Spotting Robots on Time Traveler Transit Map

Posted 12 Jan 2010 at 20:06 UTC by steve Share This

It's a new year and time for futurists everywhere to start cranking out predictions. Mike Treder, over at IEET, pointed out what has to be one of the most intriguing formats for futurist predictions yet. Richard Watson of nowandnext.com with the help of Benjamin Frazer have created a massive set of predictions for the years 2010 through 2050 in the form of a trend transit map for time travelers (PDF format). The map is a mix of reasonable and obvious predictions along with the crazy and outlandish stuff futurists are known for. And you know if we're talking about it here, there are some robots to found. The map is part of a report the creators claim is:

a trends report offering clear, concise and non-sensationalist commentary on trends in society, business, science & technology, government and the environment. Each issue covers trends across twelve sectors and speculates about future risks and opportunities.

Load up the map and see if you can spot the shopping mall robocops, self-driving cars, the point of the robot population surpassing human population, childcare robots, aged care robots, quantum computing, AI, and other fun things. Use your shape shifting technology and invisibility cloak to avoid identify theft, ocean dead zones, and lawsuits by animals. Try not to trigger the malicious intent detectors when you visit the brain gym. And despite organ farm grown artificial livers that enable massive binge drinking, it appears we'll have so much healthcare rationing that medical tourism will become popular. Towards the end of the map we also get pulse bombs, financial meltdowns, and epidemics of mental disorders that send people offworld to the Moon Hotel. No mention of the Zombie Apocalypse or Robot Overlords though.

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