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10 Best Smart Luggage for Secure and Convenient Travel

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Smart Luggage

Anyone with traveling experience can tell you that traveling can be both exciting yet stressful. You can encounter a lot of inconveniences along the way, and these can throw off your schedules and plans. This is why you may want a piece of luggage packed with features that can make your stay at the terminal much easier. All things considered, smart luggage offers practical features to keep your travels safe and enjoyable.

Let’s take a look at some of the best smart luggage and the features that they offer.


Smart Luggage
Photo by JESHOOTS via Unsplash


What Is Smart Luggage?

Smart luggage is a type of luggage that carries extra features or technology to make your life easier. It shares the same essential function as any other luggage in that it carries your things. But it’s capable of doing things that your regular luggage cannot.

Most smart luggage provides a port through which you can charge your phone. Some can track your luggage via GPS. Others can secure your things with electronic locks. Still, others present you with an app from which to control the functions of your luggage.

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10 Best Smart Luggage for Secure and Convenient Travel

Smart Luggage
Photo by tookapic via Pixabay

Smart luggage comes in many different shapes and sizes. Each of these options comes with its own bells and whistles, which most likely won’t affect its weight. But at the very least, these types of luggage offer the tools that you may need to get a few things done while on transit. We’ve listed some of the smart luggage brands that stand out:



The Andiamo Classico luggage is hard-shell-type luggage. The luggage has a glossy exterior because of its polycarbonate material. Its handle and frame are made of aluminum. Inside the luggage are compartments for your clothes and your laptop. It also comes with a completely removable case in case some items don’t fit.

The luggage has a total of eight wheels that can spin in multiple directions. The wheels are distributed across the four corners of the bottom part of the bag. They are designed to be multi-directional, meaning they can switch and glide in any direction. This should allow the luggage to resist damage via sudden pulls and changes in direction.

The Andiamo is available in a single size only. It has the following dimensions: 22 inches (height) X 14 inches (length) by X 8.5 inches (width). It’s also available in three colors: black onyx, red ruby, and royal sapphire. The most popular color is black onyx.


Smart Features

The most convenient feature of the Andiamo is most likely its USB charging port. On the other side of the port is a pocket that’s meant to hold your power bank. The power bank is not provided so you’ll have to bring your own. This will allow you to charge your phone and other devices while you wait at the airport. Its interior is lined with aluminum to protect your things better.

It also features two TSA-approved locks for extra security. This type of lock has a special code that TSA officers would know about, so they can open and inspect your things without breaking the lock. It will also keep your zippers together during travel, and you can open it using a number combination. In addition, the pocket designated to store your IDs are made of RFID-resistant material. This is meant to protect your RF smart cards, IDs, and passports.



The Samsonite Underseat Carry-On Spinner is a soft-shell type smart luggage. As a carry-on, this luggage is small enough to fit comfortably under the seat or in the overhead bin. Its exterior is crafted with thick polyester that should withstand light rain, dust, and even sunlight.

The luggage has two compartments that make it look like a laptop backpack. The larger compartment has a dedicated laptop sleeve for your devices. However, this compartment can only fit a 13-inch laptop. It includes a couple of compartments inside to help you organize your things.

The luggage has four spinner wheels that can rotate in a 360-degree direction. This should allow you to pull the luggage in any direction that you please.

This Underseat Spinner from Samsonite has the following dimensions: 16.5 inches (height) x 13.75 inches (length) x 9 inches (width). It’s noticeably smaller than your typical luggage and is available in three colors: purple, blue, and black.


Smart Features

The key feature of the Underseat Spinner is its USB charging port. The port is located on the side of the luggage, and you can use this to connect your battery bank to your device. It doesn’t come with its own battery bank, so you’ll have to provide your own. But nonetheless, it’s a good way to charge your phone while waiting to board your flight. We would have liked to see TSA locks as well, but there are a lot of standard locks that you can use.



The TPRC Smart Under-Seat Carry-On is a soft-shell type smart luggage. As a carry-on, the compartment does not need to be placed in the airline cargo hold. Its exterior is made up of thick polyester that will protect your things from rain, dust, and sunlight.

