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Is Sprinklr What Your Brand Needs? (Review)

Is Sprinklr What Your Brand Needs?

In this day and age, social media is king. There is no denying that businesses are reliant on what the masses say, post, watch, hear, and even react to on social media. Social media has given modern society a platform wherein they reign and what they say goes. This is where Sprinklr comes in as your knight in shining armor for social media management.

If you think you need Sprinklr to tame the dragon that is social media, our guide will help you out.


What Is Sprinklr?

Sprinklr Logo
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Sprinklr is not the tiny device that sprays water to wilting plants and fire-ravaged buildings. Instead, it is a robust customer experience platform. But just like its gardening and fire-extinguishing counterpart, it’s a great tool for growth. Sprinklr boasts a 360-degree social media management system. This can help brands reach out to customers in a personalized way without sacrificing efficiency.

Sprinklr Modern Engagement aims to help businesses become customer-first organizations. It will also help propel the business to new levels of success. Sprinklr provides companies a convenient way to access all their marketing channels in one complete platform. This way, they can take any engagement data and utilize them to build entirely personalized user advertising.

Sprinklr’s powerful software has empowered tons of household names such as Nike, Prada, and more. Its immense success has paved a way for an IPO with its valuation at $5 billion dollars.


How Much Is a Sprinklr Subscription?

How much exactly does Sprinklr cost? Unfortunately, Sprinklr does not provide public pricing. You would need to contact the Sprinklr team and request a tour for more product information. The cost of Sprinklr’s service depends on the various functionalities that your brand needs.

Also, note that the size of your business and the number of users will also be considered in the final pricing. There will be an RFP process with the Sprinklr team that defines the terms, licenses, and pricing for your business.

Sprinklr is given an 8/10 by ITQlick, which is more than the typical CRM software cost. But for a single platform where you can do all your social marketing and advertising, Sprinklr’s software as a service (SaaS) just might make it worth your dollar bills.

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Sprinklr Features

This social media jack of all trades comes with an extensive list of features to accommodate all your marketing and communication needs. Sprinklr comes integrated with products consisting of Modern Advertising and Marketing, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement and Sales. These products are fruits of a vast list of features Sprinklr offers.


Social Management With Ease

Social Management With Ease
Photo by Magnus Mueller


With Sprinklr, social management would become a seamless process. It is an all-in-one artificial intelligence-powered platform. Your brand can get a broader view of their online performance and influence and act more efficiently.

At its core, social media management is what drives Sprinklr. This feature includes the basics you would need for social management:

  • Social Analytics
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Social Ads, Publishing and Engagement


Content and Collaboration Optimization

Content fuels the clicks and views on social media. Sprinklr is here to help you organize and set up the content you want to post. Your team can create compelling content that offers tailored experiences at scale using AI analytics. This applies across all channels, markets, and business units.

Sprinklr also allows multiple access on the platform, making content creation and collaboration amongst your team more dynamic. Moreover, this feature aims to boost team effort and effectiveness. You can get more personalized interaction with customers thanks to this boost. Under this, Sprinklr provides:

  • Content Calendar
  • Content Library
  • Shared Inbox
  • Approval Workflows
  • Users and Permissions


Monitoring and Listening With Sprinklr

Sprinklr dashboard 2
Photo from Sprinklr


Most companies spend more on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing. However, most businesses are bad at regulating their digital spending, which is counterproductive. How else would you measure your return on investment?

With Sprinklr’s Modern Marketing and Advertising, you’ll be able to gauge your company’s campaigns and brands as quantitative indicators. This will enable you to analyze trends and anticipate consumer attitudes. Not only that, but Sprinklr can also give you the inside scoop regarding conversations about your competitors. This gives you the chance to compare your performance against them. This feature includes:

  • Social Measurement
  • Influencer Identification
  • Trend Analysis
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Visitor Activity


Custom Data Management and Analysis

Sprinklr Dashboard 1
Photo from Sprinklr


With Sprinklr’s Modern Research, you’ll get a better understanding of feedback on your products and services. You will also get key insights into your competitors’ promotions and plans. Sprinklr can empower your brand to identify industry trends and capitalize on new opportunities. This is all thanks to its unique AI software capable of making over four billion predictions regularly.

Sprinklr also provides your team with real-time data on current and viral events, anticipating company crises. This will then enable you to make informed decisions concerning your media presence and influence. Some of the analyses Sprinklr offers include:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Reporting
  • Advanced-Data Filtering
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Post Performance
  • Hashtag Analysis


Comprehensive All-in-One Platform

Sprinklr’s most prized possession is its impressive platform. It boasts a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) powered by industry-leading artificial intelligence home to its Modern Care, Modern Research, Modern Marketing and Advertising, and Modern Sales and Engagement products.

The Sprinklr platform can run through data across over 35 digital social channels, enabling your brand to track every action, adjust workflows as needed, and access data all under one platform, empowering your company with seamless social media management and giving your customers more memorable experiences.


Advantages of Sprinklr


Convenience of Sprinklr
Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Convenience can surely be guaranteed with Sprinklr. Sprinklr offers services in content management, listening, publishing, advocacy, social asset management, analytics, and many more social media fields. These can all be accessed in one very convenient platform powered by robust AI technology.

