7 Best Case With Psu For 2024


Introducing the 7 Best Case With Psu For 2023 – your ultimate guide to finding the perfect computer case equipped with a power supply for the upcoming year. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial to invest in a high-quality case that not only protects your components but also provides efficient power delivery. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a creative professional, or simply looking to upgrade your PC, this comprehensive list will showcase the top-notch cases with PSU options that offer exceptional performance, sleek designs, and innovative features. Stay ahead of the game and make an informed decision by exploring our expert recommendations for the best case with PSU in 2023.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The SharGwa PC K29 Painted Stainless Steel Mini ITX Case is a compact and portable computer case designed for APU up to R5 5700G. It features a 1.5mm high strength stainless steel frame, ensuring durability. The case comes with a transparent acrylic side panel that allows users to showcase their components. Additionally, it includes both a top solid handle and a leather belt handle, making it easy to carry. The Type-C front socket provides convenient connectivity options. The case is available in a stylish white color. Overall, the SharGwa PC K29 is a great choice for those looking for a small form factor case without compromising on performance.

Key Features

  • Built for APU up to R5 5700G
  • Stainless Steel 1.5mm high strength frame
  • Transparent acrylic side panel included
  • Top solid handle and leather belt handle included
  • Type-C front socket


  • Color: White


  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Includes various handles for easy carrying
  • Transparent side panel for showcasing components
  • Type-C front socket for modern connectivity


  • Limited space for building
  • Missing thumb screw for side panel in some cases

The SharGwa PC K29 Painted Stainless Steel Mini ITX Case offers an excellent combination of compactness, sturdiness, and versatility. Its high strength stainless steel frame provides durability, and the various handle options make it easy to carry around. The included transparent side panel adds a touch of style and allows users to showcase their components. While the limited space for building may pose a challenge, the overall design and features of the case make it a worthwhile choice for those seeking a portable and reliable option for their computer setup.

Overall Score: 9/10

The RAIJINTEK OPHION White is a sophisticated SFF (Small Form Factor) case designed with an aluminum hair-silk appearance and a sleek black internal coating. It is compatible with ATX power supplies and can accommodate a 330mm VGA card. The case comes with a riser cable for PCIe 16x Gen3, allowing you to mount your graphics card vertically. The white color adds a touch of elegance to your setup. The case features two glass panels that showcase your build and a magnetic dust filter for easy maintenance. With its compact size and impressive compatibility, the RAIJINTEK OPHION White is a top choice for mini ITX builds.

Key Features

  • Aluminum hair-silk appearance design
  • Entire Coating black internally design
  • Compatible with ATX POWER SUPPLY
  • Compatible with 330mm VGA card
  • Comes with Riser cable (250mm length) – RJK PCIe 16x Gen3


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 6.85Lx14.76Wx9.65H


  • Stylish aluminum hair-silk appearance
  • Wide compatibility with ATX PSU and long graphics card
  • Comes with a riser cable for vertical GPU mounting
  • Compact and portable design


  • Limited space for cable management with regular ATX power supply
  • Case can get hot with high-performance CPUs

The RAIJINTEK OPHION White is a fantastic SFF case for mini ITX builds. Its sleek design, wide compatibility, and compact size make it a standout choice. The aluminum hair-silk appearance adds a touch of sophistication, while the ability to mount the graphics card vertically allows for an impressive showcase. The case may have limited space for cable management with a regular ATX power supply, but with some careful routing, it is manageable. The OPHION White offers great cooling and ease of installation, and it comes at an affordable price compared to other similar cases on the market. Overall, it’s a highly recommended option for those looking to build a high-quality and visually appealing mini ITX system.

Overall Score: 8.6/10

The RAIJINTEK OPHION SFF PC Case is a high-performance computer case designed for demanding gamers. With its impeccable manufacturing quality and exceptional immersion, it offers a top-notch gaming experience. The case features a tempered glass panel, allowing you to showcase your components while providing a sleek and stylish look. It supports a maximum VGA card length of 330mm and is compatible with ATX power supplies. It also includes a Type-C hub, riser card, and three 2.5-inch HDD slots. The magnetic design dust filter helps keep your system clean and dust-free. Overall, the RAIJINTEK OPHION SFF PC Case is a reliable and efficient choice for gamers looking to build a compact yet powerful gaming rig.

