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Nasa Lemur Robot Ready for Space Work

Posted 12 May 2006 at 21:05 UTC by steve Share This

A new NASA JPL press release describes NASA's Lemur robot. The robot's name doesn't indicate a fancy biomimetic design based on lemurs, it's just a typical NASA acronym. It stands for Limbed Excursion Mechanical Utility Robot. The robot's job is to help maintain future spacecraft and space stations. The small, 12 Kg robot can get into tiny areas of the spacecraft's structure and complete jobs too small for humans in space suits. The crab-like machine has six legs, each of which can be fitted with tools such as screw drivers, flashlights, and writing implements. When gravity is present, the robot uses three legs to stand on or all six to climb. In space, it needs only one leg to hold it's position while working.

impressive, posted 14 May 2006 at 00:22 UTC by nradford » (Master)

I've seen that robot first hand during some integrated testing with Spidernaut at JSC. Very impressive packaging and design.

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