly missing out on more obscure and hard-to-find content. You’ll likely see these on alternative services like Hidive.

In addition, Funimation has plenty of issues with the app and service. For example, the service doesn’t offer 4K UHD streaming so you’re missing out on graphics that other services offer. Furthermore, Funimation has tons of buffering problems. Its servers aren’t exactly in the best shape so it doesn’t offer the best viewing experience.

Moreover, the app has only a handful of payment options. It only lets you pay through traditional means like PayPal, gift cards, and credit cards. There’s no way to pay through Apple Pay, Google Pay, or alternative services.

Lastly, while the app may be decent, the interface on the desktop version isn’t user-friendly. Hence, we don’t recommend using it unless it’s unavoidable — which is a shame given most people watch through their computers.


Why You Should Not Cancel Your Funimation Account

At this point, we’ve provided you with many reasons why you might want to cancel Funimation. However, is there any reason you should stay? Is there a compelling argument for retaining the service despite its inevitable shutdown? Let’s examine them below.

Firstly, one of the biggest advantages of Funimation is the price. After all, a $6 monthly price tag doesn’t sound too bad given that Crunchyroll costs at least $8. Sure, the services might be merging soon, but keeping your account may save you some money for now.

In addition, Funimation already offers a large library of the most popular anime. It’s hard to leave, especially if your only other streaming services are Disney+ or Netflix, which have anime limited titles.

Through the service, you gain access to over 13,000 hours of video content spanning several genres. It has almost 700 shows and movies so you certainly won’t run out of things to watch on the weekend.

Funimation also supports a wide variety of devices and even supports streaming on consoles. Moreover, the app provides tons of convenient premium features including offline viewing and multiple simultaneous streams.

With that said, keeping your Funimation subscription sounds like a good idea even if it’s just for the meantime. It’s certainly a compelling service, especially if you prefer watching dubbed over subbed versions of anime.

Just make sure to have a backup service in mind before Sony shuts it down completely. Otherwise, you might panic and frantically search for other options after you lose access.


Best Alternative Services To Funimation

If you’re sure about canceling your Funimation account, you may be thinking about an alternative service. Fortunately, plenty offer large libraries. Here are the ones we can recommend.



Crunchyroll is the most obvious alternative to Funimation. That’s because it has arguably the largest library of anime content available. With it, you can stream over 16,000 hours of content. It also has most of Funimation’s shows and movies, including popular titles like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen.

In addition, what distinguishes Crunchyroll from alternatives is that it has early premieres. Subscribers can access new episodes just one hour after they are released in Japan. Hence, it’s the best way to keep up with your favorite shows if you just can’t wait.

Apart from this, Crunchyroll also offers tons of uncut Japanese versions of popular shows and movies. Moreover, the app provides original content apart from the standard anime. Like Funimation, the service lets you stream most of its content for free with ads.

However, if you’d like no interruptions and immediate access to new releases and the whole library, we recommend signing up. Its basic tier is decently affordable and only costs around $8.



Hidive might be a lesser-known brand among the names listed here. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best substitutes for Funimation. That’s because it’s cheap and only costs $5 to subscribe. Moreover, it has a curated library of anime that spans multiple genres. It also provides live-action content if you want a change of pace.

In addition, Hidive offers adult content that you normally cannot find on most services. As a result, it’s a solid alternative if you’re tired of solely watching family-friendly shows and movies. It also provides both censored and uncensored versions of different content.

Apart from this, Hidive has an edge in terms of interactivity and customization. That’s because you can customize its subtitles and even access live chats within episodes. Furthermore, the owners are open-minded and allow fans to submit requests in case they can’t find their favorite title.

Finally, it’s available on most platforms, including mobile and smart TVs. However, unlike Funimation or Crunchyroll, it doesn’t have an ad-supported free tier. Thus, you’ll need to fork over $5 if you want to stream on Hidive.



It may come as a surprise, but Hulu is one of the best platforms you can get if you like anime. That’s because, while the platform isn’t as exhaustive as Crunchyroll, it does offer a decent library of anime. It already has over 300 titles including top performers like My Hero Academia and Bleach.

Apart from this, Hulu releases its anime soon after the Japanese broadcast. It’s even better than Netflix so it’s certainly a better option if you’re a fan of the genre. In addition, Hulu has partnerships with Crunchyroll and Funimation, so it also carries a few of its shows. These include fan favorites like Assassination Classroom and Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

However, Hulu will broadcast subbed anime much faster than dubbed versions (though the speed varies per franchise). Regardless, it’s a solid alternative, especially because it has an Anime Hub that segregates content into categories. These include alphabetical segregation, classics, or simulcasts. Hulu is also affordable and only costs $7 monthly.



Netflix isn’t the leader of the streaming service industry for nothing. Apart from offering a wide range of original and studio content, it also has a large selection of anime. These include simulcasts and new releases so you can watch all your favorites with ease.

However, keep in mind that Netflix doesn’t exactly prioritize anime as a genre. Hence, its library is slightly more limited and only offers a few dozen titles. Still, it does offer the most popular anime including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Hunter x Hunter. Moreover, it produces originals like Yasuke, Castlevania, and Devilman Crybaby.

With that said, Netflix is a fairly decent alternative to Funimation. It does have an annoying feature that automatically skips the end credits even when there are still after-credit scenes. Nevertheless, it’s a solid option if you can afford the $10 monthly fee.


The Bottom Line

Figuring out how to cancel Funimation subscription services isn’t too difficult, regardless of the platform. We would argue that searching for a substitute will be the bigger task. Of course, if you already had a Crunchyroll subscription, to begin with, this may be irrelevant to you. However, for loyal Funimation streamers, it might be harder to look for an alternative that works.

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