Key Features

  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Tempered glass panel
  • Max. 330mm VGA card support
  • ATX power supply compatibility
  • Type-C hub and riser card included
  • Three 2.5-inch HDD slots
  • Magnetic dust filter


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 3.94Lx3.94Wx3.94H
  • Size: Ophion


  • Impeccable manufacturing quality
  • Sleek and stylish tempered glass design
  • Supports long VGA cards
  • Compatible with ATX power supplies
  • Includes Type-C hub and riser card
  • Ample storage options with three HDD slots
  • Effective dust filtration with magnetic filter


  • Limited space for larger fans with a full-sized PSU
  • Faulty riser cable in some cases
  • Insufficient airflow resulting in high GPU temperatures
  • Power button and cable extension can be finicky

The RAIJINTEK OPHION SFF PC Case provides an excellent solution for gamers looking to build a compact yet powerful gaming system. With its high-quality construction and sleek design, it offers an immersive gaming experience while showcasing your components. The case’s compatibility with long VGA cards and ATX power supplies makes it versatile, and the inclusion of a Type-C hub and riser card adds convenience. However, it does have some limitations, such as limited space for larger fans and occasional issues with the riser cable. Additionally, the airflow can be a concern, leading to high GPU temperatures. Despite these drawbacks, the RAIJINTEK OPHION SFF PC Case remains a solid choice for gamers who prioritize compactness and performance.

Overall Score: 5/10

The Cooler Master MasterCase NC100 SFF is a small form factor case designed to support NUC (UCFF) motherboards. With sleek black aesthetics and a compact size of 7.9 liters, this case is perfect for those looking to build a powerful yet space-saving PC. It comes with 2 installed fans and supports up to 3 fans in total, ensuring optimal cooling performance. The NC100 features 3 expansion slots, allowing users to add additional components for customization. However, some users have reported issues with the poorly designed PCIe cable and quality defects on the panels. Overall, the Cooler Master MasterCase NC100 SFF is a decent choice for those seeking a compact and stylish PC case.

Key Features

  • Motherboard Supported: NUC (UCFF)
  • Number of Fans Supported: 2
  • Number of Fans Installed: 2
  • Installed Fan Size: 3.62"
  • Number of Total Expansion Slots: 3


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 14.60Lx8.50Wx5.10H
  • Size: Nuc


  • Supports NUC (UCFF) motherboards
  • Comes with 2 installed fans
  • Has 3 expansion slots for added versatility
  • Sleek and compact design


  • Poorly designed PCIe cable for SFF chassis
  • Quality issues with painting defects on panels
  • Lack of NVMe or PCIe 8x slot on the connector board

The Cooler Master MasterCase NC100 SFF is a sleek and compact case that offers good support for NUC motherboards. Although it has some design flaws and quality issues, it still provides decent cooling performance and customization options. However, potential buyers should be aware of the reported problems and consider them before making a purchase. With its 7.9 liter size and stylish black design, this case is suitable for those who prioritize space-saving and aesthetics in their PC builds. Overall, the Cooler Master MasterCase NC100 SFF is a decent choice for small form factor enthusiasts.

Overall Score: 7.8/10

The IN WIN Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case offers an impressive combination of design, functionality, and build quality. Featuring an aluminum and tempered glass construction, this case showcases a sleek and modern appearance. It is compatible with ATX PS2/EPS 12V PSU power supply and offers multiple drive bays for convenient storage options. The case also includes 2 USB 3.0 and HD Audio front ports for easy connectivity. With its spacious interior, it allows for easy installation of components, including big video cards. Additionally, the pre-made SATA and power connections for hard drives simplify the setup process. While the case requires aftermarket cooling for optimal performance and has limited access to the rear motherboard ports, its overall high build quality and attractive design make it a great choice for tech enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Aluminum/tempered glass Mini-ITX tower
  • 2 x USB 3.0/HD Audio front ports
  • Compatible with ATX PS2/EPS 12V PSU power supply
  • 1 external 5.25" Drive Bays
  • 2 x 3.5"/2.5" (Sata HDD ez-swap) internal 3.5" Drive Bays


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 15.70Lx6.80Wx13.80H


  • High build quality
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Clean and attractive design
  • Easy installation for components
  • Plenty of room for big video cards
  • Convenient pre-made SATA and power connections for hard drives


