How To Watch The Bears Game Today


Where to Find the Game on TV

If you’re looking to catch the Bears game on TV, there are a few options available to you. The National Football League (NFL) has television contracts with various networks, ensuring that fans across the country can tune in to watch games live. Here are some of the popular networks that broadcast NFL games:

  • Fox: Fox is the primary network for NFC games, including many of the Bears’ matchups. Check your local listings to find out which Fox affiliate will be airing the game in your area.
  • CBS: CBS is the primary network for AFC games. While the Bears are an NFC team, there may be some games that are cross-flexed and aired on CBS. Again, consult your local listings for more information.
  • NBC: NBC airs Sunday Night Football, which typically features marquee matchups. Keep an eye out for Bears games scheduled for Sunday night, as they may be televised on NBC.
  • ESPN: ESPN broadcasts Monday Night Football, a weekly showcase of two teams in primetime. While the Bears may not have as many appearances on Monday night, it’s worth checking the schedule to see if they’ll be playing.
  • NFL Network: Some games, particularly Thursday Night Football matchups, are exclusively aired on the NFL Network. If the Bears have a game scheduled for Thursday, you may need access to this network to watch.

It’s important to note that the specific channel and time for the Bears game may vary depending on your location and the NFL’s scheduling. Always check your local TV listings or use an online TV guide to find out where and when the game will be televised.

Next, let’s explore some streaming options that allow you to watch the game online.


Streaming Options to Watch the Game Online

If you prefer to watch the Bears game online, there are several streaming options available that allow you to catch the action from the comfort of your own home, or even on the go. Here are some popular platforms and services:

  • NFL Game Pass: NFL Game Pass is the official streaming service of the NFL. This comprehensive platform gives you access to live out-of-market games, as well as on-demand replays and highlights. Subscriptions are available for the full season or on a monthly basis, allowing you to watch the Bears game and other NFL matchups at your convenience.
  • Streaming TV Services: Many streaming TV services offer packages that include access to live sports channels like Fox, CBS, and NBC. Services such as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV may be options for streaming Bears games online. Check the availability of local channels in your area before subscribing.
  • NFL Mobile Apps: The NFL has its own mobile apps, such as the NFL App and the Yahoo Sports App, which provide live streaming of select games. These apps may require a cable or satellite TV subscription, so make sure to check the requirements beforehand.
  • Network Apps and Websites: Some networks that broadcast NFL games, such as Fox and CBS, offer their own apps and websites that allow you to stream games live. These apps may require authentication through a cable or satellite TV provider.

Remember, streaming options and availability may vary depending on your location and the terms of service for each platform. It’s important to research and compare your options to find the best fit for you.

Now that we’ve covered streaming options, let’s explore how you can access the game through NFL Game Pass.


How to Access the Game Through NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a popular streaming service that provides access to live and on-demand NFL games. If you’re interested in watching the Bears game through NFL Game Pass, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Visit the NFL Game Pass website or download the NFL App from your preferred app store.
  2. Create an account by signing up for a subscription. NFL Game Pass offers different plans, including full season access or a monthly subscription.
  3. Once you have an active subscription, log in to your NFL Game Pass account.
  4. Navigate to the “Schedule” or “Games” section of the website or app to find the Bears game you want to watch.
  5. If the game is live, select the “Watch Live” option to stream the game in real time. If you want to watch a replay of a past game, choose the appropriate option to access the on-demand content.
  6. Enjoy watching the Bears game on your preferred device, whether it’s a computer, smartphone, smart TV, or streaming device.

It’s important to note that NFL Game Pass is subject to blackout restrictions for live game broadcasts. This means that if a game is being televised locally in your area, it may not be available to watch on NFL Game Pass. However, you can still access the game through the service once the blackout period has ended.

Make sure to check the schedule and availability of the Bears game on NFL Game Pass to ensure you don’t miss any of the action.

Now, let’s explore other options for listening to the Bears game on the radio.


