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Welcome to the world of academic writing! As a student, you know that clear and effective communication is essential. However, mastering the intricacies of grammar, punctuation, and style can be challenging. That’s where Grammarly comes in. Whether you’re writing an essay, a research paper, or even an email to your professor, Grammarly can help you polish your writing and make a lasting impression.

Grammarly is an innovative online tool designed to improve your writing skills and enhance your overall writing experience. It is an AI-powered writing assistant that goes beyond basic spell check to help you eliminate grammatical errors, enhance sentence structure, and refine your writing style. With Grammarly, you can be confident that your writing is error-free, concise, and professional.

By using Grammarly, you can avoid embarrassing typos, correct sentence structure, and improve your writing clarity. The tool analyzes your text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and even plagiarism. Best of all, it offers suggestions and explanations to help you understand and learn from your mistakes. Whether you’re a native English speaker or an English language learner, Grammarly can assist you in crafting well-written and impactful pieces of writing.

In the following sections, we will explore the benefits of Grammarly Premium for students, delve into the cost of this subscription, evaluate its worth, and learn how to access Grammarly Premium as a student. Additionally, we will discuss alternative options to Grammarly Premium that you may consider. So, let’s dive in and discover how Grammarly can empower you to become a better writer.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an advanced online writing tool that provides grammar and spell-checking services. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to help writers improve their writing by detecting errors and providing suggestions for corrections. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual writer, Grammarly can be a valuable tool in your writing arsenal.

With Grammarly, you can quickly and easily check your writing for grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, and other issues that can affect the clarity and readability of your text. The tool scans your text in real-time, highlighting problematic areas and offering suggestions for improvement. It also provides explanations for common grammar rules, helping you learn and improve your writing skills along the way.

Grammarly is not limited to just basic grammar and spelling checks. It offers a range of advanced features, including the ability to check for sentence structure issues, missing commas, repetitive words, and more. It can even help you improve your writing style by analyzing your tone, clarity, and conciseness. This makes Grammarly an invaluable tool for students who need to write essays, reports, and other academic papers that require attention to detail and clear expression.

Alongside its browser extension and web-based editor, Grammarly is also available as a desktop application and a mobile app. This means that you can access Grammarly wherever you write, whether it’s in a Word document, a Google Docs file, or even a social media post.

Grammarly also offers different versions to suit different users’ needs. The free version provides basic grammar and spelling checks, while the premium version offers more advanced features such as advanced grammar, vocabulary suggestions, and plagiarism detection. Whether you choose the free version or opt for Grammarly Premium, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to enhance your writing skills and produce well-crafted content.

In the next section, we will explore the numerous benefits that Grammarly Premium offers specifically for students, including how it can help improve academic writing and save valuable time during the editing process.


The Benefits of Grammarly Premium for Students

Grammarly Premium offers a range of benefits specifically tailored to meet the needs of students. Whether you’re writing an essay, a research paper, or a personal statement, Grammarly Premium can elevate your writing to the next level. Here are some key benefits of Grammarly Premium for students:

  1. Advanced Grammar and Spelling Checks: Grammarly Premium goes beyond basic grammar and spelling correction. It can detect and correct complex grammatical structures, improper verb tense usage, and more. It can also catch subtle spelling mistakes that traditional spell-checkers may miss.
  2. Vocabulary Enhancement: With Grammarly Premium, you can expand your vocabulary and improve word choice. It offers alternative word suggestions that can help you express yourself more precisely and effectively, making your writing more sophisticated and impactful.
  3. Clarity and Readability: Grammarly Premium analyzes your writing for clarity and readability. It identifies lengthy or complicated sentences, passive voice usage, and other issues that can make your writing difficult to understand. By providing suggestions and explanations, Grammarly helps you craft clear and concise sentences that resonate with your readers.
  4. Genre-Specific Writing Style: Grammarly Premium offers genre-specific writing style suggestions. Whether you’re writing a formal research paper or a creative piece, Grammarly can help you tailor your writing style to meet the expectations of the specific genre, enhancing the overall quality of your work.
  5. Plagiarism Detection: Plagiarism can have serious consequences in academia. Grammarly Premium includes a plagiarism checker that scans your writing against billions of web pages and academic databases, ensuring the originality and integrity of your work.
  6. Time-Saving Editing Process: Grammarly Premium can significantly reduce the time you spend on proofreading and editing. It provides instant feedback on errors and makes suggestions as you write, allowing you to make corrections in real-time. This not only saves time but also improves your writing efficiency.