The luggage has a number of compartments for storage. The two small compartments at the front and on the sides are meant to store smaller items. The main compartment has a barrier inside it to help you keep your items from spilling out. You will also find smaller pockets inside the main compartments to store your valuables. At the back is a strap to help the bag attach to a carry-on.

The luggage also features a single, in-line skating wheel on each side. This type of wheel doesn’t rotate in 360-degrees, but it does offer a smooth glide across most surfaces. The quality of the wheels will also make you feel less of the weight as you pull the luggage.

The TPRC Smart Underseat Carry-On follows the TSA-approved size for carry-ons. It has the following dimensions: 14 inches (length) x 15 inches (height) x 8.5 inches (width). The luggage is available in three colors: purple, blue, and black.


Smart Features

The TPRC Smart Underseat has its own USB charging port located on the side of the bag. On the other side of the port, inside the luggage, is a small pocket dedicated to storing your power bank. The port is also strategically placed above the side pocket, which is meant to catch whatever device you are charging. It doesn’t have TSA locks, but then you can always provide your own.



The Wrangler Smart Spinner is a hard-shell type of smart luggage. It has a tough exterior that’s made of polycarbonate material. It’s built to resist heavy rains, sunlight, and even dust. The rugged exterior adds plus points for durability. It will also help the luggage resist the impact of an accidental drop or crushing force due to heavy objects being piled on top of it.

The luggage opens up like a bookcase to ensure that both sides are utilized. The opening flap features a special compartment for your travel document or devices. Meanwhile, the main compartment is spacious enough for about a week’s worth of clothes. It’s also protected with a Velcro strap that should help hold your items together.

The luggage features a pair of 360-degree spinning wheels that follow your movements. It’s meant to keep the wheels from breaking due to sudden changes in direction. It also makes for a very comfortable pull.

The Wrangler has a bulkier appearance than your standard luggage. It has an average height and length but thicker width. It has the following dimensions: 20 inches (height) x 14. 5 inches (length) x 11 inches (width). There are four color options for the Wrangler carry-on. That includes black, burnt orange, blue, and grey.


Smart Features

The Wrangler Smart Spinner has an aperture at the back that is its key feature. This aperture can either hold your coffee cup or your phone while you charge the latter. It opens up like a flap and connects to a small hole where you can slip the USB port for charging. It’s also the perfect alternative to a table when you’re at the airport or other type of terminal.



The Verdi Carry-on is a hard-shell type of smart luggage. As a carry-on, the luggage is meant to fit underneath your seat or inside the overhead compartment. At the bottom of the carry-on is a handle that you can use to lift the case to the overhead bin. The carry-on is also coated in the same polycarbonate material typical of hard-side luggage.  This material adds to the durability factor of the device. It also makes it simultaneously waterproof, wind-proof, and dust-proof.

The interior of the luggage has been sub-divided into compartments to make it easier to pack. An X-shaped Velcro strap is held above the main compartment. This is meant to keep your things in place at all times. The luggage itself can adjust by a few inches in terms of width. This should allow you to pack in more items in case you go overboard with shopping.

The wheels of the luggage can spin in a 360-degree direction. This should allow for smooth pulling in any direction. The wheels are also designed to stay quiet as you pull it along. It features an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and a comfortable pull.

The Verdi Carry-On is available in three different sizes. But the item we reviewed is the smallest in size with the following dimensions: 20 inches (height) x 14 inches (length) x 8 inches (width). The carry-on comes in four color options which include black, burgundy, navy, and rose gold.

The Verdi Carry-Ons are often sold as a three-piece set. It comes with three pieces of luggage of the same issue and physical design, but different sizes.


Smart Features

The carry-on lets you charge your phone through a USB port placed on its side. You’re meant to put your power bank inside the bag and then string the cord along through the port to your device. It’s a more subtle way to get your device charged without pulling everything out.

Unfortunately, the luggage doesn’t feature a TSA lock since this is reserved for the 28-inch version of the luggage.



The Dejuno Garland Carry-On is a hard side-type of smart luggage. The carry-on follows the TSA standard for luggage that is intended for overhead or under-seat placement. It’s made up of hard plastic material on the outside, which is meant to protect your belongings from the elements. It’s also expandable by about 2 inches to help you fit in more items than you originally came in with.

