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Logitech Combo Touch: A Look Into the Connectible Keyboard

Logitech Combo Touch

The Logitech Combo Touch offers a novel and stylish way to make your iPad look and feel like a Macbook. The device augments the productive capacity of your device, so you can handle documents, art, and anything else you want. Not only that, it will protect your device from the elements as well. Let’s take a look at the Combo Touch and how it can transform your iPad into a productivity tool.

Logitech Combo Touch
Photo by Kaboompics via Pexels


What Is the Logitech Combo Touch?

The Logitech Combo Touch is a smart keyboard designed specifically for iPads. The device attaches to the bottom section of an iPad to give it the added functionality of a working keyboard. iPads, being computer tablets, are keyboard-less by design. Smart keyboards augment the functions of an iPad so that the user can work with documents and type whenever necessary.

Smart keyboards have a structural and protective function as well. Most cases extend upwards and all the way through the back of the tablet to protect it. Most use a special, rubberized material or scratch-resistant material around the edges to prevent physical damage due to bumps and falls. Another stable component among smart keyboards is kickstands that support the tablet from underneath to sit in an upright or slanted position. These functional and protective features allow the iPad to transform from a simple tablet into a full-blown laptop.


Logitech Combo Touch: Price and Availability

Logitech Combo Touch
Photo by Logitech via Logitech Official Website


The Logitech Combo Touch is exclusively compatible with iPad models. It was designed for three iPad models in particular: the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd Gen), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th Gen), and the iPad Air (4th Gen). The first two models were released back in 2020, while the version for iPad Air was released in 2021. All three versions have the same design, and the key difference only relates to color and size. Thus, it may be reasonable to say that a single model’s impressions also apply to the others as well.

The Logitech Combo Touch can cost anywhere between USD 199 to USD 299. The actual cost depends on which iPad you are using. The version of Combo Touch for the iPads 11-inch iPads tends to cost less than the version for the 12.8-inch iPad. This price range is definitely not cheap and most likely at par with Apple smart keyboards with a price range of anywhere between USD 179 TO USD 299.

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Logitech Combo Touch: Design

Logitech Combo Touch
Photo by Logitech via Logitech Official Website


The Combo Touch has two separate components that come together: the case and the keyboard. The case follows the structural configuration of the iPad, with provisions for a USB-C port, speakers, mics, and a rear camera module. The case has a protective function as well. The left side of the case extends over to the sides of the tablet, and the sides feature a stiff, rubber-like material, like a bumper to protect the edges. The case quickly attaches to the tablet by its form, while a few magnets on the interior lining clasp onto the tablet’s sides.

It also contains two implements, including a kickstand and a charging dock for the Apple Pencil. The kickstand is neatly tucked away at the lower back of the case, and it allows the device to sit in a naturally upright position. Meanwhile, the charging dock can be found at the upper lining of the case, and it nestles your Apple Pencil for charging or merely storage purposes.

The keyboard component makes up the other half of the keyboard case. At the upper edge of the keyboard is a magnetic base that snaps onto the Smart Connect component of the iPad. The iPad can detect when a keyboard is present, and it automatically pairs with it. In addition, the keyboard draws its power exclusively from the tablet, which means you never have to charge it. The two halves of the case fall together to enclose your tablet in a cocoon of soft, rubberized plastic material.

The Logitech Combo Touch is available in two colors: sand and oxford grey.

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Logitech Combo Touch: Modes

Photo by Logitech via Logitech Official Website


Like other mart keyboards for iPad, the Logitech Combo Touch has a kickstand to change its angulation or position. Here are the different “modes” to choose from with the Combo Touch:


View Mode

View Mode when the kickstand tilts your iPad by about twenty degrees backward so that it’s in a semi-vertical position. This Mode is ideal for watching movies and videos. You can choose to leave the keyboard attached or detach it for the sake of simplicity.


Type Mode

The Type Mode mimics the appearance and form of a laptop and is used for tasks that require your keyboard. In this case, the keyboard is attached to the tablet, and the kickstand tilts the iPad backward at a thirty to forty-degree angle.


Sketch Mode

Sketch Mode is when your kickstand leans backward at a much lower angle than Type Mode (about 20 degrees). If you often use your iPad for creative projects, then this Mode is for you.


Read Mode

Read Mode is when the kickstand is neatly tucked into its place with the keyboard detached. It practically takes your iPad back into its original form, except that, in this case, it has something to protect it from external elements.