  • Requires aftermarket cooling for optimal performance
  • Limited access to rear motherboard ports
  • Instructions for mounting reservoir could be clearer

The IN WIN Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case is a visually stunning and well-built option for computer enthusiasts. With its sleek design, spacious interior, and convenient connectivity options, it offers a great user experience. The case’s sturdiness and pre-made connections for hard drives are standout features. However, users should keep in mind the need for aftermarket cooling and the limited access to the rear motherboard ports. Overall, this case provides an excellent foundation for building a stylish and efficient computer setup. Whether you prioritize aesthetics or functionality, the IN WIN Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case is worth considering.

Overall Score: 8/10

Upgrade your PC case with the HLTJAN PCCOOLER Power Supply Sleeved Cable Extension Kit. This kit includes a 24-pin ATX RGB cable extension with a double-layer design and a cable comb for a gorgeous and eye-catching look. The 16.8 million addressable RGB design offers multiple color modes and a bright light effect. Made with high-quality materials, including a pure copper core and insulated PVC, this cable extension is flexible and durable. It's easy to install and manage, providing a better solution for motherboard modification enthusiasts. With wide compatibility and a clean and tidy design, this cable extension kit is a great addition to any gaming rig or PC build.

Key Features

  • 24-Pin ATX RGB Cable Extension Kit
  • 16.8 Million Addressable RGB
  • Sleeved Cable Material Upgrade
  • Easy installation and good management
  • Wide compatibility


  • Color: 16AWG
  • Dimension: 9.72Lx2.28Wx0.74H
  • Size: Medium


  • Gorgeous and eye-catching RGB effect
  • Flexible and durable material
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Wide compatibility for various motherboards


  • Some customers experienced durability issues
  • Colors may appear somewhat subdued
  • May require a separate controller for brightness control
  • One customer had issues with misaligned pins

The HLTJAN PCCOOLER Power Supply Sleeved Cable Extension Kit is a great choice for PC enthusiasts looking to upgrade their case with vibrant RGB lighting. With its wide compatibility and easy installation, it offers a convenient solution for managing case cables. The cable’s flexible and durable construction ensures a neat and tidy setup, while the 16.8 million addressable RGB design provides dazzling lighting effects. Although some customers have reported durability issues and subdued colors, overall, this extension kit offers an impressive visual upgrade for any gaming rig or PC build.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The GAMDIAS ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case is a spacious and innovative gaming case that offers excellent airflow and expandability. With support for liquid cooling radiators, multiple fans, long graphics cards, and high CPU coolers, this case provides ample room for your system. The unique front RGB lighting panel adds a touch of elegance to your build. Additionally, the case supports different motherboard sizes and offers ultimate flexibility for personalization. The Thermaltake Smart 500W PSU delivers continuous power and is compliant with industry standards. With its 80 PLUS certification and industry-grade protections, it ensures reliable performance and efficiency. Overall, this gaming case and PSU combo is a great choice for gamers and DIY builders seeking a stunning and powerful setup.

Key Features

  • Extremely Spacious Room For Your System
  • Excellent Air Flow for Low Temperature
  • Innovative and Extraordinary Design
  • Great Expandability for Your System Config.
  • Delivers 500 Watt Continuous output
  • 80 PLUS Certified, 80 percentage efficiency
  • Supports (2) PCI E 6plus2pin Connectors
  • Industry Grade Protections


  • Color: White


  • Spacious interior with excellent airflow
  • Innovative and elegant design
  • Supports various motherboard sizes
  • Delivers continuous and efficient power


  • May be too large for compact setups
  • Limited color options

The GAMDIAS ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case and Thermaltake Smart 500W PSU offer a winning combination for gamers and DIY builders. With its spacious interior, excellent airflow, and innovative design, the case provides an ideal environment for a high-performance system. The support for different motherboard sizes and ultimate flexibility make it easy to personalize your build. The included Thermaltake PSU delivers continuous and efficient power, ensuring reliable performance. Although the case may be too large for compact setups and has limited color options, it remains an excellent choice for those seeking a stunning and powerful gaming setup. Overall, this combo is a solid investment.

