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Is the Later Instagram Tool a Must for Digital Marketers?

Later Instagram Featured

Instagram is a popular social media platform. It has many unique features such as photo filters, hashtags, stories, direct messages, and many more! Because of its unique features, Instagram grew in popularity, and more people are using Instagram to connect with friends or for their businesses. With so many benefits that Instagram offers to businesses, this social media platform is a great way to conduct business. However, managing several Instagram accounts requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately for you, the Later Instagram tool is here to help you out!

If you want to learn more about the Later Instagram tool and how it can help you effectively manage multiple Instagram accounts to grow your business, continue reading the article below.


What Is Later Instagram Posting Tool?


Formerly known as Latergramme, Later is one of the pioneering social media automation schedulers dedicated to Instagram. Eventually, the platform also expanded to visual marketing for Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Later now has around two million subscribers worldwide.

Later is a trusted partner of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, which lets them offer partner programs to help businesses grow on whatever social media they choose. They offer comprehensive guides and training programs, showing Later’s expertise, especially on Instagram. Their focus is on three areas: advertising technology, community management, and content marketing.

Later can be enjoyed through the web and mobile apps on iOS and Android by many users globally.


Later Subscription & Cost

Pricing Plans Later
Screenshot from Later


Later Instagram tool is a great way for you to boost your business. You might be so excited to try it out — and rightly so! If you want to learn more about Later Instagram’s subscription and payment plans, read the section below.


Subscription Tiers

There are four major plans that Later offers. One comes for absolutely free. This means that you do not have to pay for anything to avail of the awesome features of this social media automation tool – zero, zilch, nada!

Here are the subscription tiers that Later offers:



  • This plan is used for individuals who want their Instagram page to grow!
  • Includes one social set.
  • Good for one user.
  • 30 posts per social profile.
  • No add-ons are available. Do note that the Free plan does not have the following features:
    • Additional Social Sets
    • Instagram Stories Scheduling
    • Instagram Best time to post
    • Hashtag suggestions
    • Live Chat Support



  • This plan is best used for building your social strategy.
  • $15.00/month or $12.50/month if annually charged.
  • 60 posts per social profile.
  • Good for one user.
  • Includes one social set.
  • Add-ons are the following:
    • Social Sets – priced at $12.50 per month.
    • Users – priced at $5 per month.



  • This is great for growing your brand and driving engagement.
  • $25.00/month or $20.83/month if annually charged.
  • 150 posts per social profile.
  • Good for three users.
  • Includes one social set.
  • Add-ons are the following:
    • Social Sets – priced at $20.83 per month.
    • Users – priced at $5 per month.



  • This is good for managing social media with a larger team
  • $40/month or $33.33/month if annually charged.
  • Unlimited posts.
  • Good for six users.
  • Includes one social set.
  • Add-ons are the following:
    • Social Sets – priced at $33.33 per month.
    • Users – priced at $5 per month.


Accepted Payment Methods

There is no credit card needed for the free plan because it costs $0 for you to enjoy the amazing features of Later Instagram. For the Starter, Growth, and Advanced plans, they accept all major credit cards. These include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. Lastly, Visa debit cards are also accepted.


Later Instagram Posting Tool Features

Later Instagram Marketing
Photo from Later


With Later, you can manage your Instagram profile like a pro. Here are its amazing features:


Visual Planner

The drag and drop calendar allows you to schedule a week’s worth of posts in just a few simple clicks of dragging and dropping. You can select your photos and videos and drop them onto your calendar when you want them to go out. You ultimately determine when they are ready to publish.


Hashtag Tools

The Later Instagram tool can suggest hashtags you can use based on your preferences. You can also create lists of hashtags that you can use for different posts.


Personalized Insight

With the Later Instagram tool, you know when the best time is to post for your target audience with their personalized insight feature. You can forego the guesswork associated with scheduling with this feature. You can also learn when your followers are the most engaged. This allows the program to inform you when to post for maximum engagement.


