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How to Gift a Kindle Book to Someone? [GUIDE]

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Does your friend often buy and read books on their Kindle device? If so, one of the best ways to surprise them on their birthday or Christmas would be through a gift. Not just any gift: an ebook sent straight to their Kindle. Unsure about how to go about this plan? Here’s what you must know about how to gift a Kindle book to someone else.


What Is A Kindle?

how to gift a kindle book
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Modern technology has gifted us with wonders and conveniences of many kinds. One of which is the Kindle, an Amazon e-reader device that allows you to read Amazon ebooks. It has special reading-specific properties and features that regular tablets don’t have, making reading electronically a much better experience.

For example, a Kindle has a different kind of screen that allows it to appear like it’s real paper. This lessens users’ eye strain as they read through their favorite novel. In addition, a Kindle’s special quality is in all of its convenient tools. For instance, you can easily adjust the font size of the book you’re reading to accommodate your eyesight.

Kindle books also allow their users to highlight sentences, phrases, and paragraphs right within the tablet. You can even send a collated PDF of all your highlights to your email, making summaries and note-taking easier.

Furthermore, Kindles automatically lead you to the page you last left off. Hence, you don’t need to intentionally place bookmarks to pick up from where you stopped.

Finally, what makes the Kindle stand out is that you can keep your whole library of books within it. You don’t need a bookshelf and you can even purchase books straight from the built-in Amazon store.

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How To Gift A Kindle Book To Someone

Are you interested to learn about how to give a Kindle book as a gift to a friend? You’re on the right website. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to send an Amazon book as a gift.


Pick Out A Book

Before you learn how to gift a Kindle book, it’s important to know which book you will buy. After all, you want to make sure your friend appreciates and reads the book when you give it to them.

You also want to ensure that the book you’re buying is available on Kindle. In this case, we recommend browsing the Kindle Store so you don’t pick something that only has physical copies. Once you find the right book, you can proceed to the next step: purchasing.


Purchase The Book From Amazon

If you already have a specific book in mind that you’re sure is on Kindle, then you’re ready to proceed. As such, the next bit of information you must know is how to buy Kindle books on Amazon.

How do you do this? Just navigate to their website and look for the book you want. Just type in the book’s title (a keyword or phrase should do) and press enter. Once you find the right book, click on the title until Amazon redirects you to the book’s page. You can also click the title of the Kindle book you found on the Kindle Store from the previous step.

On the page that follows, make sure to click the “Kindle” option below the book’s title. This is to ensure you buy the Kindle version and not the paperback, hardcover, or audiobook versions of the title.

What’s the next step in how to gift a Kindle book after this, then? All you must do now is click the “Buy for Others” button. Where is the buy for others button on Amazon?

On a browser, you can see it on the right part of the page. It’s a gray button under the quantity dropdown. Make sure not to click the yellow “Buy now with 1-Click” accidentally or else it’ll land in your account.


Send It As A Gift

Next, we’ll proceed to learn how to send a Kindle book as a gift. Once you’ve clicked the “Buy for Others” button, Amazon will redirect you to a delivery page. This is where you’ll learn how to send an ebook to someone else.

What do you have to do? Simple. Simply input your friend’s email in the “To” field. Then enter your name in the “From” field and leave them a birthday or Christmas message. Afterward, enter the delivery date (when you want your friend to get the book).

Alternatively, you can also enter your email in the “To” section. Doing this won’t eliminate the gift-giving aspect. It simply allows you to print out the details of the ebook so you can give it in person.

After filling in all the details, press the yellow “Place your order” button on the right side of the page. Amazon should charge your account’s credit or debit card, depending on what you have connected.


How To Redeem Gift

Now it’s time to message your friend to redeem the book you sent them. Note that they cannot redeem their Kindle book gift if they don’t have an Amazon account. Hence, make sure they have one or create one first before this step.

Afterward, all they must do is head to their email address and open your message. Then they should click the “Redeem your gift” link from the notification. Once they’re redirected, they should press “Redeem now” and sign in to their Amazon account.