By harnessing the power of Grammarly Premium, students can produce polished, error-free writing that demonstrates their mastery of the subject matter. It empowers students to present their ideas clearly, concisely, and professionally, enhancing their academic success and boosting their confidence in their writing abilities.

Next, we will explore the cost of Grammarly Premium for students and evaluate whether it’s worth the investment.


How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost for Students?

Grammarly Premium offers students a convenient and affordable way to enhance their writing skills. The cost of Grammarly Premium for students varies depending on the subscription duration. Let’s take a look at the pricing options:

  1. Monthly Subscription: Students can opt for a monthly subscription of Grammarly Premium, which is priced at $29.95 per month. This plan provides flexibility for those who may only require Grammarly Premium for a short period of time, such as during the academic semester or when working on specific writing projects.
  2. Quarterly Subscription: Grammarly Premium also offers a quarterly subscription plan, which costs $59.95 for three months. This plan offers a more cost-effective solution for students who anticipate needing Grammarly Premium for an extended period of time, such as an entire semester.
  3. Annual Subscription: The annual subscription plan is the most popular option for students. It is priced at $139.95, which works out to $11.66 per month. This plan provides the greatest savings, making it an attractive choice for students who will be using Grammarly Premium throughout the year.

Grammarly occasionally offers discounts and promotions, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any special deals that may be available. Additionally, Grammarly offers a free version with basic grammar and spell-checking capabilities, which may be sufficient for some students’ needs.

It’s important to note that Grammarly Premium for students offers additional benefits compared to the free version, such as advanced grammar checks, vocabulary enhancement, genre-specific writing suggestions, and plagiarism detection. These premium features can significantly improve the quality of your writing and enhance your overall academic performance.

Before subscribing to Grammarly Premium, it’s worth considering whether the cost is justified based on your specific writing needs and budget. Think about how frequently you will be using the premium features and how much value you place on the advanced writing assistance that Grammarly provides.

Now that we’ve explored the cost of Grammarly Premium for students, let’s discuss whether it’s worth the investment and whether it can truly help you improve your writing skills.


Is Grammarly Premium Worth the Price?

When considering whether Grammarly Premium is worth the price, it’s important to evaluate the value it provides in relation to your writing needs and goals as a student. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Quality Improvement: Grammarly Premium offers advanced grammar and writing assistance that goes beyond what the free version provides. It can help you identify and correct complex grammatical errors, improve word choice, enhance sentence structure, and refine your writing style. If you struggle with grammar or want to elevate the quality of your writing, Grammarly Premium can be a valuable tool.

2. Time Savings: Writing assignments can be time-consuming, and the editing process can be equally demanding. Grammarly Premium can significantly reduce the time spent on proofreading and revising your work. Its real-time suggestions and instant feedback help you catch errors as you write, improving your writing efficiency and allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your academics.

3. Plagiarism Prevention: Avoiding plagiarism is crucial in academia. Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker can scan your writing against a vast database, helping you ensure the originality and integrity of your work. This feature alone can save you from serious academic consequences and add value to your investment in Grammarly Premium.

4. Genre-Specific Writing: Whether you’re writing a research paper, essay, or creative piece, Grammarly Premium offers genre-specific suggestions and writing style enhancements. This can help you meet the specific writing requirements of different disciplines and ensure that your work is cohesive and professional.

5. Learning Opportunities: Grammarly Premium not only corrects your mistakes but also provides explanations and suggestions to help you understand grammar rules and improve your writing skills. By using Grammarly Premium consistently, you can learn from your mistakes and develop a stronger grasp of grammar and writing techniques.

Ultimately, the value of Grammarly Premium depends on how much you prioritize improving your writing skills and how frequently you will utilize its features. If you are committed to developing strong writing abilities, save time on editing, avoid plagiarism, and receive targeted writing suggestions, then Grammarly Premium can be a worthwhile investment.

However, it’s important to note that Grammarly Premium may not be necessary for everyone. If you are already proficient in grammar and have access to other writing resources, the free version of Grammarly may be sufficient for your needs. Additionally, there are alternative writing tools available that offer similar features to Grammarly at different price points.

In the next section, we will explore how to get Grammarly Premium for students and the steps you can take to access its premium features.


How to Get Grammarly Premium for Students

If you’re interested in accessing the premium features of Grammarly as a student, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a few options available to you:

1. Student Discount: Grammarly offers a discounted price for students, making it more affordable compared to the regular subscription cost. To take advantage of this offer, you can sign up using your student email address and verify your student status. This will grant you access to Grammarly Premium at a reduced rate.

