Robotic Revolution In Industrial Painting: PaintJet Secures $10M Series A Funding


Construction and robotics are becoming increasingly intertwined, with the latest focus on industrial painting. PaintJet, a Nashville-based startup, has recently unveiled its Bravo robotic painter, designed to revolutionize the industrial painting sector. The company has secured a $10 million Series A funding, led by Outsiders Fund, to further develop its innovative solution.

Key Takeaway

PaintJet’s Bravo robotic painter and Alpha Shield paint represent a significant leap forward in the automation of industrial painting, addressing labor shortages and redefining industry standards. The company’s strategic funding and expansion plans underscore the growing importance of robotics in the construction sector.

The Rise of Robotic Industrial Painting

With the construction industry employing approximately eight million people in the United States, the demand for automation in labor-intensive tasks such as industrial painting is on the rise. Physical demands and potential dangers have made it challenging to fill these positions, creating a prime opportunity for robotics to step in.

Introducing Bravo: The Automated Industrial Painter

PaintJet’s Bravo robotic painter resembles a mobile elevated work platform and is equipped with advanced technology to streamline industrial painting processes. CEO Nick Hegeman emphasizes that the company has developed 100% of the robotic system, integrating industry-standard paint hoses, nozzles, and pumps. This innovative approach allows PaintJet to scale with established equipment rental providers, marking a significant advancement in industrial painting automation.

Strategic Funding and Expansion

The $10 million Series A funding, along with previous investments, brings PaintJet’s total funding to $14.75 million. The company plans to use the new capital to address ongoing staffing challenges, expand geographically, and diversify into new sectors within the construction industry. Additionally, PaintJet aims to enhance its Alpha Shield paint, which offers extended protection against environmental wear and tear, reducing the frequency of repaints.

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