Buyer's Guide: Case with PSU

Whether you are building a new computer or upgrading your existing one, choosing the right case with a power supply unit (PSU) is crucial for the overall performance and aesthetics of your system. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive buyer's guide with essential factors to consider when selecting a case with PSU. Read on to ensure you find the perfect match for your needs!

Factors to Consider

When purchasing a case with PSU, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Form Factor: Consider the form factor compatibility of the case and PSU to ensure they fit your requirements. The most common form factors include ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX. Be sure to verify the motherboard and PSU form factor compatibility.
  2. Power Supply Wattage: Determine your power requirements to select an appropriate PSU wattage. Consider the components you plan to install, such as the CPU, graphics card, and storage devices. Ensure that the PSU wattage is sufficient to power all your components.
  3. Modularity: Modular PSU cables allow you to connect only the cables you need, reducing cable clutter for optimal airflow and easier cable management. Semi-modular and fully modular PSUs offer varying degrees of cable customization, making them suitable for different needs.
  4. Cooling Options: Optimal cooling is essential for maintaining system temperatures and preventing overheating. Look for a case with PSU that offers sufficient cooling options, such as fan mounts or liquid cooling support. Adequate airflow and ventilation can greatly enhance the longevity and performance of your components.
  5. Expansion Slots and Drive Bays: Consider the number of expansion slots and drive bays provided by the case with PSU. Evaluate if it meets your requirements for adding additional components, such as graphics cards, sound cards, or storage drives.
  6. Build Quality and Material: The build quality and material of the case contribute to its durability, sturdiness, and overall aesthetics. Common materials include steel, aluminum, and tempered glass. Select a case that not only offers solid construction but also matches your preferred style.
  7. Size and Dimensions: Ensure the size and dimensions of the case with PSU are suitable for your workspace or intended location. Consider both the physical dimensions and weight of the case to ensure it can easily fit where you plan to position your computer.
  8. Cable Management: A case with PSU that provides ample room for cable management can simplify the build process and improve airflow within the system. Look for features like rubber grommets, cable routing holes, and tie-down points that aid in organizing and concealing cables.
  9. Front Panel Connectivity: Check the front panel connectivity options offered by the case with PSU. USB ports, audio jacks, and other input/output options should be conveniently accessible for easy connection of peripherals and devices.
  10. Aesthetics and Design: While functionality is important, the overall look and design of your case with PSU should also be appealing to you. Choose a style that suits your personal taste and complements your workspace or gaming setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about 7 Best Case With Psu For 2023

Can I upgrade my PSU in the future if needed?

Yes, most cases with PSU allow you to replace the PSU in the future as long as the form factor is compatible.

Are all cases with PSU compatible with all motherboards?

No, cases with PSU come in different form factors, so it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your specific motherboard form factor (e.g., ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX).

Can I add additional cooling options to a case with PSU?

Yes, many cases with PSU offer options for additional fans or liquid cooling solutions, allowing you to optimize the cooling performance based on your needs.

Are modular PSUs better than non-modular ones?

Modular PSUs offer greater flexibility and cable management options as you can detach and use only the required cables. However, non-modular PSUs are generally more affordable and suitable for simpler builds with fewer components.

Is a larger case with PSU always better for cooling?

Not necessarily. While larger cases provide more space for cooling solutions, proper airflow management is equally important. A well-designed smaller case can provide exceptional cooling performance if it effectively directs airflow.

Can I replace the pre-installed fans in a case with PSU?

Yes, most cases with PSU allow you to replace the pre-installed fans with aftermarket ones, customizing your cooling setup according to your preferences.

Are tempered glass cases with PSU more fragile than ones with traditional side panels?

Tempered glass is generally more durable and scratch-resistant than traditional side panels. However, it may shatter if subjected to significant impact, so handle it with care.

Can I use a case with PSU for both gaming and professional purposes?

Absolutely! A case with PSU caters to various needs and can be used for both gaming and professional setups. Just ensure it meets the requirements and specifications of your components and workload.

Are cases with PSU suitable for liquid cooling setups?

Yes, many cases with PSU offer support for liquid cooling configurations. Look for options with radiator mounts and sufficient space to accommodate the desired liquid cooling components.

Can a case with PSU help reduce cable clutter?

Yes, cases with PSU often provide cable management features like ample routing space, tie-down points, and grommets, facilitating effective cable management and reducing clutter.