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Your Guide To Noise Canceling Headphones: Best Of The Best

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There is a reason why noise-canceling headphones are popular. Not only among celebrities and A-listers but ordinary folk as well. It’s an amazing feeling to focus only on the good music you hear, then block almost everything else. Note the “almost” there, however.  While these headphones aren’t perfect, they’re pretty damn close. And a swell thing to have too for any music lover out there.

dj at a rave
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That way, you listen to the music as your favorite artists intended it in the studio. Not only do you hear the beats, but you also feel it. With noise-canceling headphones, your music will never sound as good. Convinced yet, or nah? Read on to know more about these headphones and how you could buy the best ones out there.


Best Noise-Canceling Headphones On The Market

If you’re wondering which headphones to get, here are several to get you started. These are among the best in the market right now, according to both critics and users. You get the best two choices from three reputable brands, so be wise in your choices.



Sony’s noise-canceling over-ear headphones great digital noise cancelation by default. But if you get this, you will experience noise-cancellation at a new level. It also features a voice assistant in Amazon’s Alexa, allowing for voice activation. All you need to do is speak and you’ll have access to your music, phone calls, and a lot more. It also comes with Smart Listening which adjusts noise cancelation levels on the fly. No need to adjust levels manually.

Check out these noise-canceling headphones from Sony and focus on the finer details of your favorite tracks.

Ever see headphones that come with artificial intelligence? Check out this product today and hold down the NC button to activate adaptive noise cancelation. Wherever you are, it adapts. Boarding a plane? Turn the noise down. Want a quiet sleep? Done. The headphones “work” with you, allowing for one of the best audio experiences to date.

Bose’s offering gets you a massive three levels of noise cancelation. Wherever you are, the noise cancelation levels will work depending on your surroundings. Getting this will also allow access to Bose’s audio-focused augmented reality feature. All you need to do is update your firmware through the Bose Connect app.

Check out this product from Bose and enjoy multiple levels of noise cancelation.

Not much of a catchy name, eh? But don’t let that fool you. If you check this out today, you get one of Bose’s best offerings that few products can match. These headphones also feature a level of sound customization unparalleled in the industry. You can personalize your soundstage to your liking without any hitch.

Check out AKG’s entrant into the fray for great value for its features. It combines adaptive noise cancelation with great ergonomics. Adaptive noise cancelation means wherever you are, the headphones adjust noise-blocking levels. You can also enjoy full control of all settings with the AKG app on your phone. And you don’t have to worry about battery life too since you can enjoy 20 hours of playtime.

Don’t be averse to the fact that it can come wired, as it’s easy to stow away when not in use. You still get wireless headphones with 30 hours of battery life, so not much to worry about there. Buying this will also give you headphones that can still block noise on an empty battery. Overall, the N60NC makes for a perfect travel companion.


What Are Noise-Canceling Headphones? 

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Long story short, it’s in the name. Noise-canceling headphones block out external noise using nifty pieces of tech. The amount of noise blocked, though, depends on what kind of technology they have. There are two main types.


Passive Noise Canceling

Passive noise cancelation means there’s no higher-level technology at play. These headphones block the noise out through physical means. Say, they feature full-ear covering ear cups or rubber tips that fit snugly inside your ear canal.

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Active Noise Canceling

Take passive noise-canceling headphones and add physical tech and circuits into it. You get active noise cancelation. These headphones do passive cancelation because their manufacturers build them as such. There are four main parts to active noise-canceling technology. And they work together into a cohesive whole.

how noise canceling headphones work
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  • A microphone captures sound that passive means can’t block out.
  • Noise-canceling circuits take the sound and make an imprint of it.
  • The circuits feed this sound into the headphones’ speakers along with your music. It works because the imprint is like an “anti-sound” that cancels out the external noise.
  • A battery powers the entire thing.


Should You Get Noise-Canceling Headphones?

Short answer: yes. If you’re a massive music lover that cares for immersion above all, you would love to own one. There are a few more reasons aside from this though, and they make so much sense when you think about it.


Protecting Your Hearing

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This could seem a little weird, but hear us out. If you’re the type to blast your tunes to drown out the noise around you, you’re in trouble. The louder the music, the shorter time you can get to listen to it. Having noise-canceling headphones makes it easier for you to hear your music. With noise cancelation, you don’t need to turn it up to hear more.


Details, Details!

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Blocking off nose will do you wonders if you’re an audiophile. Any type of excess noise can affect the quality of the music you are listening to. You won’t hear the finer sound details which can enhance an auditory experience. If you can’t hear these, you won’t “feel” the music coursing through your bones. That’s why noise-canceling headphones are a good purchase especially if you want to focus on listening to good music.


Final Thoughts 

Buy noise-canceling headphones the same way you buy headsets. Pick one according to your needs, and what/when you would use these for. Look for user reviews, as only personal experiences can tell you which products work like a charm. As for headphones in general, look for a balance between the three frequencies. Lows, highs, and mids must be equal for a full, great sound. Remember these and you won’t go wrong.

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Your Guide To Noise Canceling Headphones: Best Of The Best

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