Why Is Using PDF Format Better than Excel? Easy Steps to Convert Excel to PDF and Sign It Online

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Excel is considered the standard for working with databases, tables, and analytical materials that require formulas and complex calculations. Still, it is better to store and sign documents in PDF, since only this format can guarantee you the immutability of all data entered into spreadsheets. But don’t rush to redo all your Excel files, because they can be easily converted to other formats using special apps such as PDF Guru. Find out how you can easily convert Excel to PDF to be sure that all the information you enter and sign cannot be changed by anyone.

What Is a PDF Format Main Mission?

The explosive spread of software in the late 20th century led to the emergence of multiple versions of different text editors. As a result, users often encountered the problem that they could not open or get an adequate view of any file in their versions of programs. Therefore, one of the main tasks that the developers had to solve was to create a format that would be reflected identically on all devices and in all software. The result of this search was the creation of a Portable Document Format or PDF, which is a more familiar abbreviation. The Adobe System company did an excellent job with this task, and now, users do not have to worry that the recipients of their files would not be able to open them or that the page layout would not appear the way they designed.

Why Excel Forms Are Better to Store and Sign in PDF

  • Excel is often used to work with complex calculations according to certain formulas. But if you need to preserve all the data so that no random external influences can distort it, you need to use PDF.
  • The same goes for a personal signature. When you sign a PDF document and protect it from editing, you can be sure that the content of the file will remain unchanged. If you sign an Excel form, the intentional or unintentional actions of other users can completely change what you signed.
  • The user cannot be sure that the formatting of their Excel file will not change when printing or sending and opening the file on someone else’s computer. This means that at the most inopportune moment, you may find that all the great work you did in compiling the tables was in vain. PDF cannot have any problems with formatting changes, and therefore, you can always be sure that all the work done will be appreciated by others.
  • If you save Excel spreadsheets in PDF format, even those recipients who do not have Microsoft Excel installed on their devices can read them. If you send an Excel file to a Google Workspace user, they may have to install Excel software first.

Basic Method for Converting Excel to PDF

The decisive advantage of PDF over Excel can encourage you to convert your most important files before signing or archiving them into PDF format. This can be done very simply on the PDF Guru platform:

  1. Create your account or log in to the app using your Google account.
  2. Select the Convert Excel to PDF function.
  3. Upload your Excel file.
  4. Once you start downloading, the PDF Guru app will automatically start converting it to PDF.
  5. The application will also automatically download the finished file to your download folder and save it in your PDF Guru account.

How to Sign Excel Spreadsheet Converted to PDF Format?

  1. Once you have converted your file, it will appear in your Documents folder on the PDF Guru platform.
  2. Find the “Edit” option to the right of the file and click on it.
  3. Your file will open in the app workspace. Find the icon with the image of a writing pen on the top toolbar and click on it.
  4. The program will offer you to create a signature in one of 3 ways: print, draw, or add a picture.
  5. Select the appropriate method and press the “Create and Use” button.
  6. Your signature will appear in a special box on the document. Reduce it to the desired size and drag it to the signature location.

PDF Guru offers its users to remember the signatures they use. The next time, they will not have to create it again, and the entire procedure is reduced to a few seconds. That makes this app a universal platform for managing PDF documents.

The technological perfection of the PDF format makes it more preferable than any other for sending and storing information. PDF gives you confidence that all your information will be protected from changes and can be read by any partners, no matter what device and software they use.


When would you use a PDF version of a document?

PDF is best used when you are sending a file to another person. In this case, you can be sure that they will definitely be able to open and read it, no matter what software or device they use.

What are PDF files used for?

PDF has many purposes and is used in business, government activities, schools and universities, etc. It is chosen whenever it is important for the creator of the file so that other users can view it and print it with the same layout that they intended.

Why do I need to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF before sending them?

Recipients of your Excel file may accidentally change some of the information that the file contains. And then an error will creep into the document. PDF content cannot be changed without special editors. Therefore, you can be sure that the information in your Excel tables will not be distorted.

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