Then they can select the Amazon device they want to send it to from the drop-down menu. This will deliver the book straight to the Kindle device they want. Alternatively, they can also read the gifted book on the Kindle app or a browser.


How To Gift A Kindle Book Through A Gift Card

If you’re unfamiliar with your friend’s taste in books, don’t worry. It may not be as warm of a gesture, but you can also buy them a Kindle book gift card. This is essentially just an Amazon Gift Card you can buy online. Want to learn how to gift a Kindle book this way? Just follow the steps below.

  • Head to Amazon’s website and look for the Amazon gift card
  • Choose the gift card design you want
  • Select the amount needed
    • Note: standard amounts include $25 and $50 but you can also type a specific amount in the blank
  • Choose your delivery method (either text or email)
    • If you choose to email, enter the recipient’s email address and choose the quantity and delivery date
    • On the other hand, the text option will ask for a valid US phone number
  • Enter your name and message in the “From” and “Message” fields
  • Hit the orange “Buy Now” button on the right


How To Gift A Kindle Book You Own

What if you want to give the person a copy of a book you already own instead? How do I give a free copy of my Kindle book?

In this case, one of the best options you can take is to buy the book again for your friend. Simply use the same steps we showed you in the “how to gift a Kindle book” section. However, you will need to spend the same amount on the book once more.

Alternatively, you can also loan the book to your friend. Although this doesn’t count as a gift (because they won’t permanently own the book), it’s a decent way to share. Simply follow the instructions below to begin:

  • Sign in to your Kindle account on
  • Go to your account page in the upper-right
  • Head to “Manage Content and Devices”
  • Choose the “More actions” button beside the book you want
  • Select the “Loan this title” option
    • Note: only certain titles are loanable – the option will be absent if the title is ineligible for lending
  • Enter your friend’s email and type a message
  • Hit “Send now”


Why Should You Use A Kindle?

A Kindle is one of the most convenient book substitute devices to have if you love reading. That’s because Kindles are often lightweight and contain enough storage to house an entire library of books. Moreover, some devices are even waterproof making them great travel companions for vacations.

Amazon Kindle books are also cheaper than paperback editions and aren’t subject to damage because they live in your account. In addition, they’re much easier to read because of the Kindle’s special anti-glare screen.

Kindles also have numerous convenient features like font size adjustment, automatic bookmarking, and a built-in online store. With the wealth of resources you have at your fingertips, you won’t even need to head to a bookstore to buy your favorite novel.


Kindle Alternatives

Kobo Aura Edition 2

Kobo Aura
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One of the best Kindle alternatives is certainly the Kobo Aura Edition 2. It has comfortable backlighting, can hold 14 different file formats, supports multiple languages, and boasts a long battery life. Moreover, it’s a budget-friendly option for those who want to save money. However, its touchscreen technology is inferior to the Kindle’s and it requires Wi-Fi for full functionality.

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Kobo Clara HD

Kobo Clara
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The Kobo Clara HD is another solid option from Kobo. It’s a great entry-level device that boasts better screen quality and higher storage than the first one. The device is smooth and comfortable to use with solid battery life. However, its touch-heavy interface is a little cumbersome to navigate. It also only supports one library account at a time.

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Sony DPT-RP1/B

Sony DPT
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The Sony DPT-RP1/B is a unique alternative because it’s both an e-Reader and e-Ink device. It has a large 10 to 13-inch screen, strong battery life, impressive connectivity options, and a built-in stylus for writing. However, it’s heavier and clunkier than the other alternatives because of its large size. Moreover, it doesn’t have a built-in online store and it’s extremely expensive.

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Gift A Kindle Book To Someone Today

how to gift a kindle book
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Learning how to gift a Kindle book is simple and easy. All you must have is an Amazon account and the means to pay linked to it. Then you just have to buy the book and send it to your friend. The real challenge is getting a book your friend likes.

Thankfully, there are good alternatives to this such as giving them an Amazon gift card instead. Regardless of the method, we hope this article has helped guide you on how to gift a Kindle book.

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