Low-power DC motor controller

Posted 17 Apr 2001 at 13:42 UTC by steve Share This

EDN magazine has a design idea for a low-power (3-12v) dual dc-motor controller for use in mobile robots. The article includes a schematic and a source code listing in PDF format. The circuit pulses left and right motors alternately, moving the robot in a unique zig-zag fashsion that can be used to continously correct for course deviations.

Wont work good...., posted 17 Apr 2001 at 20:05 UTC by Rog-a-matic » (Master)

I saw that article in EDN but I have a big problem with it. The transistor is a 2N3055 which is a power transistor. Notice the 33 ohm resistor to the base - there is no way that a normal printer port can supply that amount of current. Now if you want to drive only 100ma or 200ma then replace the 2N3055 with a small 2N2222 transistor and replace the resistor with 220,330, or 470 ohm resistor. But if you want to drive more current then you'll need a buffer between the printer port and the 2N3055.

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