Finding the Right Content

Instagram Stories Later
Photo from Later


Later uses UGC or user-generated content that is essential for your Instagram marketing strategy. This is why Later uses these tools to find shareable content through mentions, tags, hashtags, and even URLs.


Metrics That Matter

Most social media automation tools only provide 30-day metrics. Later goes above and beyond by giving you metrics that matter. Their metrics include story analytics, detailed posts, and audience insights.


Instagram Analytics

With this feature, you can increase your engagement, optimize your stories, and drive traffic with this tool.


Increased Engagement Rate

Later automatically calculates your engagement rate, as well as ranking posts by engagement rate and having the ability to see your best-performing posts at a glance.


Posting Time Optimization

With Later, you can optimize your posting times by automatically calculating your top posts with more engagements. It also showcases the peak hours for audience engagement. Lastly, the platform uses location data in order to learn the best time zones.


Getting More Views

Your Instagram page can have more views by checking how your stories are performing. They do this by ranking your impressions, reach, completion rate, reply count, and much more! You can also get detailed analytics for each of your posted stories.


Attracting the Right Followers

With Later, you can attract the right followers by getting more data and statistics on your audience demographics, location information, track your follower growth, and use the Instagram hashtag analytics to discover what hashtags perform best.


Improving Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram analytics help you improve your business marketing strategy by seeing the overall performance of your Instagram account, having access to the detailed performance of each of your posts and story, and viewing the rank of each of your posts.


Driving Traffic From Instagram

You can encourage your potential clients to your Instagram account by knowing information about website clicks, tracking click-through rates, and finding out which of your posts is driving the most traffic and sales.
Screenshot from Later is the free and easy way to drive traffic and have more sales through your Instagram account. With, you can drive traffic, track sales, optimize your Instagram bio, and embed anywhere.


User-Generated Content

With the Later Instagram tool, you can have that human touch with your followers by sharing user-generated content. This feature allows you to find photos and videos that are cohesive with your brand. In just a few simple clicks, you can share away and continue to engage with your followers.


Later Pros & Cons



  • Later is a great social media automation tool that utilizes time-saving features like scheduling and reporting.
  • Monthly newsletters update clients on the latest industry trends and features of Later.
  • User-friendly features allow users to easily upload photos and schedule Instagram posts with just a few clicks.
  • The ability to schedule posts months in advance is certainly a game-changer for many Later users!


  • PayPal is not an accepted payment method for Later.
  • Photo upload quality can sometimes be blurry with the bulk upload feature.


Later vs Other Social Media Management Tools


Photo from Sendible


Sendible has a user-friendly interface that users love. This social media automation platform also has quick posting features. What users do not like about Sendible is its limited features. They also do not have a clickable calendar to check which dates their posts are supposed to go out.



AgoraPulse Featured
Photo from AgoraPulse


Agorapulse boasts a user-friendly interface and amazing features like the ability for users to centralize monitoring and messaging, edit and duplicate posts, and a fully customizable report.

Some user reviews have pointed out that Agorapulse has poor integration with Instagram. Users also wish to scroll with the mouse on the listening channel and have a clearer notification system.



Photo from Buffer


Buffer has an extremely easy feature to use for scheduling social media posts. They also boast a good customer support service. Buffer also has the Pablo built-in image tool.

Unfortunately, Buffer took away one of their prime features, like the optimal timing feature. Some of the free features were transferred over to the paid version. Lastly, the reporting and analytics features from Buffer could be better.


Is the Later Instagram Tool a Must for Digital Marketers?

Later is a groundbreaking innovator for social media automation for popular social media websites and apps. It boasts a comprehensive portfolio of powerful features that can help you drive sales on your Instagram page!

What’s more, is that you can use it for free, or if you are planning to purchase the paid version, it is very cost-efficient compared to other social media automation platforms out there. You can never go wrong with Later!

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