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Top 10 Most Popular IoT Devices In 2022

Internet Of Things (IoT) Sensors: How They Work

Oftentimes, newbies seem confused when they hear the term ‘IoT devices’. It is a pretty fascinating field and we will try to make it simple for you while providing an array of examples.


How Do IoT Devices Work?

At the forefront of any IoT device, we have sensors (their complexity varies depending upon the use case). These sensors are responsible for collecting and transmitting the data to cloud servers where the next stage begins. Once they reach the cloud, a software is dedicated for performing rigorous analysis of the data sets and after that, it decides whether a response is to be sent or not (in some cases, it might be important to inform the user while in other cases, a simple adjustment would suffice).

In the end, if the system requires user input, the response is displayed to the user on an interface and the same can be used to take feedback as well.

On an advanced level, the clusters of IoT devices form IoT systems that are being used in many industries.

Internet Of Things (IoT) Sensors: How They Work
Photo by Mel Gipson on SemiElectronics


How Are IoT Devices Being Used?

Well, if you look carefully, IoT is all around you. Whether we talk about smart homes, intelligent grids, smart cars or even smart bulbs – none of these can operate efficiently without the Internet of Things.


Home Automation

There are various solutions in the market where all mechanical and electrical devices of your house or building can be controlled by utilizing a single system. Thus, reducing the overall complexity and enhancing usability.

As a result of such systems, we are able to increase efficiency by curbing down energy wastage. Therefore, apart from benefitting the user, this technology also promotes a healthier environment.

If you look at it, IoT devices and systems happen to be rich sources of data. Therefore, in the long run, they could be the driving force behind some major tech fields, such as Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.


Greener Environment

Keeping the environment green is one of the biggest concerns these days and several manufacturers have shifted their focus on reducing the carbon emissions from their products.

There are various vehicles in the market that now embed IoT-based solutions, such as optimized routing and intelligent fuel consumption.


10 Most Popular IoT Devices In 2019

So, in the above section, we explored only a handful of areas where IoT devices are being used and now, we will see more specifically how the Internet of Things is showing its worth.


1. Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus
Photo by Amazon

It happens to be one of the most celebrated IoT devices rolled by the popular tech giant, Amazon. As the name suggests, it is known for dispensing 360-degree audio. Moreover, it also comes loaded with a temperate control interface and a smartphone hub as well.

In order to use it, you just have to ask Alexa whether to set an alarm, play a song or dial a number from your contact list. What’s even more exciting is that Alexa can also manage your to-do list by determining your schedule and activity and it can also detect what things you need at house and suggest a shopping list as well.


2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen
Photo by Amazon

Well, the name says it all. Before allowing this device to take charge of the temperature around you, please connect it with Alexa for giving voice commands. However, that won’t be ‘necessary’ forever since it’s a ‘learning’ thermostat and it detects your routine automatically.

Just let it settle for a week or so and it will learn pretty much everything about your routine. Another perk is that the device also shows the amount of energy you save in a given time.


3. Kuri Mobile Robot

Let’s take your fascination to a whole new level by introducing an IoT powered robot. Don’t worry, it is not a huge robot and can easily adjust within your house while offering an extensive level of portability.

With its help, you do not have to worry about taking pictures as the robot interacts with each member of your house and can capture daily moments without you holding the camera. With that level of understanding, it can seize all of your candids!

Please note that it nests an audio system, possesses a voice detection system as well and takes your pictures at the perfect time with HD camera.


4. Netgear Orbi Wifi System

This IoT device is pretty powerful and covers a massive range of up to 5000 sqft. Furthermore, it also comes with a router and has a satellite system as well that can be connected with your existing ISP.

Therefore, it is quite evident that this device has the potential to remove all of the range-related issues and can connect within a matter of minutes. If you are troubled with your current internet and your signals drop whenever you move from one room to another, that won’t bother you at all.

If you are installing it for family, it is worth noticing that the device comes with parental control and offers a connectivity option with Alexa as well as Google Assistant.


5. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Most of the IoT devices serve a dedicated problem only. However, Samsung has gone way beyond such traditional approaches and takes control of the entire home with a single unit.

Let it be your thermostat, lights, plugs, speakers or anything else with the required technical specs, everything can be connected to a central hub, which can be controlled from your phone.

You can also integrate more security features for guarding your existing electrical devices. However, please be advised that there are a couple of devices that are incompatible with SmartThings, including Lutron Smart Bridge and Logitech’s Harmony.


6. Petnet Smart Pet Feeder

Petnet Smart Pet Feeder
Photo on Amazon

Well, humans are certainly enjoying the benefits offered by the Internet of Things, but their usability should extend to other domains as well, right? That’s exactly where Petnet comes into play.

With its help, you no longer have to stay at your house with the pet at all times. This smart tech can determine the best food for your pet, the timing and the amount of food. What’s best about Petnet smart pet feeder is that it can take care of your dog or cat even if you are not at home and can dispense the food just as you would do.


7. Philips Hue Bulb System

This IoT device has earned a decent reputation in 2019.

Whenever you walk into the room, it switches on based on settings. Please note that it nests the following ambiances:

  1. Wake up
  2. Sleeping
  3. Party

However, the best part is that once the system is connected with a hue bridge. You just have to utter the command and all connected devices will light up accordingly while keeping a keen eye on efficiency as well.


8. Nest Smoke Alarm

Nest Smoke Alarm
Photo on Amazon

It’s a pretty robust solution for ‘closed’ environments, like home and office. Once installed, this device has the ability to send alerts on your phone in case of an emergency. Therefore, it can reduce the chances of any unfortunate incident.

Moreover, it also pinpoints the location of the danger and allows the firefighters to navigate easily. In the meanwhile, it also lights up the safe passage so everyone can evacuate.


9. Flow – Air Pollution Monitor

It is one of the best portable inventions in the industry as it displays the results on your mobile phone, is extremely handy and can last a full day!

With its help, you enjoy the luxury to monitor and select the best air composition around you. Since it is loaded with an air tracker, it tells you the quality of air around you.


10. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock Pro
Photo by August on Amazon

You do not have to worry about the keys anymore. To put simply, this IoT device automatically shuts off the door when you walk out and as soon as you walk within the proximity, it unlocks itself.

It is a complete solution as you can give guest keys to different people (e.g. nanny) and set an expiration date and time for each one. As a result, the access for that particular individual will be denied unless you generate a new key.

Since it is connected with your smartphone, you also have the option to set a pattern and unlock the door even if you are not carrying the phone.

Top 10 Most Popular IoT Devices In 2022

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