Logitech Combo Touch: Keyboard Quality

Keyboard Quality
Photo by Corinne Kutz via Pexels


Most people buy a smart keyboard primarily for the sake of the keyboard. Most people want to have a physical keyboard instead of the digital keyboard offered by the iPad. This is why it’s important to have a functional and comfortable keyword that you can work with all day long. Let’s take a look at the quality of the Logitech Combo Touch across different aspects of keyboard quality:



The keyboard itself is both sturdy yet comfortable to use. The keys are soft to the touch and backlit, so you can still see what you are typing even in the dark. The keys are well-spaced, which is impressive considering that it only has about 11 to 12 inches of space to work with. Nonetheless, it’s still smaller than your average keyboard. The keys push down by 1mm, just enough to make you feel the difference between a touchscreen and an actual keyboard.

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Keyboard Deck

One of the key measures for keyboard quality relates to stability. Stability has to do with whether the keyboard shifts in position when you type or place the device on top of a surface other than your desk. In the case of the Logitech Combo Touch, the keyboard is relatively stable under normal conditions where a flat desk is used. It’s even capable of keeping itself balanced when placed on top of your lap. Unlike other models that need to lift a few degrees while typing, the keyboard stays flat.



 The trackpad is a delight as well. It’s a little bigger than the trackpad on the Apple Magic Keyboard, and it’s impressively accurate and responsive. Overall, the trackpad offers a consistent and smooth sailing experience, and there are no lags whenever you open apps or files. Additionally, the trackpad is comfortable to touch, and you glide your fingers through any portion of it.



Logitech Combo lets you control the brightness of the backlights on the keys. A dedicated app offers 16 levels of backlights, and even the weakest level will let you see your keys in the dark. Besides offering controls for backlights, the app also offers 14 shortcut keys for navigating your iPad.


Logitech Combo Touch: Alternatives

Logitech Alternatives
Photo by Kampus Production via Pexels


There is a large selection of removable keyboards in the market, but most are for Android. Logitech’s Combo Touch is one of the few options specifically made for iPads, though it’s hardly the first one to be offered. Here are some of the alternatives to Combo Touch that you can look into:


Brydge Pro Plus

The Brydge Pro Plus is a smart keyboard designed for the iPad Pro. The device has an aluminum base with a magnetic cover for latching onto your iPad. The Logitech Combo Touch has a few features in common, including widely spaced keys, a reliable trackpad, and backlights. On the downside, the Brydge Plus is quite heavy, which can make it difficult to take with you on out-of-town trips. The device retails for USD 199, the same price as the Logitech Combo Touch.


Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple’s Magic Keyboard was one of the first removable keyboards in the market, and Apple upgraded it in 2021. The Magic Keyboard has the same compatibility as the Logitech Combo Touch (iPad Air, iPad Pro 11-inch, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch). The Magic Keyboard functions like any other smart keyboard, but it differs design-wise. For starters, it’s a single device that connects to the iPad through the case instead of the keyboard. This makes the case highly flexible in terms of angulation. On the downside, it’s pretty expensive at USD 299.


Apple Smart Keyboard

The Apple Smart Keyboard is a lighter, slimmer, and more cost-effective version of the Magic Keyboard. At 297 grams, the device is only half as heavy as the Logitech Combo or the Apple Magic Keyboard, which are both approximately 600 grams. The keyboard slips into the left side of the iPad Pro and connects to the Smart Connector. The case of the keyboard then extends underneath the keyboard and onto the back of the iPad, but it only reaches up until the kickstand at the midpoint. Unfortunately, the kickstand only allows for a single position, and that is the typing position. But we can forgive these weaknesses since the device retails for only USD 99.


Final Thoughts on the Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch
Photo by mohamed hassan via Pixabay


The Logitech Combo Touch is a high-quality keyboard that can truly make you feel like using a Macbook. The device attaches quite easily to your iPad, and it makes it easy to forget that it’s not part of your iPad. While the device isn’t cost-effective by most standards, it does offer a lot to warrant what you paid for. It offers excellent build quality and comfort, keyboard shortcuts, and “modes” that allow you to handle any professional or personal task. While the Logitech Combo Touch may be an early-generation product, it’s already showing a lot of promise. With a few more steps towards the right direction, we may begin to see more smart keyboards, and then maybe tablets can finally replace netbooks as laptop alternatives.

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