The interior of the luggage is padded with a thin waterproof material to cushion your clothes. The main compartment is protected by X-shaped Velcro straps. This will help keep your items in place even when you open the luggage upright.

The luggage features an eight-wheel 360-navigation. The wheels will follow your every direction, and you won’t have difficulty pulling it around. It also features a push-button telescopic handle for an extra-comfortable grip.

The carry-on follows the TSA guidelines in terms of size. it has the following dimensions: 20 inches (height) x 13.5 inches (length) x 8.5 inches (width). There are five color options for this luggage. That includes black, burgundy, green, grey, and navy.

The Dejuno Garland Carry-On is often sold as a three-piece set. It comes with three pieces of luggage of the same issue and physical design, but different sizes.


Smart Features

The Dejuno Garland carries not one but two USB charging ports located on the left and right sections of the luggage. It features an interior pocket (7 inches x 3.5 inches) designed to carry your power bank as it charges your device.

In addition to the charging port is a security feature in the form of a TSA-approved lock. The lock holds both ends of the zipper of your main compartment in place so that only you or a TSA officer can open them. Naturally, it will be unlocked upon inspection at the airport, and the TSA lock should make it easier for the TSA officer.



TravelPro’s Platinum Elite Underseat Spinner is a soft-side type of smart luggage. Its external body is made up of thick polyester material that resists light rain, dust, and even sunlight. The carry-on has three layers of zippered pockets, starting with a small pocket at the front, a middle pocket for your documents, and the main compartment for your clothes.

The main compartment is lined with a soft, waterproof fabric to cushion your clothes and is lined with small pockets, including a special compartment for your laptop. The compartment is lined with nylon material to protect your laptop from water spillages and hard objects that may scratch its surface.

The Platinum Elite has a precision-glide system that allows its wheels to move in multiple directions. In addition to its spinning wheels, it features a PowerGlide handle for ultra-comfortable grip. The full weight of the luggage is directed towards the wheels so that the handle can glide lightly along.

The Platinum Elite Carry-On is a little shorter in height compared to most carry-ons. It has the following dimensions: 16 inches (height) x 14 inches (length) x 9 inches (width). There are three color options for the Platinum Elite Carry-On. These include red, brown, and black.


Smart Features

The Platinum Elite carries a USB charging port to its side. This port connects to a special pocket that can store your power bank. This setup makes for a cleaner and more discreet way to charge your devices at the airport. Charging your devices this way is also a better option than charging them in a public charging station.



The Samsonite Centric Carry-On Spinner is a hard-side style smart luggage. The suitcase is made up of high-quality polycarbonate, which allows it to have a shiny finish. The lightweight exterior makes it easier to carry the suitcase, especially when it’s empty. The same material is responsible for making the luggage waterproof, dust-proof, and sun-proof.

The suitcase opens up like a bookcase, with compartments on both sides for you to fill. The left compartment is protected by a mesh net to keep your clothes in place. The right compartment, meanwhile, is also lined with an X-shaped Velcro strap for the same reason.

The Samsonite Centric has wheels that move in a 360-degree direction. These make for a comfortable glide across the airport or in any other terminal. It also ensures that the wheels don’t break due to the force of a sudden change in direction. Moreover, the luggage has a rubberized grip underneath the handle. It’s also outfitted with a pair of handles on the side for lifting the bag into the overhead compartment.

The Samsonite Centric is a mid-sized carry-on. It has the following dimensions: 19.6 inches (height) x 14.75 (length) x 9.5 (width). The carry-on is available in six colors: blossom pink, silver, true navy, black, Caribbean blue, and emerald green.


Smart Features

The key feature of the Samsonite Centric is its TSA lock. The lock will hold down both ends of the main compartment zippers so that they cannot be opened while on transit. Only you or the TSA officer will be able to open the lock. But of course, you would still have to watch out for thieves as the lock won’t protect you if the whole bag is taken.



The SwissGear Energie is another hard-side smart luggage with a sophisticated design. Its exterior is coated in lightweight polycarbonate material, as is the standard. It has an easy-open mechanism that prevents the zipper from getting stuck on any piece of clothing from the inside. The suitcase can expand by a few inches to allow you to fit in more items.