You can connect with your customers, work with your colleagues, and track your whole digital presence all at once. Social media can indeed be overwhelming as it continues to expand through different platforms and apps, but Sprinklr can give your brand and your company global access with one central control.


Proven and Tested Success

Sprinklr has been in the game since its inception in 2009. It has been making history having the first-ever unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM).

There’s no need to wonder whether your brand will be able to reach its digital marketing goals. Over 1,000 companies can testify to Sprinklr’s effectiveness. Big brand names include Proctor and Gamble, Philipps, and Shell among others.


Training to Understand Sprinklr

A SaaS like Sprinklr can be daunting to take in for people who aren’t tech-savvy but want their brand to reach its potential. Well, fear not! Sprinklr offers training to its clients to empower them to take advantage of the platform.

There is onsite and online training available to help you master the software. Every account is assigned a Success Manager who will assist you with the system’s use for the rest of your Sprinklr journey.


Mobile App for iOS and Android

Sprinklr is taking productivity to new heights following its release of a new mobile app for iOS and Android.

With the Sprinklr app, you can access your dashboards and publish or post on the go. You can access new personalized dashboards with a new simplified interface that can help you respond, correct, and even approve tasks. The best part? You can do all of these right on your mobile phone.

The app also features prioritized notifications so you never miss a deadline.


Drawbacks of Sprinklr


Money Budgeting
Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels


For smaller businesses, it can be difficult to subscribe to Sprinklr’s social media management modules. The pricing may be something you need to take into account. While Sprinklr is definitely worth the price, its exorbitant custom pricing will be a challenge for smaller agencies.


So Many Options, So Little Time

It’s an understatement to say that using Sprinklr has a steep learning curve. With a unified platform, there’s a lot to work with. This can be good for some and daunting for others.  You are presented with so many options and features; it might take time to master it all.


Slow Customer Service and Technical Support

Now do take this with a grain of salt, as Sprinklr does handle over 1,000 clients worldwide. However, with a company charging you premium fees, you would expect nothing but the best. Many Sprinklr users have complained about how it takes time to get a response from their customer service and technical support. Even for those with only one-off questions.


Sprinklr vs Other Social Media Management Platforms

Sprinklr is a huge platform that can cover over 35 social media channels with what seems like endless features. So when asked who Sprinklr’s direct competitor is, the answer can be complicated. The platform offers all kinds of services known to social media management. However, here’s a list of social media management platforms that are looking to overthrow Sprinklr off its digital throne.



Screenshot from Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social media management app created in 2008. This platform uses a browser-based dashboard that allows users to keep up to date on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

HBO, Panasonic, Virgin Group, and The Gap are some of the big corporations and brands that use Hootsuite offering features such as Publish, Engage, Monitor, Advertise, and Analyze on their platform.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social: Social Media Management Solutions
Photo from Sprout Social

Over 25,000 brands and businesses use Sprout Social for their social media management needs. They offer extensive social media listening and analytics, publishing, and customer care solutions. Sprout Social’s analytics deliver quantitative and contextual data across different social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Sprout Social also offers a free 30-day trial for brands and agencies big or small.

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Screenshot from Falcon is another social media management platform. It aims to help brands monitor, publish, engage, analyze, and manage customer data. Their Listen feature is powered by Brandwatch, which can observe brands across 100 million online sources. These allow companies to discover trends in real-time.

You can subscribe to’s Essential services for only $108 per month or enjoy a 14-day free trial. This can connect up to five of the most used social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, and YouTube.

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Zendesk Inc. - Introducing the New Zendesk: Built for Better Customer Relationships
Photo from Zendesk

Zendesk focuses more on customer care rather than social media management itself. It’s a help desk software with major clients like Airbnb, Uber, and Shopify. They offer Zendesk for Service and Zendesk for Sales. These aim to fulfill your brand’s customers the best experience. You can also opt for a free trial to test it out.

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How Does Sprinklr Stack Up Against Competitors?

Is it because of the sheer depth of its all-in-one unified customer experience management platform? Or the fact that Sprinklr is now the top-rated product by users and analysts? Yes and yes.

Sprinklr combines all social media tasks from over 20 social media channels in a cohesive, centralized system of engagement, which can efficiently enable your team to carry out digital marketing duties whilst engaging with your customers all at the same time. It empowers your brand to connect to your greatest asset, your customers, in a personalized and efficient way.

The platform also takes security and governance seriously. Sprinklr also works to lower the risk to your brand by protecting your brand reputation and data with high-grade security features, such as message encryption, SFTP transfers, and SAML. Sprinklr’s platform features a built-in automation system that is entirely customizable to your digital marketing needs. Sprinklr allows you to automate inefficient manual processes so you can concentrate on critical projects and improve your brand.


Final Word

Sprinklr Modern Management is one of the most comprehensive social media management tools out there now. It’s a marketing and data analyst’s dream! So, If you’re looking to conquer the world with your brand, Sprinklr might just give you the map, the army, and the very ship.

With Sprinklr, you can have social media working for you instead of against you and give you that push to the edge to land your digital marketing goals.

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