Listening to the Bears Game on the Radio

If you’re unable to watch the Bears game on TV or prefer the audio experience, tuning in to the radio can be an excellent option. Many local radio stations provide live coverage of NFL games, including the Chicago Bears. Here’s how you can listen to the Bears game on the radio:

  1. Locate the official radio station that broadcasts Bears games in your area. In Chicago, the flagship station is WBBM Newsradio 780 AM and 105.9 FM. Check your local listings to find the designated radio station in your region.
  2. Tune in to the radio station at the specified game time to listen to the live play-by-play commentary. Radio announcers provide detailed descriptions of the game, including key plays, player performances, and analysis.
  3. If you’re not in the immediate broadcast area, you can also consider listening to the game through online radio platforms. Many radio stations stream their broadcasts online, allowing fans from anywhere to access the game coverage. Visit the official website of the radio station or use streaming platforms like TuneIn or to find the live stream.

Listening to the Bears game on the radio provides a unique and immersive experience, allowing you to visualize the game through the announcers’ vivid descriptions. It also allows you to stay connected with the team and fellow fans, especially if you’re unable to watch the game on TV.

If you prefer real-time updates, social media platforms can be another valuable resource. Let’s explore how you can find live updates and highlights on social media.


Live Updates and Highlights on Social Media

Social media has become a popular platform for sports fans to stay updated with their favorite teams, including the Chicago Bears. Here are some ways you can find live updates and highlights on social media during the Bears game:

  • Twitter: Twitter is a go-to platform for real-time updates and reactions. Follow official team accounts like @ChicagoBears and reputable sports journalists for live play-by-play updates, injury reports, and post-game analysis. Additionally, searching for popular hashtags like #BearDown or #CHIvsOpponent can help you discover a variety of fan discussions and updates.
  • Facebook: Like the official Chicago Bears Facebook page to get updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. You can also join Bears fan groups and engage in discussions with fellow fans during the game.
  • Instagram: On Instagram, follow the Chicago Bears’ official account (@chicagobears) for game-day posts, highlights, and player features. Players’ individual accounts can also provide a unique perspective on the game.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a treasure trove of game highlights, post-game interviews, and analysis. Subscribe to the official NFL YouTube channel or check out highlights from other content creators to get a comprehensive recap of the Bears game.

Engaging with social media during the game can be an exciting way to connect with other Bears fans, express your opinions, and stay updated on the latest developments. Just be mindful of spoilers if you’re watching a delayed broadcast or recording the game to watch later.

While social media offers instant updates, sometimes you may want to experience the game alongside fellow fans in a vibrant atmosphere. Let’s explore options for visiting local sports bars to watch the Bears game.


Visit Local Sports Bars to Watch the Game with Fellow Bears Fans

Watching the Bears game at a local sports bar can be a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the game-day atmosphere and connect with fellow Bears fans. Here’s why you should consider visiting a sports bar to catch the game:

1. Vibrant Atmosphere: Sports bars are known for their lively and enthusiastic ambiance during game days. With big screens, cheering fans, and team memorabilia, you’ll feel the excitement and energy of the game in a social setting.

2. Camaraderie and Fan Interaction: Sports bars attract a diverse community of fans, including dedicated Bears supporters. Sharing the experience with fellow fans can create a sense of camaraderie, fostering interactions and passionate discussions about the game.

3. Food and Drinks: Sports bars often offer a wide selection of food and drinks, allowing you to enjoy delicious eats and quench your thirst while watching the game. You can indulge in classic game-day snacks like chicken wings, nachos, and burgers.

4. Multiple Screens: Sports bars typically have multiple screens, ensuring you won’t miss a single play. Whether you’re sitting at the bar or in a booth, you’ll have a great view of the game from various angles.

5. Game-Day Specials: Many sports bars offer discounts and specials on game days. This can include discounted drinks, food deals, or even exclusive Bears-themed promotions. Be sure to check with local bars to see if they have any game-day offers.

6. Pre- and Post-Game Festivities: Sports bars often host pre- and post-game events, providing an opportunity to engage in pre-game rituals, meet other fans, and celebrate victories (or commiserate after losses) together.

7. Avoiding Blackout Restrictions: If the Bears game is subject to local blackout restrictions on TV or streaming platforms, sports bars may still have access to the game broadcast, allowing you to watch it with others despite the blackout.

When visiting a sports bar, it’s essential to arrive early to secure a good spot, especially during high-profile games when the place might fill up quickly. Additionally, check if the sports bar has any specific COVID-19 safety protocols in place, such as capacity restrictions or mask requirements, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Now that you know the benefits of watching the game at a local sports bar, pick your favorite one, gather your Bears gear, and get ready to cheer alongside other passionate fans!

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