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Is SocialPilot the Best Social Media Management Tool Today?

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With so many social media sites out there, people would be excited to create accounts for every one of them. Some want to explore the new features of newer platforms, while others aim to share moments with their loved ones. On the other hand, there are businesses and marketing professionals who use social media to expand their influence. No matter what your purpose is, it can be difficult to manage several social media accounts. Fortunately, SocialPilot is here to help you out!

Updating multiple social media accounts is a breeze with SocialPilot. Here’s your guide to learning more about what SocialPilot can offer you.


What Is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot logo
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SocialPilot is a marketing tool for your social media accounts that allows you to create and schedule your posts and even track their performance. It is used by avid social media professionals, bloggers and vloggers, and digital marketing agencies.

Founded in 2014 by Jimit Bagadiya and Tejas Mehta, SocialPilot was built primarily to help social media users increase their efficiency and presence online. One of their goals is to help teams of professionals and businesses have a more automated social media activity. It starts with choosing what content to publish, all the way to analyzing your post’s performance so you know what types of posts would elicit the most reaction from your target audience.


SocialPilot Subscription & Cost

SocialPilot Plans
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SocialPilot offers reasonable subscription and payment schemes. Do note that you can get started with a 14-day free trial. They also have a hassle-free cancellation policy.


Subscription Tiers

They have four subscription plans as follows:



  • $85/month, charged annually


Small Team

  • $42.50/monthly, charged per year
  • This is the best-seller. However, this plan does not offer a concierge set-up.



  • $25.50/monthly, charged per year
  • PDF reports, social inbox, client management, and concierge set-up are features that are not included in this plan.


Enterprise and Custom Plans

This custom plan will be based on your organization’s social media activity needs. The objective of this plan is to bring in more revenue for you through SocialPilot features.

To get more information, why not check their pricing plans.


Accepted Payment Methods

SocialPilot accepts PayPal and all major credit card lines. Payments are made in US dollars.


SocialPilot Features

SocialPilot has many features you can utilize to maximize automation for social, digital marketing. With SocialPilot, you can work on your accounts with precision and efficiency. Continue reading to see what awesome features SocialPilot has to offer.


Connect 50+ Accounts and Schedule Posts

50 accounts
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With many social media accounts, you can connect better with your family and friends. If you are using social media for digital marketing, this is a good thing because you have a wider breadth of connection to a probable audience.

However, having too many social media accounts can be cumbersome. Much time and effort would need to be invested for you to be active in all of it. One of the SocialPilot features is that you can immediately connect 50+ social media accounts and schedule posts simultaneously! This automated tool will help you be active in all your social media accounts for digital marketing.


Bulk Scheduling

If you want to schedule posts 24 hours ahead, then this SocialPilot feature can help you out. The Bulk Scheduling feature allows you to schedule up to 500 posts for even up to months in advance! This feature also allows you to edit, delete, or move posts if you need to.


Analyze, Monitor, and Report Your Social Performance

Statistics and data are important in any business. You can have access to powerful and easy-to-understand social media analytics tools to improve your social media performance.


Social Inbox

Social Inbox
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To be active in your social media accounts, you must invest time and effort in responding to messages, comments, etc. While this can be difficult to do with multiple social media accounts, SocialPilot helps you respond quickly and efficiently with the Social Inbox feature.

As a result, you can respond to comments, messages, and posts on social media accounts. As well as moderate all your social media pages and conversations on a real-time basis.


Manage Your Social Media Team

With SocialPilot, you can also manage your team with their Social Media Team and Work feature. You can delegate tasks with this feature, and you can also review their posts, provide feedback before approving their posts or responses.


Content Curation, Discovery, and Custom Feeds

Content creation
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You can receive relevant information related to your product or service and schedule it so you can publish it automatically. You can also add RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and enable the auto-sharing mode for an efficient process!


Visualize Your Strategy on Social Media Calendar

Strategy is an important aspect for any business, and SocialPilot is no exception. In fact, SocialPilot can help you strategize your social media activity through the Social Media Calendar function.

The Social Media Calendar feature allows you to keep track of posts on various social media accounts. Also, with the data you will get, you can better strategize what types of posts your intended audience reacts to.


Post Boosting

Post Boosting
Screenshot from SocialPilot


Get more engagements by boosting your posts. This feature partners with Facebook to have a flawless and noiseless ad management experience.


Other Features

  • Content Curation
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • URL shortening
  • Browser Extension
  • Visual Support
  • Client Management


SocialPilot Pros & Cons


  • Good-value plans
  • Supports all major social media platforms
  • Amazing social media automated tools like Social Listening, Scheduling, etc.
  • Powerful analytics
  • Content curation features
  • Bulk Scheduling allows images
  • Reseller options available


  • Instagram analytics lack analytics features
  • No free plan


SocialPilot vs Other Social Media Management Tools


Screenshot from Hootsuite


Hootsuite is probably one of the biggest competitors of SocialPilot when it comes to social media automation and management. Like SocialPilot, its user interface is easy to use, and it also boasts an organized flow.

Meanwhile, some users have pointed out how Hootsuite looks cluttered with many small icons scattered on the page. Others also commented on not being able to do a mass duplicate function for their social media accounts.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social
Photo from Sprout Social


Sprout Social is another wonderful social media automation tool. One of the most powerful features of Sprout Social is the social listening feature. Why? Because it allows users to get informative data on the information they need from their target audience.

On the other hand, there are inaccuracies in analytics in popular social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter because of the different processes of how they gather statistics. Others also commented that the inability to schedule posts ahead of time is a major setback in Sprout Social.


Zoho Social

Zoho Social
Photo from Zoho official website

Zoho Social boasts of a simple and user-friendly interface that many of their clients appreciate. They also have great customer service if clients have questions. However, users also comment on the lack of integration with popular social media platforms like Tiktok and Pinterest.


Is SocialPilot the Best Social Media Management Tool for You?

SocialPilot is one of the leading social media automation tools out there. It boasts comprehensive and powerful features that make you more effective in the world of digital marketing so that you can spend more time in value-adding activities. It also has a market-competitive pricing plan that is cheaper than others! If you want to have a hassle-free experience in managing your social media accounts, then you have to choose SocialPilot.

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