Video: Keep on the Uncanny Dancing Robot

I could see veggie tales licensing bob and larry dancing veggie robots out of this thing. Next, everything from dancing pokemons to dancing star wars figures to elvis and rap stars and even potty trash items will be made out of this thing.

Then, look for this next year at Christmas and you’ll see lots of these made up as dancing Santas and Frosties and dancing off of store shelves. yee! I’m sure it will be over marketed and we’ll be sick of them by then. Hey but at this point it’s still cute and a curiosity!

Apparently from watching the other youtube videos of it, it can find faces and objects and sort of looks at them and jiggles. I wonder if it is IR detection or camera based or sound location based.

Probably just cheap ir is my guess. It could look left at one thing and then look up and to the right for the other so it makes me wonder.

Anyway, it appears to actually be listening to the music for cues and it’s more than just the same old silly jiggling musical dancing holiday toy.

From the BeatBots site:

fwiw, The first time Hideki Kozima presented his work with Keepon, it was when he was using it to study joint attention in autistic kids:

then it was really still a teleoperated robot with two cameras sending visual feedback to the operators.


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