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PlayStation Plus Premium Review: Is It Worth It

PlayStation Plus Premium Featured

The PlayStation Plus service has been the primary avenue for PS users to play online with friends. Not only that, PS Plus users can receive selected games for free every month. However, due to strong competition, the PlayStation Plus system received a revamp this 2022. Like Xbox’s Gamepass, the new PlayStation Plus announced the Premium, Extra, and Essential tiers. These three tiers allowed users to subscribe to the service that fits their budget.

Today, we will be taking a look at the echelon of all PS Plus services, PlayStation Plus Premium. We’ll discuss exclusive features, pricing, and if it is worth your money’s worth.

But first, let’s talk about What is PlayStation Plus Premium.


What Is PlayStation Plus Premium?

PlayStation Plus Premium
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PlayStation Plus Premium is the highest tier available to users under the new Plus program. Now, Premium is only available in regions that have existing PlayStation cloud gaming services. Think of the former PlayStation Now service, those regions or countries that had the service is where the Premium tier is available. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan to name a few. They’ve replaced Premium with the Deluxe tier for regions or countries that did not have the Now service. The PlayStation Plus Deluxe is available for a lower price.

PlayStation Plus Premium has all the combined features of the old Plus and Now services. Aside from that, it now has a bigger game catalog that is similar to Xbox’s Gamepass service.

Aside from online playability, cloud game streaming, and free games, Plus Premium also allows users to access exclusive deals, in-game items, and cloud storage.

Now that we’ve discussed what PlayStation Plus is, let us not take a look at how much a membership costs.

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How Much Is A PlayStation Plus Premium Membership?

Now, with Premium being the top tier in the Plus program, it is to be expected that it’ll be the costliest among all available ones.

Here are the prices for different regions and subscription lengths.

Region 1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
United States 17.99 USD 49.99 USD 119.99 USD
Europe 17.99 Euros 49.99 Euros 119.99 Euros
United Kingdom 13.99 Sterling 39.99 Sterling 99.99 Sterling
Japan 1,550 Yen 4,300 Yen 10,250 Yen


Now, after knowing how much the membership costs are, let’s now take a deeper look at what PlayStation Plus Premium offers.


PlayStation Plus Premium Features

PlayStation Plus Premium
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Game Catalog

Also Available on PlayStation Plus Extra, the Game Catalog is arguably one of the key features of PS Plus Premium and Extra. Before, PS Plus only awards subscribers with a few games that are free to download per month. However, with the recent changes, PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers can get their hands on Triple-A games from Sony and their third-party partners.

These games are updated per month and go in and out of rotation. Also, you can play Ubisoft classic games such as The Assassin’s Creed titles for free.


Classic Game Catalog

Everyone loves nostalgia, and nothing beats playing video games from your childhood. Extra and Premium subscribers can now play a multitude of games from the PSX and PS2 era. Some of these games include Ape Escape and Syphon Filter among others.


Online Play

Available on all versions of PlayStation Plus, this feature allows users to play against other players worldwide. This has been the main purpose of the Service but now with better cross-region functionalities, this is a very essential feature.


Cloud Storage

Another feature available to all tiers, this allows players to back up their saves online and is very useful when a save gets corrupted.


Free Games To Download Monthly

Some titles can be free to download for a month, however, these games range from PS5, PS4, and PSVR games. Also, these might be newer titles but can also be ones from the past.


Game Trials

This feature allows you to play a demo version of an upcoming game. If you’re curious about a certain title but not sure if it is worth your time and money, then getting a trial version of it may help you decide.


PlayStation Plus Premium VS Extra

When choosing between Premium and Extra, all you need to do is look at the features and what you’ll need. Here are their features in comparison:

Features Extra Premium
Game Catalog + Ubisoft Classics Yes Yes
Classic Catalog No Yes
Cloud Game Streaming No Yes
Game Trials No Yes
Online Play Yes Yes
Cloud Storage Yes Yes
Exclusive Content and Deals Yes Yes

Now, you should also consider if it fits your budget, there’s a significant jump in price in exchange for more features. If Cloud Streaming is not your thing then Extra is the way to go. However, the free game trials and classic game catalog features are a must-try.


Is A PlayStation Plus Premium Membership Worth It?

Yes, a PS Plus Premium membership can be expensive. You’re investing over 100 USD for an annual subscription. However, the features that a Premium subscription offers are immense. You’re talking about several hundred games that you can play for free. Whether they are classic games or more contemporary titles. This allows you to download anything you like from the Game and Classic Catalogs.

Then, the Cloud Game streaming feature lets you play PlayStation games on a different platform anytime and anywhere. Lastly, the Game Trials lets players try out upcoming games and see if it is worth the full price. This allows players to save up money if a game is just all hype and has no substance.

A PlayStation Plus Premium is worth it if your budget allows it. The good thing is you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime.

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