2. Campus-Wide License: Some educational institutions have partnerships with Grammarly that provide access to Grammarly Premium to all students. Check with your school or university to see if they offer a campus-wide license. If so, you may be able to access Grammarly Premium for free or at a significantly reduced cost as part of your institution’s agreement.

3. Individual Subscription: If your school does not offer a campus-wide license or if you prefer to have your own individual subscription, you can sign up for Grammarly Premium directly on the Grammarly website. Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), enter your payment details, and you’ll have instant access to the premium features.

4. Free Trial: If you’re unsure if Grammarly Premium is right for you, consider starting with the free version to get a feel for the tool. Grammarly offers a free trial of the premium features, allowing you to test them out and see the benefits for yourself. If you find that Grammarly Premium significantly enhances your writing, you can then upgrade to a paid subscription.

Once you have access to Grammarly Premium, you can start using it to improve your writing immediately. Install the Grammarly browser extension, or use the web-based editor, desktop application, or mobile app to write your documents. Grammarly Premium will provide real-time suggestions and corrections as you type, helping you catch errors and improve your writing on the go.

Remember, using Grammarly regularly and incorporating its suggestions into your writing will help you develop stronger writing skills over time. Take advantage of the feedback and learning opportunities Grammarly provides to enhance your academic performance and become a more effective communicator.

In the following section, we will explore alternative options to Grammarly Premium that you may consider if you’re looking for similar writing assistance tools.


Alternatives to Grammarly Premium for Students

While Grammarly Premium offers an array of advanced writing features, it’s worth exploring alternative options to see which writing assistance tool works best for your specific needs as a student. Here are some popular alternatives to Grammarly Premium:

1. ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid is a comprehensive writing assistant that offers grammar and spell-checking, style suggestions, and writing analysis. It provides detailed reports on readability, sentence structure, and word usage, helping students enhance their writing skills. ProWritingAid offers both free and premium versions with different pricing options.

2. Hemingway Editor: Hemingway Editor focuses on improving readability and improving the clarity of your writing. It highlights complex sentences, excessive adverbs, and passive voice usage. It provides suggestions for simplifying your writing, making it a great tool for enhancing the readability and impact of your academic papers. Hemingway Editor is available as a web-based editor and a desktop application, and it offers a free version as well.

3. Ginger: Ginger is another popular writing assistant that offers grammar and spell-checking features, along with translation capabilities. It provides suggestions for rephrasing sentences and offers language enhancement tools for non-native English speakers. Ginger offers a free version as well as premium options at various price points.

4. LanguageTool: LanguageTool is an open-source writing assistant that checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. It supports multiple languages and offers a browser extension, a web-based editor, and an API for developers. LanguageTool has a free version with limited features, as well as a premium version for more advanced writing assistance.

5. WhiteSmoke: WhiteSmoke is a comprehensive writing assistant that offers grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks. It provides suggestions for improving sentence structure, word choice, and clarity. WhiteSmoke offers different subscription options, including a premium version specifically designed for students.

Before selecting an alternative to Grammarly Premium, consider your specific writing needs and budget constraints. Try out different tools and assess if they suit your writing style and provide the necessary assistance for your academic success.

Remember, while these alternatives offer similar features, they may have different strengths and weaknesses compared to Grammarly Premium. Take the time to explore and compare their functionality, user experience, and pricing before making a decision.

In the next section, we will wrap up our discussion and summarize the key points covered in this article.



In this article, we have explored the world of Grammarly Premium for students and its benefits as a powerful writing assistant. Grammarly Premium offers advanced grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement, genre-specific writing style suggestions, and plagiarism detection. It can save students valuable time during the editing process and help them improve their writing skills. However, it’s important to weigh the cost of Grammarly Premium against your specific needs and budget.

We have also discussed how students can access Grammarly Premium through student discounts, campus-wide licenses, or individual subscriptions. Additionally, we have explored alternative options to Grammarly Premium, such as ProWritingAid, Hemingway Editor, Ginger, LanguageTool, and WhiteSmoke, which provide similar writing assistance features at different price points.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in Grammarly Premium or explore alternatives depends on your personal preference and writing requirements. Consider factors such as the quality improvement in your writing, time savings, plagiarism prevention, genre-specific writing assistance, and learning opportunities when making your decision.

Remember that the key to becoming a better writer lies in consistent practice, actively learning from mistakes, and leveraging the resources available to you. Whether you choose Grammarly Premium or another writing assistance tool, make the most of it by incorporating its suggestions into your writing and continually striving to improve.

Now armed with the knowledge of Grammarly Premium and its alternatives, you can embark on your writing journey with confidence and produce well-crafted, error-free content that truly reflects your capabilities as a student.

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