The suitcase opens up to two compartments of equal depth. The compartment to the left contains two stretchable pockets and a single mesh pocket for storing smaller items. The right compartment is protected by an X-shaped Velcro strap to keep your things from spilling.

The wheels of SwissGear can move in a 360-degree direction. This makes for a great, stress-free pull around the airport. It’s also perfect for mad rushes to the airport where you can’t afford to get your wheels stuck.

The SwissGear Energie follows the standard size set by the TSA. It has the following dimensions: 19.25 inches (height) x 13.5 (length) x 8.5 inches (width). The SwissGear Energie comes in a variety of colors to fit your lifestyle. You can choose from white, black, golden olive, and periwinkle blue color options.


Smart Features

The central feature of the SwissGear Energie is its USB charging port. The port is located at the back of the suitcase, at the edge of the handle rest. The port can receive the USB end of your charging cord and connect to a power bank on the opposite side. The luggage also comes with a TSA lock to the side that will keep your zippers in place until inspection time.



The Traveler’s Club Expandable Carry-On is a soft-side type of smart luggage. Its exterior is made of soft yet durable polyester material that will protect your items from the elements. It has multiple compartments, including a front-access pouch and a U-shaped side pouch.

This suitcase features an expandable top for additional storage. It can expand by up to 10 inches upwards. This compartment opens at the top, while the main compartment opens at the front. Both compartments need to be filled in vertically. The interior also features a padded compartment for your laptop to keep it from moving.

The luggage is carried by four spinner wheels that can adjust to any direction. The beams supporting the wheels are rounded so that you won’t get hurt if you bump into it.

The Traveler’s Club Expandable Carry-On is a mid-sized suitcase. It has the following dimensions: 20 inches (height) X 14 inches (length) by X 8.5 inches (width). You have three color options to choose from to fit your style. It’s available in grey, navy blue, and black.


Smart Features

The key feature of this carry-on is its USB charging port located on the right side. The port is connected directly to the tip of your charging cord, and you can attach a power bank on the other side. It’s a pretty convenient way to charge your phone without having to put it inside your bag. On the downside, it doesn’t have a TSA lock, although that can be remedied easily.


The Challenges of Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage
Photo by Skitterphoto vi Pixabay

While smart luggage offers comfort and convenience, there’s just a problem with them. Most airlines have restrictions as to the type of smart luggage that you can bring to the airport.

The key problem is that most smart luggage carries lithium-ion batteries, which are considered flammable. This prompted a number of aviation bodies to recommend that devices with lithium-ion batteries should not be stored in the cargo hold. They fear that the batteries, when left unattended, will cause an explosion in the cargo hold. In turn, most airlines have banned the use of smart luggage with non-removable batteries. In other words, if your smart luggage contains non-detachable batteries, then it likely will not be allowed on the plane.


What Type of Smart Luggage Can You Use?

Smart Luggage
Photo by Daria Shevtsova via Pexels

So what type of smart luggage can you use? Any type of luggage with a removable battery is okay, as long as you can remove the battery before boarding the plane. A piece of luggage with a simple USB port is even more acceptable since it’s not connected to anything electronic, and you can simply pull out your power bank. Just make sure to keep the power bank with you, either on a bag that you are carrying with you on your seat or inside your carry-on. The carry-on must then be placed either underneath your seat or into the overhead compartment.

After the issuance of the policy banning lithium-ion batteries in the cargo hold, many luggage manufacturers scrambled to adapt their design. Right now, most of the luggage in the market no longer carries an actual battery. Most of them will require you to bring your own power bank instead. Although, you might still find some luggage that has built-in batteries.


Final Thoughts on the Best Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage
Photo by MichaelGaida via Pixabay

Travel luggage has more or less stayed the same for the past few decades. The only innovation that we could think of that happened to travel gear was when they added wheels to heavy luggage, but that took place a long time ago. Now, we are starting to see another shift, and this time the manufacturers have technology in mind. These “smart luggage” have evolved from simply carrying your items to offering additional security for your devices.

As a consumer, you’ll want to take advantage of these features. It just might lessen your stress and make your time at the airport or other terminal much brighter.


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